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^^^ Also, frigging perpetual calendar is one month off.  WTF.  
 Thanks, dopey.  I'm a big proponent of use.  I use all my FPs, but I confess that many of my finer ballpoints have gone by the wayside as a result.  Ballpoints are just far more practical - they are resilient, they don't blot or clot, and you can drop cheap ballpoint pens multiple times and they'll be fine.  Not so with fountain pens.  But it also means ballpoints occupy a far more utilitarian place in my life because of this.  When I have a ballpoint with me I have no...
An inspiring shot! Here's the desk situation today:
The Hunger has been satiated, Stitchy???
Hashtag #Boom
^^^ You may recognize the jacket... 😉
This one today. Formerly my 116520, till the wife got her hands on it. But, since she's out of town...
Belli - welcome back and glad your travels have been great! Stitchy - those pics are AWESOME!
 Thanks much! Even better that they are so low maintenance. I seriously love wearing them.  I find it a challenge to pick which one to wear before I head out in the morning!
 Thanks @kiya - anything special I need to do to care for these leathers?  Any do's and don't's you recommend?
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