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Yeah. That happened to Mayer. http://m.tmz.com/#Article/2014/03/18/john-mayer-lawsuit-rolex-watches-fake-charlie-sheen-robert-maron Guess the question is - if you think you're smarter than John Mayer about buying vintage Rolex pieces from dealers, then go right ahead. Caveat emptor....
 That she apparently does.
Well, it took almost two months but I finally got my 3970P's pusher cap replaced. Patek elected to replace the bottom one too since it was apparently "worn" inside (whatever that means). While the service and wait time seems unreasonably long for a seemingly easy replacement, there isn't much one can do. Patek will not sell original parts like this one for a Grand Complication to independent watchmakers - they will ask to see and repair the 3970 themselves. And they will...
There is nothing wrong with the Breitling babe either.
Congrats DLJr! Did you work with George?
Right on!
On topic - here's one that looks fantastic in real life AND in pics heh heh.
 These are good points about how you present/view watches in pics versus in real life. One of the grey dealers with whom I've purchased watches actually posts rather underwhelming pictures of his inventory on his site.  They aren't ugly pics, but they fall far short of what the watches look like in person.  Of course it's deliberate: he would rather have potential clients be in shock at how beautiful the watch is when they see it in person, versus feel underwhelmed once...
Thought I heard someone say "Rolex."
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