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I see nothing in this thread but truth. Subscribed. Thank you, dddrees and tifosi for making all this possible.
 Looking good to me. 
Here's mine (and the wife's):
Wurger - yikes. What a situation. RFX45 - the SubC is quite nice. Love it.
Oh. I thought it was the Incoming. Boo to me for not back reading enough. I saw the pics and immediately felt compelled to comment! Hahah.
TC - wow. Pics look fantastic. Congratulations on the pick up!!!!
 John Goldberger and Ben Clymer agree with you.  I disagree.
 I like the aesthetics and the movement. Not so much the fact that it's made in steel.
 A total steal at only CHF240,000 for a LE of 16.
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