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Dinner last night: Notice how the day has begun to change from THU to FRI at a few minutes past 11pm. By the time it hits 12MN it will be fully "FRI" and the pointer in the date wheel will mark "21" correctly. Lunch an hour ago: Some friends know how to appreciate watches. Quite like them. Like my TWAT brothers here. Haven't lost pusher caps yet...
 I was joking! That Patek is an incredible reference. Good stuff and thanks for sharing! Omega ain't too shabby either!
 Strap looks long.  Otherwise, decent watch.  
To add to the topic of bouncers and security - there are legitimate risks when you're talking about portable high value inventory like watches. Cartier's flagship store on Fifth Avenue went through a smash and grab just a few months ago - after the perpetrators were foiled by the security guys at Wempe. So if it seems unwelcoming for some, it's the price some dealers have and want to pay given what they sell. Today's timepiece. Why am I wearing this one so often? Because...
Dang that TOG looks awesome stitchy!!!Low carb lunch not bad looking either!In the meantime the boys in my office are already fighting over the new girl.
Ollllaaaaafffff!!! Got one of those too for my two year old hehhe.
I bought my discontinued Grand Complication Pateks from grey dealers (no choice from ADs), but maintain a good working relationship with ADs like Wempe and Govberg.   Plus my SA at Wempe is very knowledgeable.  And attractive.
Oh snap! She doesn't want to Let It Go! Icy blue and cold steel looks good on her though.
Many grey market sellers offer warranties for the pieces they sell - and allow you to verify with the watchmaker themselves if the timepiece is legitimate. Patek regularly services timepieces purchased from the secondary market, given the kind of turnover their watches go through.Also, if you're gunning for a discontinued piece you may have no choice but to go outside the AD route.I purchased my grand complication Pateks from a grey market dealer and I couldn't be happier....
New Posts  All Forums: