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 And that bad boy is not white gold or platinum either.  It's acier - steel.  Da 'Dink has much love for rare steel pieces but I have this irrational need for precious metal once the price goes north of, oh, $20K.
Yep. This one will stay on the bracelet.These rubbers are so damn comfortable it's so habit forming.
I quite like my Philip IIs.
Today I strapped on that watch that mimo detests, on a rubber strap that Dino dislikes. I don't know why I own this watch, it's so ugly and commonplace.
I've heard word from another friend that the SD4000 was indeed on display at the Wynn, when he visited about two weeks ago. AD said it was the first (and at that time, only) SD4000 issued in the US.My question to him was - and I suppose it might have occurred to you too, zippyh - what the hell is that supposedly perfect, presumably so-in-demand watch that's so incredibly desirable that grey dealers are offering it for $1,000+ over MSRP at TRF - doing sitting at the window...
 Fantastic pic and comparison of course. As for sizing up and making the watch bigger for its own sake, what about the 42mm Explorer II......   I cannot, for the life of me, find your original post where you showed us all up by proving your manliness and cracking your head open.  I am glad you are doing okay now. RE: White dial Daytona.  I'm not sure what to pair with it.  We shall see.  Explorer I and vintage 1601 is the pair. CONGRATS DILLARDIV!  BLNR looks great,...
Boom! Awesomeness.
There are also a few BLNRs out there for sale, for over a year now! Try getting them with a big discount! At the Nomos event today. DLJr took the train up all the way from his whereabouts to visit the founder of TWAT, our OP; have dinner with me at Shake Shack; brave the subways of NYC to check out my SD4000; and hang with Ben Clymer and the Hodinkee guys at the Nomos event downtown. Here's DLJr wearing his 35mm Orion rose with accents (bottom), chatting with Mark Braun,...
 I had to look up what "poncified" means! Ditto re: Kaplan's awesome pics.  Good job, and great pieces!
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