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zippyh - love the G-Shock and GMT shots!  Enjoy Maui!   jbarwick - yeah, really not sure.  There are some pieces that just look marvelous in 2D and then once you take into consideration what you already have, and once you see it in the flesh... Hm.  We shall see.
Unsure. My first reaction after seeing the SD4000 right beside the SubC ND was hmmm I think I may be okay with the 114060. I don't mind not having a date - and as appealing the sleeker lugs and crown guards are to classicists the chunkier look has grown on me.But - I haven't seen the SD4000 in person, and the pics don't highlight enough of the difference between the "silky matte" dial of the SD4000 and the glossier dials of the modern Subs.Guess I'll have to see what I...
These are from user "artschool" from TRF, who just unboxed his SD4000 (citation required as I do not know him, nor did I ask permission): Beside his 114060 SubC ND: Might just be the angle of the pic for sure, but because of the sleeker lugs, the less chunky crown guards, and more markings on the bezel it seems like it's actually smaller than the SubC ND 'noh? Thickness compared to the SubC ND:
Jbarwick - sorry to hear, but hey, you tried it in the flesh and it just didn't work. A far better way to decide versus shelling out money for a watch you just saw in 2D, online, from some seller you've never dealt with. On to the next hunt!!!!!!
Belli - indeed re: TRF 😜💪👍
The new SD4000 has made landfall at various ADs, and a bunch of TRF users have begun posting incoming threads. Most love it. It appears comparable in size and thickness to the SubC ND. One user expressed disappointment that "it wore smaller than the SubC." The lugs certainly appear less chunky (which would satisfy those who don't like the look of the new Subs) and the crown guards also appear less thick. Here's a pic from TRF of the new SD4000 side by side with the...
   Unfortunately this really will be the wife's decision - not going to be in my rotation (except for the odd lucky day she wears one of her other watches and I want to wear this one).  She is leaning towards the LV right now.
Nice kicks!
Bay Area homes are quite an investment these days! Good luck and let us know how things go!Was in the area a few days ago myself:
Ahahaha!Dayum. The wife is still torn between the LN and the LV. She has yet to make a decision but it appears my wrist has cast its own unsolicited vote:
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