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@Belligero - Patek released new 5140s with Breguet numerals in Basel a few days ago, but it didn't fix what ailed it originally. I'll stick to this perfect little example:
Checking in to read the discussions here in TWAT v2.0 while waiting for my little ones. #TGIF
From these two, I feel like I would get...
I may or may not already be in line for the new Daytona. Just sayin.
 Ahahaha, bro @rnguy001 - I picked up those words from my years in Ninja training.  
  Nakaya's Decapod Twist in ao-tamenuri, with a medium soft 14k gold nib plated with ruthenium.  Ink is Pilot Iroshizuku's Shin-Ryoku (Forest Green).
Just another day at work with Cartier and Patek.  
 Great landscapes and wildlife photographs!
 Hahah - more like a drop 10 or 11...
Wrist sizes are an interesting thing.  It's equally about how flat/round the wrist shape is. and how your wrist tapers up into your forearm, arm and overall body dimensions, as it is about the absolute measurement, I think.     I have a scrawny 6.25" wrist, but given how it's shaped I feel like my 42mm Snoopy Speedmaster "hangs larger" on me than my 44mm 17.5" thick DSSD.  I'm equally comfortable wearing 36mm case size pieces as well as "sportier" 44mm "monster" dive...
New Posts  All Forums: