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My vote is for a 5711 too. BOOM!Although to be fair, one of my watches in the wife's rotation is an early generation Aquanaut ref 5066/1A on a bracelet. This used to be a "men's size" at 34mm around a decade or so ago, but it wears just fine on the missus IMHO:By no means am I implying that the old Aquanauts are now "for girls only." Patek USA's lead watchmaker and Director of Technical Services Laurent Junod wears a 5065 (34mm) as one of his daily wearers.But Laurent is...
That goofy DeepSea is totally worth keeping!Also, that Kaiju-level glidelock clasp will literally devour any other clasp out there. CHOMP!
 One of my ADs offered me the very first 5990/1A that hit his store - it's a thick watch, lots of wrist presence. It's thicker than what used to be the thickest Nautilus (the 5980/1A chrono).  I'm no hater of thick watches (hell, I have two DSSDs), but I passed on this one.  I am on a "sabbatical" from acquisitions (albeit with many, many exceptions - if I need to replace clothes that have worn down, that doesn't count; orders placed from last year but only arriving now...
Ahahah mimo!Well I hope your package leaves the Northeast soon, as we are about to be hit (supposedly) by another snowstorm. Dozens of flights are already cancelled - through Tuesday.
Hahahahaha nooooo get thee behind me, Pernicious Enabler! I'm supposed to be living the somewhat austere "no new acquisitions" life this year!This is the only Lange that tempted me recently, given my fondness for the perpetual calendar aesthetic:Fortunately the price point drove a wedge between my desire and ownership.
Congratulations Dino my man. Really lovely looking pics. I feel like the "no flash" pic captures the BLNR's "look" best, given what you posted - but it's really hard to capture the look of a two tone cerachrom bezel, and how it complements or contrasts with either a lacquered dial (the Subs) or a matte dial (the SDs) - is the BLNR a matte or lacquered dial? Looks matte, 'no? But that black and blue ain't in any of the diver line - and it's AMAZING.
aleksandr, this sounds like a perfectly acceptable explanation to me...
Yeah, you can pretty much do everything via your mobile browser. I shelled out the dollar or two for the TapaTalk Pro edition and nixed the ads.The dial is still a bit messed up for me, but the new Nautilus ref 5990 should float your boat given how its pushers flow right into the traditional Nautilus case. It's not as garishly overwrought in person, and it has significant presence: it may well be the thickest Nautilus in production - it is thicker than the 5980 chrono.
Fixed thanks to UberModerator Stitchy and the highly technical solution of deleting and reinstalling the app!I quite like the TapaTalk interface. Posting pics is great. I can do all this via my Safari or Google Chrome browser on my phone but it feels easier to do so on TapaTalk. However, tifosi, it indeed doesn't have that update via blue dot designation. 😭Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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