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Dayum look at that "Sub" with polished center links.
 +1 to this. For example, I admire JLC's recently introduced perp cal in steel.  Great price range.  But the dial, subdials, and moonphase aren't anywhere near as well executed as Patek's IMHO.  Patek does a fantastic job cramming in a ton of complications into an aesthetically pleasing package that (in NewC's words) really draws you in and comes across as lovely versus... too busy.
Especially this 5513 on the right with the ghosted bezel. I mean, isn't that supposed to have a PEARL or something...
This picture doesn't do it justice. It's a magnificent piece. The weight is incredible.Beside the RO Offshore:Rolex and Tudor cousins:No love for Bell and Ross? Maybe Lindewerdelin?
Devil!Lunch with friends and fellow watch enthusiasts. Name 'dem references.
  Damn TapaTalk posts BIG pics.
This one today, for Belli's possible pleasure or disdain given how the letters and numbers are wrought: With that said this is an earlier discontinued model and I suspect it will suit Belli's demanding aesthetic standards. It certainly suits mine.
The 5136 is a transition model between the 3940 and the new (and currently produced) 5140. It only comes on a bracelet, and either in yellow gold (ref 5136/1J) or white gold (ref 5136/1G). It has since been discontinued. The last known MSRP of the J is $74,600 and that of the G is $78,200. It can be had preowned mint and complete anywhere from the low to mid-$50s.There are a few key differences between the 3940, the 5136 and the 5140:1. First, the case size: the 3940 is...
^^^ Let me take a very close look at this picture bdeuce22...
Good point stitchy. All my pics are perfect. Thank you.
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