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 You going to be at the Hodinkee/Vintage Rolex event tonight in NYC hosted by Eric Ku?  Might be a nice chance to get up close and personal with some good examples. As much as I adore examples from Rolex I must say that for my own personal tastes and small collection I've gravitated towards their modern models, although I do own a ref 1601 from 1967 that I suppose qualifies as vintage.
Heeeeey - just noticed that my fave dealer Tarrytown Jewelers is advertising on SF.  Nayz.  Love these guys.  Shout out!  Word.
 Word on the street now (from fairly reliable sources) is that the wing fabric is from after the Flyer was wrecked and the Wright brothers attempted to fix it.  So the stuff in the watches actually never flew.  Ahahah. Don't know if that matters at all to anybody or any collector at this point but ya know, if I'm going to be shelling out GBP19,000 I want to know EXACTLY what I'm getting.
^^^ Yup I am also watching that unfold right now. Interesting.
Deleted what Nuke?
Dark brown museum calf today, for reference:
 Not catching any flak from me. 
 Stitchy - yes, that's them (Bovet). Horrible picture quality I know.  I'll ask my friend for a better pic.
Oh alright. Not in the mood for "toys"? Here's a tourbillon from Bovet that showed up last night. MSRP in the $200Ks. Hat tip to my Insta friend @horologyandtechnology for the pic.
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