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Happy New Year TWAT brethren!
+1,000 Stitchy.Yup. And I saw that bill. Close to $1,000.
Hate those Rolex dudes.
Where was this blanket statement about every supplier of every product in the world written down in this thread? Or is this an extrapolation?You are welcome to try your luck with getting a Rolex through US Customs.
It ain't too shabby in plat either.
 My less-preferred third series says hello.  
Also, I can't get this one out of my mind.....
This old thing? (A friend's - and his pic)
"Mind blown" is right academe. The 1815 rattrapante perpetual calendar was the only Lange piece that really captured my fancy since it was launched/released last year - largely because I am very much in love with the perpetual calendar aesthetic / complication (isn't it obvious?). They had one in rose gold on display but when they mentioned they had the platinum in the safe, I had to see it too.You, my friend, fell for my set up! Thank you for the lay-up, brother. Here's a...
What was that? You wanted a close up of the first and only 1815 rattrapante perpetual calendar in platinum to hit the U.S. market by way of the new Lange boutique? Oh okay...
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