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 Isn't it strange how that goes?  Congratulations!
This is why I love TWAT - feedback and inputs from folks whose sense of taste and style I respect. This has got to be one of my most polarizing purchases of late - see the remarks above. Love you my brethren. Let's see how much fun and use I get from this monster, huh? 💪
I mothaf*ng love this mothaf*ng bad a** batshit insanity watch.
Hahahaha! Word.And on that note, here's what the DSSD looks like when I strike the Frilly pose.
 Item in bold - yes, absolutely.  Of course one can say that probably about the average Rolex buyer who may not even take the time to read about why the watchmaker came out with a specific model - ANY Rolex model.  Doubt they frequent TWAT or other watch forums (well, maybe except TRF, where they will post threads like "is it safe to bring my Sub near the water?")... I do think this is part of the reason why Rolex as brand turns off some WIS's who would prefer something...
 Sorry to hear. Injuries suck.  And they come back to haunt you like the goddarn ghosts of Christmas past or something.  Yeah those fast paced workouts kill me. On the plus side I get to skip the 20 mins or so of boring treadmill time!  Hahahahah the awesomeness.
The awesomeness.
^^^ NonServiam, TheWraith - excellent stuff! Keith T - hello to you and your right calf!
Never attempted a one rep max and eventually hurt my lower back in 1994. Been much more careful/technical since then.But all my thigh and calf size were built from 1990 to 1994 when I was lifting that much. To this day I don't hear comments like "hey you forgot Leg Day." Hahaha!My right calf says hello!
Pounds not kilograms hahahah!mimo you're not helping my savings rate!!!!
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