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 DSSD is The Porn Star's Watch.
Hahahahahaha @Keith - so awesome.
 This is an old thread, but a friend of mine actually hated the thick lugs of the new GMTIIc so much that he took it to a trusted jeweler/watch service person and put it through, well, lug liposuction: http://www.philippinewatchclub.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=7401 Pic of the lug-liposuctioned GMTIIc in the middle, with an untouched GMTIIc on the left, and an older SD on the right:  Of course the RSC in NYC actually did kind of call him out on what appeared to them to...
 Thanks to you I have felt some regret in reacting with violence to what I thought was a big a** Kaiju mosquito about to suck me dry (and not in a good way).  I believe it is indeed a crane fly, which in adult form rarely even eats but only emerges to mate.  So I just reacted with violence to what appears was simply a curious little insect. Still, since it is not an endangered species (unlike bees), I still believe that it was optimal for me to have reacted with lethal...
Pardon my French but motherf*cker: I tried to preserve its dimensions after crushing it, and laid it out over my SubC ND: WTF.
^^^ DG I don't know, I think you'll find a lot of fellow Milgauss fans here!
 Got to give this one some Rolex love. +1.
 THIS. The awesomeness.
Who said I owned a car?And simmer down your tone, which I interpret as f*ng obnoxious.
NYC subways are pretty safe for Pateks...
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