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Today, accompanying my girl on a field trip. The brown on the Saddle is really quite rich. Love it. The Ecru soles offer a great contrast too. The shorts might not be the best idea this morning given the chill but "it's supposed to warm up." Brrrr.
Well, it's a bit late on Tuesday evening but blame the UPS guy for this late post. I'll take better pics in natural light during the day, assuming the sun comes out tomorrow in NYC. I did say I would post something about whether Mocha and Saddle, and here it is. For the first entry, the recently arrived Sport Trainer in Mocha. Boom. Quite love the dark brown color of the leather, and of course the suede mudguards in lighter brown. And here's the second entry - a Tennis...
 What did you think of the Grandmaster Chime?  When I saw it up close a few months ago, it was inside a glass case - still, I had no desire to put it on my wrist.  I can understand all the work that went into the complications, and even the level of craftsmanship required for the ornate engraving on and around the case and even the deployant clasp.  I can even understand the case size (47.4mm) and thickness (16.1mm, thinner than a DSSD). But when it all came together and I...
+1. The DSSD is a category 5 Kaiju, but the PloProf is a category 6!!!
The King Of Outerwear! Hashtag BOOM!
Did you just put on the KOW hat???
Boom. Look at that awesomeness.
Post once received!
I'm following this "debate" about "Mocha versus Saddle" eagerly.  @Epaulet is closed on Monday, but on Tuesday I will present definitive, incontrovertible proof that will settle this "argument."  Stay tuned.
 @dddrees - you've posted these pics before. And you can post them over and over again. 
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