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 Gets softer as you go up the 24K scale though!  Dammit! Someone needs to come up with virtually scratch proof gold with at least 75% content, mix in the super-hard material in the "other" 25%. I'd sign up for that. Then Rolex can take adapt it for their precious metal watches, come up with some fancy UltraHard(On)Gold(TM) name and use that as part of their pitch! 
This little one in yellow gold today.
 It is not crazy out of the ballpark versus other ceramic all-WG models Rolex churns out - like the WG Submariner ("Smurf"), priced at $38,750.   However, as you noted, the whole principle of pricing an all-precious metal Rolex at those levels does seem "rather high."  In the high $30s you're fighting against, say, a pre-owned Patek Grand Complications perpetual calendar in yellow gold.  There are PLENTY of other options in that price range. Which is why when the dust...
 Visited gdl203 with DLJr a few Thursdays ago. Love the store!  Will be bugging you about those Vass brown suedes soon.
 I fookin love this blast from the past. And this doesn't sound like an Evil Corporation at all.  Although - that would be exactly what an Evil Corporation would want you to think, 'no?  (Wink wink) bkotsko - welcome to the world of "fake watch busting" on Instagram.  I get tagged by morons every few days calling out my "potentially fake watches."  Badge of honor, I tell ya.
^^^ tifosi what are the dimensions of that Bad Boy? Case size, thickness?
 Congratulations!  Fantastic pick-up.
^^^ Red swimwear on her Basking on a sunny day Mouth agape, I stare
Fat, they say she is I adore her curves so much Upton, on my wrist.
Because oh I dunno SD4000 lumetastic or something. Stitchy - make dat happen!
New Posts  All Forums: