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Because both are #BadAssery
Quite like it. And since this is SF...
Today, a monster peeking out from under my denim jacket. #NotAPerpetualCalendar #Oops
My 5711 has pretty much accompanied me through every place and activity I've done. And she has some battle scars to show for it...Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
 Funny how that 114060 works, 'no?
 Thank you, my friend, for a wonderful refresher on this honest, honest woman and her honest body parts. And relevant to TWAT discussions - it's all about proportions, isn't it?  She looks (and moves) perfect - not bad for a lady who's less than five feet tall.
Truly enjoyed about an hour's worth of serious clockmaking at the Vacheron Constantin boutique in NYC earlier today. The lovely twist was that it was for children! My kids built a clock from each gear on up, with able assistance from the VC watchmakers. The watchmaker that assisted us was wearing an Overseas Chrono. The clock itself wasn't very straightforward to assemble, offering chances to explain what was going on. It had a chiming mechanism that went off every...
Say hi to Vlad Dzeletovic for me. Champion of a guy.
Chapels went for a shine yesterday.
SubC + burgers = awesome.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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