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 Hahaha. - we shall see... I suppose this is the 2014 dose of frillyvolousness at work?   I understand why the DSSD is a polarizing design.  The new ceramic Submariners elicit similar comments - because of the way the chunky lugs flow into a bracelet that tapers down to 18mm, they appear top heavy.  This is magnified in the DSSD because the DSSD is thicker (17.5mm versus the SubC's 12.5mm) and larger (44mm versus 40mm).  I have friends who wore the DSSD for 1-2 months and...
Sadly, these aren't my pics. I should have cited that properly. Sorry. The DeepSea Challenge did make an appearance in NYC via Tourneau and William Barthman so I saw it twice back in the day (a few months ago?). Obviously it wasn't like it was a piece to actually acquire (or is it????) - but the DSSD is also, uhm, relatively more wearable. Ahahah.
I LOL'd too. Again, just now.Technical mistake: the DSSD is NOT 28.5mm thick. That's the DeepSea Challenge, which is the watch that James Cameron took with him on his submersible. Sorry about that.The DeepSea SeaDweller is, in fact, "only" 17.5mm, which still makes it about 40% thicker than a Sub.But it looks positively anorexic beside the DeepSea Challenge, 'no?
You mean this???Love the Hulk.
 The DSSD is horribly out of proportion.  Combining the Ring Lock System for a depth rating of 12,000 feet with the cal 3135 means its dial is just as large as my SubC ND - which makes no sense since the DSSD is a full 10% larger at 44mm versus the ND's 40mm.  It's 28.5mm thick, which makes it more than twice as thick as the ND's 12.5mm.  The bracelet looks so thin compares to its large head that it looks like a sperm.  It overwhelms my sense of aesthetics and flowing...
This delayed delivery of the SD4000 to NYC ADs is killing me! I might go insane and buy myself a DSSD instead!!!
TimeCrafters is starting here in NYC with a bunch of watchmaker exhibitors (Lange, AP, JLC etc). Here is my first exchange two minutes ago with a friend attending their opening gala event this evening.
But wait, Belli... Tell us how you really feel about Arial! 😉
In that case, here you go, mimo.No more of that "left or right" stuff. I didn't force myself to choose between these two, so I shouldn't impose the same on you. 😜
I asked three of my dealers for their best price on the Smurf. Predictably Wempe offered the least - but they are an AD. My two other greys quoted 25 off right off the bat.The fancy herringbone patterned shirt I was wearing went quite well with my schlubby Patek 5711.
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