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What's all this chatter about yellow gold? Here's an 1803 and a 1011 I handled earlier at the Leffot vintage watch show: Also, this Datejust looks a little off. Why does it have a perpetual calendar and a moonphase? Ah. It's some aftermarket work. Probably worth nothing. (Franck Muller did the aftermarket work, this was his friend's DJ)
Ya know, the contrast between the shiny cerachrom bezel and the matte dial of, say, the SD4000 receives much love. But I quite like the lacquered dial of the SubC's and how it complements the cerachrom bezel. My 114060 occupies a solid place in the rotation.
The mismatch between the prices of Patek annual calendars currently in production (despite the recent price decrease in the US), and perpetual calendars that have been discontinued, always sways me towards the discontinued perpetuals.The 5205's aesthetics, particularly in RG with a black dial, is the closest competition to a classic 3940 in YG (which continues to be Philippe Stern's daily wearer, as it has been for two decades or so) - but only if you can get it at 20 off...
Still ticking. Several hours in a hot tub too. But, to be fair, my 5711 is far more banged up and scratched up than Dino's RO.
I'm assuming your question is directed at me, given that I posted my 5711 a few pages ago. I find my Nautilus to be tough enough for most of the things I've thrown at it. I swim often with it, I have gone diving with it, I have worn it to the gym and done Burpees while wearing it. When I'm at the beach I do rinse I off with soap and water at the end of each day. I once went a week without doing this and sunblock funk is a bitch to clean.The only time my 5711's clasp came...
#DeepThoughts !!!
Good stuff. If it isn't obvious yet, I'm a huge fan of the perpetual calendar complication and aesthetic.It has been brutally cold in NYC over the last couple of days. Lucked out as I took the family to Mexico for the week. My usual routine here - back and forth to the beach to fetch water for my girls about a thousand times a day.
Congratulations! Is that in WG or steel?
 Looking forward!
Yellow gold? Why the heck not?
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