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 AHAHAHA! Exactly!   Thanks, Betelgeuse!  A bit more under the radar too (I think)...  Thanks!  Haven't they? Before you know it they will be as expensive as the real thing.
Also, I mean, if she doesn't want the LV I'm sure I can think of other uses...
 Holy cow TC that's a SUPER HOT look!
Nuke - the wife is choosing between the LV and LN for her Mother's Day gift. Trying both now (dealer trusts me not to scratch stuff up hahah). She really loves my SubC ND but really wants a date function. And she doesn't mind (and even appreciates) the Rolex cyclops. Given her use habits having a ceramic bezel insert will also come in handy. So it's either the LV or LN for her. Which do you guys think she should get? The one on top doesn't count - she has too much...
Congratulations Nuke!!! Ugly Patek! Ugly watch! Hulk SMASH!
Omega Seamaster Deville?
OMG! Hahahahahahaaha!I couldn't take living life so dangerously wearing my Rolex all over the place. So today I wore a cheap watch on the subway.
For mimo, another shot of that steal-able duo:
forex, which "text in ring" are you referring to re: DSSD?  The one that's present in my 114060 SubC ND too (common as Subs are and all that)?
I am quite enamored of my new Sub. But that don't mean I've lost any love for this one.
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