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 Very awesome.  I used to religiously keep a personal journal, and send handwritten notes to friends and family and business associates.  About a decade ago I shifted more to the electronic versions of such, and about three months ago I started getting into handwritten notes again.  Even keeping a personal journal and such.  My delusion is that one day my daughters will read through the drivel their father wrote and get to know him a bit better (and maybe feel worse about...
 Fantastic write-up and pic, Stitchy! Congrats again!
TheWraith!Off topic somewhat: is that your daily writer pen? Do you still write by hand much? I got deep into fine writing instruments late last year (still sticking true to my "no purchases for 2015" resolution - the pens that arrived recently were ordered late last year!) and boy, some of them sport a similar kind of aesthetic and workmanship that underpin my love for mechanical timepieces.
But tell us directly about how you really feel, Belli!I must be getting old as I am browsing around and thinking models like these (especially the all YG) are appealing...
Hahahah!Always fun to meet up with fellow enthusiasts. How about that RM? How did you like the Patek 5960/1A up close and in the metal?Lunch today:
Congratulations Stitchy! Of course I love the details of the story behind the acquisition. MOAR PICS PLEASE!
Belligero! Happy new year!!!
Very nice selection of pics cchen. 5711 today, a cool Saturday morning in NYC. I love this watch. And it sports a good deal of battle scars from a good amount of wear.
Happy New Year TWAT brethren!
+1,000 Stitchy.Yup. And I saw that bill. Close to $1,000.
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