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Doing some Exploring today.
Mrs @no frills trusts me completely, though we have our own set of joint and individual accounts we keep; I'm basically our financial planner and I give her a monthly run down of stock and flow of funds. Very open with all of our commitments and investments. And she has her own set of decent timepieces to keep her occupied. Also, since her wrist is only 1/4" smaller than mine, she enjoys all my watches too. Much to my chagrin sometimes when she decimates some of them...
 Yeah, what's up with the no pics yet @in stitches !!! 
Just found this thread! Got back into writing with fountain pens late last year and I love the few that I have in my set. The White Knight in black Chinese lacquer and palladium is my go-to office pen: I adore Nakaya, and John Mottishaw's work on nibs means my Nakayas are what I reach for whenever I want a delightful personal writing experience. All my Nakayas are in Urushi lacquer, like this Ascending Dragon cigar in Aka-Tamenuri: And this Dorsal Fin v2 in...
 Thanks, bros. When my first daughter was born more than five years ago, I thought of setting up a gmail account for her and sending her notes and pictures from her growing up years. I wanted it to be a bit more "real time" because I didn't want to just write her a note for graduation, musing about how I felt raising her, when the passage of time might have actually changed my memory of the actual experience.  If I got pissed at them and raised my voice too quickly, and...
^^^ Also, frigging perpetual calendar is one month off.  WTF.  
 Thanks, dopey.  I'm a big proponent of use.  I use all my FPs, but I confess that many of my finer ballpoints have gone by the wayside as a result.  Ballpoints are just far more practical - they are resilient, they don't blot or clot, and you can drop cheap ballpoint pens multiple times and they'll be fine.  Not so with fountain pens.  But it also means ballpoints occupy a far more utilitarian place in my life because of this.  When I have a ballpoint with me I have no...
An inspiring shot! Here's the desk situation today:
The Hunger has been satiated, Stitchy???
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