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Boom! Awesomeness.
There are also a few BLNRs out there for sale, for over a year now! Try getting them with a big discount! At the Nomos event today. DLJr took the train up all the way from his whereabouts to visit the founder of TWAT, our OP; have dinner with me at Shake Shack; brave the subways of NYC to check out my SD4000; and hang with Ben Clymer and the Hodinkee guys at the Nomos event downtown. Here's DLJr wearing his 35mm Orion rose with accents (bottom), chatting with Mark Braun,...
 I had to look up what "poncified" means! Ditto re: Kaplan's awesome pics.  Good job, and great pieces!
 Yep.  To be fair, the dang Mondani book weighs a ton, is printed on high quality paper, with stunning photographs, descriptions in three languages, and pretty much every single Rolex Sub or SD reference out there until 2012.  So, okay, they get a pass from me for this typo hahah. Also, they consistently refer to the pieces as either "SUBMARINER" or "SUBMARINER DATE," which pleases me to no end.  1% of me is irked that common language now refers to the "Sub" or the "Sub No...
New book. Spot the typo TWAT.
Quite like my new Chapels.
Also, I am so sorry for posting pics of half naked muscular men. Let's cleanse that palate. Here is Kate, the Princess of TWAT, who turned 22 yesterday: Did anyone greet her on TWAT? No? We are a disgraceful lot, really.
 Thanks, Dino! Yeah, you are totally on point about the DSSD.  It is batshit insane cartoonishly thick and wildly out of proportion, based on aesthetics that most would find appealing, attractive and ideal.  It is kind of like how I feel about action stars of today, all of whom seem to need to be ripped and muscular versus the old Charles Bronson-type "tough guy."   This is Chris Evans in Captain America, a role for which he had to bulk up significantly:  I would say that...
 You, of course, get the point, mimo. How shall I put it in SF terms?  Suede, calf, balmoral, blucher...  they all have their place, and time. 
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