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GordonX - welcome to the forums. First post since you joined SF in May 2013, and you chose TWAT! I learned a lot from the forum members here. They were with me when I acquired many of my timepieces, cheering me on but sometimes shouting me down as well. A lot of what goes on here is obviously subjective, but I trust these guys on matters of both style and substance. Some have become good friends in person. I love my Sub. Wears well, solid construction, and well, I like...
Thumbs up! Thanks NS - and I can tell you definitely appreciate Subs! I don't mind the cyclops necessarily - have one on my vintage DJ after all, and as you said it feels like an integral part of the Rolex DNA. Just went for the no date version for MY VERY FIRST AND ONLY SUB for reasons already mentioned: symmetry, it's what sang to me. Quite like the ceramic bezel (trust me, when I encounter that inevitable time when my wife borrows this I'll be happy I had something...
Mooooonsstaaah! Love the avatar Keith! And yes, I guess I need to hold down two jobs these days. SirGrotius - thanks man!
 Hahah thanks academe!  Must admit it's chunkier than what I'm usually used to wearing... but then other people have dared to accuse Ms Upton of being relatively chunky too.  And she's beautiful.  The 5140P is really lovely and though I prefer the font and display of the 3940, these are trivial aesthetic quibbles.  The blue dial is executed incredibly well, and if you put it on your wrist you're familiar with that eye-widening moment for me when I feel how such a slim...
 I do believe there is some merit to this.With that said, if you're in a foreign country I bet your Rolex is also going to be a bigger target for thieves - much like in the US of A...
 Oh yeah.  I'm "vc_watches" at TRF.  My friends FremStar and I post threads poking fun at those "is it safe..." questions all the time hahaha.
     Thanks, brothers.  I am of course familiar with all the clichés.  "Everyone has one." "So ubiquitous." "Amateur hour, the first choice of anyone who doesn't know anything about watches." "Not safe to wear a Rolex in NYC subways." "New model has chunky lugs."  But this is my F it, I like it, I'm getting it watch.  Then again, all my watches are kind of like that.  Hah hah. Finally broke the Sub cherry.  Feels good! mimo - you saw the blue dial 5140P?
The name is Frills. No Frills. Quite like. Proportions seem okay.
Today's hers and his pairing. "Vintage" (first Aquanaut on a bracelet, circa 2000) Patek and Rolex (ref 1601 from the late 1960s).
Big, tattooed muscular trainer wore a Nixon today. Originally designed for skateboarders, it's tough enough to withstand major wipeouts. Guess it's tough enough for gym work. Yes, my Exp I is my gym watch. No, we are not holding pinkies-to-thumbs in this pic, Dino944. Just saying.
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