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Well, here she is. As far as I can tell Rolex is indeed finally delivering SD4000s to US ADs at a slow but consistent pace, starting last weekend. Not forum claims of "hey I saw the SD4000 in Las Vegas or Chicago or Tourneau in NYC last weekend." This one came from a US AD, and this one is sitting on my wrist as I type this out. As Belli noted, the SD4000 hits all the right, "balanced" notes. For people who complain about the chunky lugs of the new ceramic Subs, the...
Congratulations! Love it when I see someone rocking a 36mm. Looks fantastic!!!
 Thanks, my man.  And yeah, as tempting and sweet as the BLNR might be right now I would wait for a bit since the Daytona is so new to the stable.  I realize I'm just repeating what others have said here, but there's a reason we like sharing our thoughts and discussions here at TWAT.  I'm not that unpredictable, really, 'no?  Count on it!  Arriving tomorrow on or before 10:30am EST.  Will post pics ASAP.  I'll try to post a more detailed review here on TWAT given the other...
 38.5mm.  Just as big as a Daytona now. :)
Well, this probably won't help Steel28's cause with the whole new watch thing and all, but... How do they say it on other forums? "Incoming..." Wrist pics tomorrow morning EST.
Glasses - bespoke from Tom Davies UK. Yes, Frilly wears glasses with blue/purple titanium fronting and cotton acetate arms. And yes, those Arca derbys from Corthay are aubergine (eggplant): Ah, scratches. Damn polished surfaces. Wearing my white dial Daytona today, and Mrs No Frills wears this one often. I weep for 'dem polished surfaces!
^^^ THIS! Dino944 and Keith T 👍👍👙👍👍
Hahaha I've seen this stuff in person! The titanium pieces are unique, and I can only wonder what conversations needed to happen with the Stern family before these unique pieces were made. And now they are being sold...But I kind of like my precious metals better.(Cheaper than $1-$1.5 million too)
Travel with one watch. Usually the Nautilus. Steel, can go anywhere, slip under my cuff, okay with suits and formal wear (though not ideal), can certainly take it (and have taken it several times) to the beach.     More recently I've gotten into the habit of traveling with two watches: usually my perp cal 3940P for when I have to be in suits, etc.  Then I switch it out to my Sub or DSSD once the day is done and if I go out with friends.  Love the little diver buggers....
The Montblanc Meisterstuck Heritage Pulsograph, introduced via SIHH 2014:     The ref 5170 in yellow gold from Patek, introduced in 2010 (but itself the modern descendant of a long line of chronographs):     I know what I'd choose...
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