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Thanks TheWraith! I quite like the proportions of the older models, but I've got to say that I also have my share of the newer models currently in production (not the Explorer, but Subs and SDs and even the monstrosity that is the DSSD), and on the wrist I really quite like them.Take, for example, my old, old 48 year old 1601, on my wrist today:I love this 36mm beauty, but I can also see why the modern chunkier DJs appeal today. I'm actually not sure how many guys are...
^^^ mimo hahah! Oops, sorry! "Love the Explorer ref 114270 and her bigger sister 214270!"
Congratulations! Love the Exp I.
Love the write-up BostonHedonist. Enjoy that Rolex... And your Speedy!
It warms my TWAT-old man heart to see some call-outs here. I didn't have to bark "get off my lawn!" this time. Heh. Also, mimo - SubC + Shake Shack, a good combo.
Well, that glidelock clasp needs to be adjusted a bit.
The blue Arcas are "bleu fonce."My Casanovas are in bergeronette (a brown close to caramel), but the sculpted surfaces of the shoe allow for creative application of burnishing/shades of patination. These were my first Corthays, and they look just as good today as when I got them close to three years ago.
I MAY have gotten a couple of new Arcas in the last few months...
Fantastic!!! Enjoy wearing those beauties!!!
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