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^^^ If you have a beef with me, address me directly. If you enclose what I wrote in quotes and write some post, I somehow (perhaps stupidly) think you're addressing me. This whole passive/aggressive "oh hey let me quote someone but please everyone don't take it out of context" back and forth confuses me. So - you haven't answered my question, which I asked you point blank: are you saying I am narcissistic, insecure and lack self-awareness? Answer me directly.
Alright, let's settle this. gopherblue - are you telling me I am narcissistic and insecure in a way that's incredibly different from the rest of the community on SF? Are you displeased that I used the term "asshole"? Are you prescribing proper decorum in this forum?
 Like @academe - #iseewhatyoudidthere 
 Well, @DLJr - I'm not ashamed to say I'm part of a group that is somewhat narcissistic (concerned about the way they look, how the clothes, shoes or accessories they select express their personality and/or values) and kind of insecure (we take pics of ourselves and share it via an online forum so that we can receive feedback and critique from others who share an interest in matters of style and taste). It's called StyleForum.  
 I'm not sure if @gopherblue was referring to anyone specifically, since he didn't really call anyone out directly - but @in stitches , maybe you should stop posting pics of your RO over and over again... 
 Yup. The key difference is not about "showing off" collections.  It's about "showing off."  Our exchange above is one example: 1.  TWAT member A shares his watch, whether a picture or a description. 2.  T and T comes up with some variant of "oh yeah, I own or owned one of those, but ya know, mine was so much better." 3.  One or two members ask - hey T and T, would you show us some of your awesome pieces?  T and T either does not reply, or says "Don't hold your breath." 4....
I was wondering if you would reply like this. I'm glad you did.You see, aside from the Franck Muller you've posted a few times, we haven't seen any of the watches in your collection you claim to own. You make it a habit to drop somewhat acclaimed or notorious names in the watch industry, often in a fun and playful way but almost as often in a somewhat obnoxious way (though you've behaved far better than when you first stumbled your way here).Occasionally, I learn...
As the young ones say - show us a pic on your wrist, or it didn't happen.
 I know James. He's good peeps.
Cloudy day so I brought my own sliver of sunshine.
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