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Ah the 3919. One of my first Pateks. Don't miss it much but I have find memories of it. Sorry I've been AWOL my TWAT brethren. Am enjoying a little time off from the cold.
Did he look like this?
Not bad for a 47 year old... watch right???
Better shot of Rolex blue!
 Good luck Nuke!!!!
Rooooolex blooooo in the sun! Need to dust off that crystal....
Congratulations CHRK33! Awesome story and thanks for sharing! Running around right now for work and play but did have time to meet up with a couple of watch enthusiasts for brunch. The FM was on the Zeitwerk wearer's wife's wrist. Very nice, lovely couple.
Well, I socked away our shares for our IRA when the Dow dropped 326 pts the other day. Guess I'm done for the year. Does that mean I can go on a frillyvolous splurge again...? Daytona in the snow and cold today.
Speaking of wrist shots with other people, just finished my second session with big personal trainer (6'4", 230 lbs). Wears a Hublot to work. Totally beat me up, but that's what I asked for. Also, we are not tenderly holding hands in this picture. Just clarifying. Thank you.
 Thanks! Yup, had to wear them after a snow storm one day.  But, I usually have no qualms wearing my (finer) shoes as long as weather conditions are not too bad.  If it was snowing then and there and/or if there was ice all over the place then you can rest assured that I would be wearing my Alden Indy 404s (Kudu) with lug soles!
New Posts  All Forums: