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 I don't see this being an issue...   I am unsure of whether or not these "LEs" are collector's items, really, or whether I will like the watch itself when I see it in the metal.  We shall see.  But, I must say it is the first Moonwatch that's prompted me to get off my a** and actually look into stuff more.  We shall see, won't we, brother?
Snoopy Speedy lume from @ablogtowatch. Maybe my first Omega.
Had I not declared this year to be one of Temperance for me, it may well have become my first Omega too!(Which doesn't prevent me from getting it on January 1, 2016... Still probably my first Omega!)😂
I am actually quite impressed with the new Snoopy Speedy.
Hahah.On the plus side... 5711 in all rose gold and chocolate dial. Probably a hit.
Dead serious, unfortunately.
^^^ Also that white glove is from the computer screen. It is not part of the watch design. Just sayin.
Well, I am a supporter of Patek. But this new model is........ Comments? Go.
Thanks TheWraith! I quite like the proportions of the older models, but I've got to say that I also have my share of the newer models currently in production (not the Explorer, but Subs and SDs and even the monstrosity that is the DSSD), and on the wrist I really quite like them.Take, for example, my old, old 48 year old 1601, on my wrist today:I love this 36mm beauty, but I can also see why the modern chunkier DJs appeal today. I'm actually not sure how many guys are...
^^^ mimo hahah! Oops, sorry! "Love the Explorer ref 114270 and her bigger sister 214270!"
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