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 @dddrees - you've posted these pics before. And you can post them over and over again. 
It's all good and I hope you enjoy that jacket! It's fantastic.On my end I "solved" the sleeve issue for a future order by fitting the Thedi MA-1 with Dylan at the store and lopping off a mere 1" from the sleeves. But with the MA-1's design I felt that the size 40 would have been just fine even without the sleeve customization.
That jacket is frigging awesome. Must be seen and worn to be appreciated. I was undecided between the black and the brown when preordering the Thedi MA-1 and seeing the brown rider jacket in the store helped me decide (real quick). Congratulations on the pick up!What are your thoughts on sleeve length? I know about the rider jacket's aesthetic and functionality, longer sleeves in general to cover more flesh in case of falls, etc. Still, when I have my rider jackets on...
 Like @Epaulet I try not to miss leg day...  Before the next few months are done I may end up "falling" off the fence with these trainers three more times or something.  
Good point. I'm a wearer though; I have yet to come across a watch that I desired so much that I would be happy just keeping it in my collection without wearing it. If it's going to be priced like the other 3239 variants then it's at USD6,400 MSRP.  The 114060 is 12.5mm and the new SD4000 is 15mm. Same case size but boy does the new SD4000 pack more weight (and by extension, perceived wrist presence). For perspective, the DSSD is similarly "only" 2.5mm thicker than the...
Wow. These sneakers just keep on giving. First time I slipped them on without socks (taking a chance here, my feet generally sweat a lot) and the inner lining is incredibly supple and comfortable.
Looks good in pics but haven't seen on the wrist. What's the news on the MSRP of this one?
Anyway, back to something fundamentally related to watches. Aside from a blue dial 1601 from 1967, I have yet to pull the trigger on a great many vintage pieces.  A young friend was looking at this bubble back from the 1930s. He seems perfectly happy with its 30mm case size, but the aesthetics do not appeal to me at all.  Anyone into these models and can share some insights about details to appreciate?  
 Superb! You posting any of those in the G&G thread? This Year of Temperance has forced me to come up with a great many "exceptions."  Replacements for stuff I've retired or sold don't count, etc... Hah! 
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