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There is one Master Watchmaker (actually, last I spoke to him, there are now two) trained and licensed by Patek to service one of my Grand Complications in the US. He also happens to be their Director of Technical Services. Anything above a perpetual calendar chronograph like a tourbillon, split seconds chrono or minute repeater needs to be sent to Geneva, where there are about three people who Patek believes can do the job. These guys need about two decades with Patek -...
No real hard and fast rules re: service interval times aside from the standard "every three to five years." Although I rotate across watches, my perp cals are on a wonder so they are pretty much in continuous use - I'll likely stick to a full service every five years because of that.As far as a more involved session for service, I think that largely depends on how many parts need to be replaced, how rare the piece is (and if the parts are easily available). Patek will...
Sunday, February 31, 2015. #PerpetualCalendarMyAss #TimeForThis25YearOldBabyToBeServiced
Let's see it bro!!!
I have a Meisterstuck from 2002 and it's held up pretty well over the years.The European pen makers tend to craft grand designs on pen barrels and caps, perhaps to justify higher price tags on more expensive models. For example, here's Montegrappa's "My Guardian Angel," which can run into the tens of thousands of dollars:For something less ostentatious, but still rather ornate, here is my premium White Knight from Dupont in Chinese lacquer and palladium:But, the truth of...
I have four RubberB's. The white one is usually used by the missus (technically the 116610LV is hers).The SeaDweller has no cyclops supposedly because beyond a certain depth any uneven surface on the dial means that water pressure will be pushing against it in ways that might compromise the integrity of the case. Also, the crystal tends to be thicker on the SeaDwellers, and putting a cyclops on it won't result in as much magnification anyway.
I'm a fan of RubberB's construction, but like aleksandr above I'm not a fan of the two-tone versions as you don't really see much of the color of the non-black shade anyway. I use my RubberB's for summer, generally. Here are some shots from last summer. DSSD on a Red Devil RubberB: 116610LV on a white RubberB: 116610LV on that two tone RubberB with a green highlight: I also put my SubC 114060 on an Everest band with a clasp but it didn't work as well as the...
^^^ NonServiam those are AWESOME.
What's all this chatter about yellow gold? Here's an 1803 and a 1011 I handled earlier at the Leffot vintage watch show: Also, this Datejust looks a little off. Why does it have a perpetual calendar and a moonphase? Ah. It's some aftermarket work. Probably worth nothing. (Franck Muller did the aftermarket work, this was his friend's DJ)
Ya know, the contrast between the shiny cerachrom bezel and the matte dial of, say, the SD4000 receives much love. But I quite like the lacquered dial of the SubC's and how it complements the cerachrom bezel. My 114060 occupies a solid place in the rotation.
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