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Ah, got it. That's cool re: thinking about your children. I tend to buy "in twos" for the same reason (two daughters).And yeah, if something isn't occupying wrist real estate much, then it might be time to let it go to someone else who will appreciate it. 💪🏻
Thanks tricky. But back to your earlier post: why were you thinking of letting a piece go? To make room for another one?
By sheer coincidence I switched out a couple of hours ago. Here's a shot before you get too seduced by the 39mm... 😄
Funny how that works 'no?!
I am in for this oxblood project, and I can speak for another friend who's in (and for whom I'll pay in advance). Boom.
Those are great deals. Are they generally available for newer models like the DSOTM?Beach time earlier today:
Sorry - I misinterpreted the direction of your snark. When you asked me direct questions about whether I've seen a 5131, why Tiffany co-branding makes a watch interesting, or whether I would wear an enamel dial Longines, I was misled into thinking you were being snarky towards me.Tone your rants down a bit and you might actually get substantive responses to your original question. Otherwise, you'll be written off and blocked like so many other wanna be's that have come and...
I have put several 5131s on my wrist - and I quite like the aesthetic. You are free to disagree.Your dismissive point about Tiffany is amusing, and makes you come across as snarky (which is neither good nor bad). But, read my post carefully. Nowhere did I say that it would add anything of interest to a watch. I mentioned it in passing as part of the pic I posted, which came from a friend who worked for Tiffany.With that said, there are a number of folks who would pay a...
In and of itself the 5130 looks great in the metal; I was sorely tempted by the one in white gold and a bracelet long ago. At its listed 39.5mm case size it is also a bit more appealing to modern tastes for larger watches, though that isn't necessarily a plus for me.My issue with the 5130 and other currently produced Pateks is that I end up looking at preowned pieces that are out of production (like the 5110P, for example) given the 5130's price point, even despite the...
More sneaker audacity to upset @mimo  
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