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I am quite enamored of my new Sub. But that don't mean I've lost any love for this one.
Re: bespoke. Yup.
She ALWAYS wins. Because in our many years of marriage I have learned that if I win, I really lose... Hahahah!She does prefer a date though. So I suspect what will happen is a complex transaction called a "swap" where I will get the SD4000, and see it miraculously migrate to her wrist, after which I get the SubC ND back...
For the record Stitchy, I don't know if you feel secure in your arms, but I feel secure in my arms.After some of his deadlift routines for the past few months, DLJr may well be secure in his arms too.Also, it took a full five days but finally my wife gave in and borrowed my Sub last Friday night haha. I got her "beater Patek" in exchange. Must admit it looks good on her!
Nice Vagtona.And that AP does look like an owl. Haha.
Lookie. Blue lume.
I will congratulate you again over here on SF! Booooom!
Ooohhh snap here I go!!! Should I turn back???
Hahahahahaha indeed dddrees!!!!!!
Well, my flight is delayed. So I got me a shine.
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