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Philip IIs for the win! They are breaking in magnificently well by the way, thanks for checking in. I saw your question in one of the threads but forgot to reply till now.IMHO Lobb has the best leather even compared to Corthay, EG, GG, StC. The Philip II took a while to break in, though, and because Leffot recommended that I size down by a half for that pair it hurt to wear the first few times. The wholecut Chapels, on the other hand, also boasted the same fantastic...
 Yup, thanks for sharing.  Plus it's hard to tell just how stunning a watch can be from pics alone. Any other pieces that caught your eye while you were browsing?
 Proud of you, brother! 
Price tag is wow and I'm not sure I'm ridiculously impressed from the picture alone - but you say it was fantastic in the metal / on your wrist? How large was the case size?
Glad I placed my order just now!
 I'll check out the Sport Trainer in saddle then as soon as you get it!  Boom.
 Looking forward.  I will swing by the store to check it out too.  Were you going to get the couro chromo / suede in mocha too?
Ah, got it. That's cool re: thinking about your children. I tend to buy "in twos" for the same reason (two daughters).And yeah, if something isn't occupying wrist real estate much, then it might be time to let it go to someone else who will appreciate it. 💪🏻
Thanks tricky. But back to your earlier post: why were you thinking of letting a piece go? To make room for another one?
By sheer coincidence I switched out a couple of hours ago. Here's a shot before you get too seduced by the 39mm... 😄
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