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Hahahahahaha @Keith - so awesome.
 This is an old thread, but a friend of mine actually hated the thick lugs of the new GMTIIc so much that he took it to a trusted jeweler/watch service person and put it through, well, lug liposuction: http://www.philippinewatchclub.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=7401 Pic of the lug-liposuctioned GMTIIc in the middle, with an untouched GMTIIc on the left, and an older SD on the right:  Of course the RSC in NYC actually did kind of call him out on what appeared to them to...
 Thanks to you I have felt some regret in reacting with violence to what I thought was a big a** Kaiju mosquito about to suck me dry (and not in a good way).  I believe it is indeed a crane fly, which in adult form rarely even eats but only emerges to mate.  So I just reacted with violence to what appears was simply a curious little insect. Still, since it is not an endangered species (unlike bees), I still believe that it was optimal for me to have reacted with lethal...
Pardon my French but motherf*cker: I tried to preserve its dimensions after crushing it, and laid it out over my SubC ND: WTF.
^^^ DG I don't know, I think you'll find a lot of fellow Milgauss fans here!
 Got to give this one some Rolex love. +1.
 THIS. The awesomeness.
Who said I owned a car?And simmer down your tone, which I interpret as f*ng obnoxious.
NYC subways are pretty safe for Pateks...
Dayum Dino you take care of watches really well. I just don't know about that scratch on your RO bracelet though. Looks like value has gone to zero. You might as well ship it to me. Box and papers can follow later, thanks.
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