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 I think you're on to a great point here: a tachy makes sense on a chrono.  And many Patek chronos have tachys that work.  For example: 1.  The 5070, that fairly recent "classic" - which now trades at a premium versus its last retail price:  2.  Its successor the 5170 - in yellow gold, the 5170J was never that big a hit.  Patek has discontinued production.  3.  The 5170 in white gold, same as the one above except with Breguet numerals.  Introduced in Basel this year, seems...
 Yes, agree. Love. The. Watch. And. The. Jacket/Cuff. Shot!
 Welcome!  And congrats on college grad / med school acceptance!  Are you still in med school?  Do you find yourself wearing your Rolex often, day to day?  Ha - no creepiness attributed.  Thanks for the kind words.  Great piece and lovely shot.  Welcome!
Playing around with iPhone camera. Doesn't suck. Watch could probably use a good wiping down though.
mimo that documentation work for the Arnies is just superb. Where is this location you visited staffed mostly by Filipinas? stitchy, I'm not a big fan of tachymeters for PP but it's nothing new for the 5970/5270. Bunch of older references like this have it: Or this special 5004P which sold for $450K... Or this pic of the more recent 5970 on my friend's wrist: (He got the 5970 for its larger size and as an investment too but insists that he finds my 3970 more...
 Three things: 1.  Like your attitude about not expecting perfection. 2.  Would have thought (1) would help in a relationship - unless you were seeking out others who were, uhm, more perfect. 3.  That VC is GORGEOUS.
 I wish I thought about this one first, but for proper citation I must admit I read this from some other forum: the whole face resembles an emoticon for throwing up.
 I think this is the same "evolution" in design that Patek went through when they discontinued the 3970 in 2004 and came out with the 5970.  It took them "three years to design the 5970" because the "3970 was so iconic" but "they felt that they succeeded" (in coming up with a better model).  I don't agree, at least aesthetically.  Here's the 3970:  When they came out with the 5970, they didn't change the base movement (CH27-70).  They made the case size larger (from the...
 Good point.  And since I am a fan of the Nautilus model and Patek in general (despite my misgivings about the new 5270 design)... how about this model?  The 5719/1G, retails in the high $200s/low $300s:  (Pictures from the internet) I hear this is a real "stealth" watch.  40mm case size.I mean, you can even get it via Amazon.  Wonder if it's eligible for Amazon Prime for the 2-day free...
Cloudy autumn day today. Base color palette is shades of brown/gold; PP 3970J on the wrist; bespoke jacket has details of red and blue in the subtle windowpane design, along with blue accents for selected buttonholes; shoes are Edward Green's Harrogate; go-to fedora is made of hemp. Quite like the texture play today.
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