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Hahah thanks my man. Naw, I can wait for a couple of months. The bank account DOES need SOME replenishing.What if I had a custom dial made that looks like this? 😜
   Classic lines, with all the latest and greatest technical improvements and conveniences.  Rolex really got this one close to perfect.
Black dial Daytona from a gathering last Wednesday night. Lucky dude received his from his fiancée as an engagement gift. My - I mean, now my wife's - white dial Daytona ain't too shabby either.
That comment would be most welcome.The black dial baton marker does seem to trade anywhere from $5K to $10K more than my silver dial. Guess I'm a cheapskate.
Had to share. A shot of my 3970P silver dial beside my friend's recently acquired 3970 black dial baton marker, from this morning: And for TWAT-worthy discussion, a few interesting factoids. The 3970 was Patek's flagship perpetual calendar chronograph from 1986 to 2004, but relatively few were made in platinum. Even fewer were made with the black dial baton marker, which was standard for the white gold version. One other lesser known factoid that distinguishes these...
^^^ I should clarify - New York specifically. And a few other states where I'm on the waiting list of ADs. There are rumored to have been SD4000s to have popped up in Las Vegas but unsure if it was via ADs or secondary market resellers.
Bawhawhawhawhaw!Blame it on Rolex and their US AD delivery schedule! Frickin'A!Yes - officially no SD4000s in the US yet. I have even been keeping track of interesting deliveries, like the six that made it to Canada a week and a half ago. All made their way to the US grey market and sold above list.Guess I'm not that itchy to get the SD4000... But if this Belli guy keeps posting more pics I may start listening to 'dem Asian and European dealers...
SD4000 for the win!  More pics, Belligero!
💪💪💪Hung out with friends at NYC's "Red Bar Crew" tonight. A Patek 5711 Tiffany dial somehow got sandwiched between two DSSDs. Very risqué.Fortunately the two DSSDs were wearing rubber. Rubber B straps, that is.
Hahahah OMG! Submersible!!!Oh something like this?Sadly, not my pic. But I'm assuming it's legit as it's worn by a Rolex watchmaker.GoDSSDzilla!!!!!!!
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