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The crazy massive proportions + bracelet that tapers down to 18mm (maybe 16mm even, like a SubC) are the same. So if it didn't work back then the new dial won't change that IMHO...
Here you go. The first DSSD blue/green that made landfall in NYC, beside my "DSSD red." Better pic (I guess): It ain't a bad looking monster in the flesh, ya know... "Only for display, sir! We don't even know when any will be available for sale..."
Now official on Rolex.com. Day! Zap! Night! Boom! Hahahahaha!
I haven't seen it in person. I suspect that the dial is blue/black in the same way that the SubC LV's dial is green/black given different lighting conditions. The green lettering appears to be similar to some facet of Cameron's ship. My first reaction is "WTF" - like most of you - but I need to see this one in person. I keep checking myself given my experiences with other watches. How many collectors said "WTF RED LETTERING?" when red Subs appeared decades ago? I would...
From TRF:
 I'm not sure.  But it is already some form of movie tie-in with James Cameron's DeepSea Challenge documentary - so it's a bit "un-Rolex" of them to do.  What is this?  A "limited edition" DSSD? We shall see.
 There is an event tonight in NYC.   And yes, it IS a new DSSD of some form.
It was a fun lunch gathering!
Pierre still dabbles in shoemaking but I'm not sure he does a pair from start to finish with his travel schedule these days. He has been known to still roll up his sleeves and do the patination work - as well as the polishing work in retail shops if he doesn't like how certain pairs are displayed.It's just MTO so not bespoke. Yes, Arca is a pretty standard model and the 001 or the Pullman last both fit me just fine.As for the material and cost, I will post that alongside...
Here is a muscular perspective to consider. Daytona looks ok on a tough guy: Heck, even a Mocha Day Date on a Jubilee bracelet doesn't look "a bit feminine" at all: The SD4000, all of 40.5mm large and 15mm thick, also looks fine on a 6.25" wrist: Whatever you choose, DLJr, I'm sure it'll be well thought out - and super awesome. And just so TWAT isn't too inundated with pictures of muscular men, I present this picture of young Charlotte McKinney from yesterday's...
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