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#DeepThoughts !!!
Good stuff. If it isn't obvious yet, I'm a huge fan of the perpetual calendar complication and aesthetic.It has been brutally cold in NYC over the last couple of days. Lucked out as I took the family to Mexico for the week. My usual routine here - back and forth to the beach to fetch water for my girls about a thousand times a day.
Congratulations! Is that in WG or steel?
 Looking forward!
Yellow gold? Why the heck not?
I've seen this one in the flesh. Pass.Bad pic I took with bad lighting:
Incoming tomorrow, a price DECREASE by Patek in the US and China. And an INCREASE in Europe. Comments? Go.
Zippy - great assortment. Really like the JLCs! Shouldaville - congratulations! The SubC LV is a great watch. I wish Rolex would execute more of that deep shimmering dial in other colors. I believe a lot of the new SubC's in YG come with the shimmering blue dial (while old YGs and the WG sub came with the blue matte dial) - I much prefer the shimmering version. mimo - why am I talking about the YG SubC again???!? Keith T - unsure if I understood your question. My Nakaya...
That's your entire sig!Feeling narcissistic today during a long conference call, so I photographed my writing surface (Rhodia meeting book), watch (Rolex DSSD DBlue) and fountain pen (Nakaya Dorsal Fin v2 in Heki-Tamenuri (Urushi lacquer with green base and brown finish)).
Wait. Where is the Blond Appreciation thread...
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