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 It is indeed somewhat loose. 
What is all this talk of the Daytona somehow being unappealing?  
 Hahahahahah be careful!!!      Yes, and whenever I commute in the mornings with the wife wearing her Hulk I also guard her body too.
 Please keep me posted on your progress with all this.  I am very interested in the platinum version.  Any chance for minor customizations, like engraving?
Happy July TWAT! I love all my recent Rolex dive watch acquisitions, and rotate through them regularly. Still, if there had to be JUST ONE...
^^^ Steel28 gotta love the white dial Daytona! Rolex does a bang up job with the protective plastic stickers. You barely notice they're there. I'm waiting for them to fall off from my DSSD hahah. 114060 and 116520 saying hello! DSSD domed crystal produces the most fascinating visual effects.
The plat one is priced very attractively IMHO
I have absolutely no issues with winding this one manually.
 Gets softer as you go up the 24K scale though!  Dammit! Someone needs to come up with virtually scratch proof gold with at least 75% content, mix in the super-hard material in the "other" 25%. I'd sign up for that. Then Rolex can take adapt it for their precious metal watches, come up with some fancy UltraHard(On)Gold(TM) name and use that as part of their pitch! 
This little one in yellow gold today.
New Posts  All Forums: