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Hahahahahaha indeed dddrees!!!!!!
Well, my flight is delayed. So I got me a shine.
You are gonna ROCK those shoes this Spring/Summer dddrees! Love 'em! I mean, even though your choice of timepiece is so normcore.Posted this pic from a friend earlier. He's based in the Philippines. I mean - if you think it's dangerous to wear a Rolex in the crime ridden streets of NYC... Wearing a Rolex - particularly one in, say, yellow gold - in the dark streets of the Philippines is practically suicide.So he wears a Lange in platinum.
 Interesting topic of conversation between me and Thierry Stern when he found out I was an economist. He asked me about potential risks to demand for watches in developing countries (nice, free consulting AND I give him my money for his watches) - I told him that the key issue for countries like China is that its luxury market is still largely influenced by things like government largesse, which puts watchmaking companies at risk if there was any kind of blowback from the...
Indonesian general thinks he's been ripped off.  Speculates that his Richard Mille is fake.  Throws it on floor as proof.   Totally a TWAT-worthy story:   http://www.straitstimes.com/news/asia/south-east-asia/story/indonesian-armed-forces-chief-says-his-luxury-watch-knockoff-throws-
 BOOOOOO! But you always have TWAT, this is the truth.
Lovely timepieces academe!Well, there is one potential downside with having a wrist small enough so that you can borrow your wife's watch. That means she can borrow yours.Speaking from experience here! Heh heh.
 +1  Hahahaha!  Tempted many a time just by going to this darn thread.  Glad to return the favor!   Hahaha guess so!  Or more like "OMG let's get that shot before the light fades, who cares about setting the time...!"  I wanted to see if any of my TWAT brethren would catch the fakery and the poser-hood! You didn't disappoint!  NORMCORE!!!  Guess it is, huh?  Way too common these days, dddrees.  Also, you better get rid of those Edward Green Galways because, well, everyone...
GordonX - welcome to the forums. First post since you joined SF in May 2013, and you chose TWAT! I learned a lot from the forum members here. They were with me when I acquired many of my timepieces, cheering me on but sometimes shouting me down as well. A lot of what goes on here is obviously subjective, but I trust these guys on matters of both style and substance. Some have become good friends in person. I love my Sub. Wears well, solid construction, and well, I like...
Thumbs up! Thanks NS - and I can tell you definitely appreciate Subs! I don't mind the cyclops necessarily - have one on my vintage DJ after all, and as you said it feels like an integral part of the Rolex DNA. Just went for the no date version for MY VERY FIRST AND ONLY SUB for reasons already mentioned: symmetry, it's what sang to me. Quite like the ceramic bezel (trust me, when I encounter that inevitable time when my wife borrows this I'll be happy I had something...
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