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+1 - the point of TWAT, for me, isn't so much to encourage aspirations that encourage inappropriate obsession and consumption, but opportunities to learn, share, appreciate. Across price ranges there are a variety of beautifully made products - although the higher the price the more demanding I (or perhaps all of us) ought to get about getting stuff exactly right. So once you're dealing with 3sixteens and Saint Crispin's the stuff you get better be several notches above...
The perpetual calendar chronos are usually rendered very beautifully by most good watchmakers. They also price them accordingly - the VC that's currently in production will run you about $130K, while the old/discontinued 47112s trade in the $50-$60Ks for YG and $70-$80Ks for platinum.
That's ok. You can work on that.
Better pics of the 47112 from phase-de-lune.net. Amazing detail and proportions. That hunter's case, display back and movement!!! I mean, did anything really need to change with this watch? Boom.
Case in point. Here is Vacheron's perpetual calendar chronograph reference 47112, which didn't really need any upsizing at its 39mm size:Here is the model that's currently in production, up sized to 41/42mm but with the same movement. I took this pic when visiting VC's boutique in NYC with @Dino944, so that's actually his wrist:They are both beautiful watches, but I just can't help seeing (and obsessing over) all the white space in the larger version. And yes, that...
 Boom.  I believe it's USD7,350 (at least here in the US).  The first numbers that came out were quoted in Swiss Francs and was at CHF6,100.  How that translates to USD7,350 is beyond me, but Omega will do what it does.
 +1 brother.  +1 - love the Snoopy Speedy!  So epic and whimsical at the same time.  Omega also tells me that every single Snoopy Speedy is spoken for.  All 1,970 pieces sold out already, at least via the Omega route.  There will probably be some resellers making reservations, with others falling out, but this doesn't come across to me as a watch that will be sitting in the windows of boutiques and ADs.
Yup. Love her. You gotta "get" her appeal, how she celebrates the extreme.Loving what the DeepSea represents, for me, doesn't necessitate an apologetic explanation to folks who hate the DSSD, or who don't "get" the appeal. Similarly, rants against the DSSD come off as laughable to die-hard fans. Find the DSSD "too big" or "overengineered"? You might as well tell a competitive bodybuilder that he or she is "too big and ripped." Or ask Godzilla to his face why he needs to...
I brought this one up several pages back and noted that I quite liked it. All the TWAT disapproval in the world hasn't diminished any of my initial reaction to this watch. Heh heh.
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