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I have no objections to having more than one Submariner or more than one SeaDweller.And though I played around with RubberB straps for the summer, all the beasts are chained back on their original bracelets now - where many would say they rightfully belong. Just switched out yesterday.The one day in weeks when it's breaking 90 degrees in NYC and I have to be in a suit. No DSSDs for me today. Went with the slightly less bulky/macho/badass overengineered alternative:
^^^ mimo that looks fantastic. Did you kop? To prepare myself emotionally for the end of summer in NYC, I have switched out the divers from RubberB to their OEM bracelets.
Supposedly not a hoax either as folks who worked for that Norway AD confirmed that the SD4000s they recently received as stock had that bezel insert...
@Belligero - check this out. Pic taken at one of the largest ADs in Norway. Bezel insert switch for the SD4000?
NonServiam - fantastic shot as always of a great timepiece.
I have been shamelessly regurgitating Stitchy's "give it to me" and "send it to me" in other forums. I confess.
 Yep - looking forward. 
 Oh snap! Beckwith you are a trendsetter here. 
 Heh heh the author of that article used data from the link I posted! 
 Thanks for the share.  That Daytona purchase was a while back!  The current line retails at $12,000.  Here's an interesting page (posted before) about Rolex MSRPs for a variety of models from 1970 to 2008: http://www.minus4plus6.com/PriceEvolution.htm  You handled the Graves SuperComplication!  It's a fantastic piece unique - it's not a wearable timepiece though, 'no?  Definitely falls in the category of collectibles but not necessarily wearables.   The closest I've come...
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