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Big, tattooed muscular trainer wore a Nixon today. Originally designed for skateboarders, it's tough enough to withstand major wipeouts. Guess it's tough enough for gym work. Yes, my Exp I is my gym watch. No, we are not holding pinkies-to-thumbs in this pic, Dino944. Just saying.
Bwahahahahahahahaha so much TWAT love here! Thanks mimo, bespoken pa, RogerP! Dayum TC that made me laugh so much. The awesomeness.
Lovely chukkas! A cousin of your boots says hello!
Hahahahaha!This is the Frilly long game:1. Gets the 114060 to slake Sub thirst. Wears it and loves the heft. Catches wife's eye. Slowly but surely the 114060 gets appropriated by the missus, and every so often Mr Frilly gets to borrow it, like the white dial Daytona.2. Gets the SD 4000 when it emerges six weeks from now. Mrs Frilly doesn't realize that Mr Frilly is wearing a "Sub" even as she is wearing "her" Sub (114060).3. All brushed finish + cerachrom bezel resists...
 I'm not sure about vintage Subs.  I'm deathly afraid of Frankenwatches. I suppose I can always source something through my trusted dealer and have Rolex verify that all seems in order.  But I also tend to use my Rolexes as real tool watches - well, as I do all of my watches.  But you know what I mean.  Sand, submersion, chlorinated water, sea water, kids.  A friend asked if I wiped my kids' butts while wearing my Rolexes - of course I did.  He said I really did use them...
Sigh.  I tried the 114060 yesterday and as much as I was repelled visually by the chunky lugs it actually looked and felt good on my wrist.  Loved the damn bracelet and clasp.  And the heft of the cerachrom bezel was awesome.   My problem now is I want to get the 114060.  But I also know that I'll probably want the SD4000 when it comes out next month. HAHAHAH!
Hello Dino's Daytona! Oh snap! I'm wearing my Rolex in the mean subways of NYC! Is it safe?
Hahahah good luck fending off those thoughts of the black dial Daytona!That 3940J is one of the most classic, timeless Patek references of all time. Fairly priced in the low $40s too. It is the reference that got me started on Grand Complications, which is why I have her (arguably prettier) sister - the 3940 in platinum:Guess my personal issue is that I literally haven't broken my Sub cherry. Haha. Haven't owned a Sub or SD before, and I'm attracted to it. Also, even if I...
 That was the punchline! 
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