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   Unfortunately this really will be the wife's decision - not going to be in my rotation (except for the odd lucky day she wears one of her other watches and I want to wear this one).  She is leaning towards the LV right now.
Nice kicks!
Bay Area homes are quite an investment these days! Good luck and let us know how things go!Was in the area a few days ago myself:
Ahahaha!Dayum. The wife is still torn between the LN and the LV. She has yet to make a decision but it appears my wrist has cast its own unsolicited vote:
Oh I HAVE to buy two watches at a time, of comparable value, complication and/or design, so that I can pass them on to my two kids without any statements like "hey how come she got one and I did not" and "hey how come hers is better?!?"Lovely excuse right?
Attended a Cartier event today where they promoted their new Calibre de Cartier Diver, launched at SIHH earlier this year. Will go on sale tomorrow. Sorry for the crappy pic. 42mm case size and 11mm height - very interesting. It's their first serious dive watch (depth rating of 300m), and the stainless steel version on a rubber strap is retailing in the low $8000s. Yes, I wore a Patek - but hey, I wore my Cartier cufflinks! Got to represent, ya know. And since we are...
Thumbs up!!!
 AHAHAHA! Exactly!   Thanks, Betelgeuse!  A bit more under the radar too (I think)...  Thanks!  Haven't they? Before you know it they will be as expensive as the real thing.
Also, I mean, if she doesn't want the LV I'm sure I can think of other uses...
 Holy cow TC that's a SUPER HOT look!
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