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 I am not sure it's that "unique" - by which I interpret as "impossible to replicate using other systems."  Really, using the best glass from the Canons, Nikons, Fujis. Sonys etc of this world, with knowledge of lighting techniques and/or access to external lighting implements (or controlled studio environments), I think it's quite possible to replicate that dimensionality, depth, sharpness and separation of subject from the foreground/background that tends to characterize...
Not a dumb question at all. All the M lenses are manually focused using the standard focusing ring. Aperture control right at the tip.Even with the modern digital SL or the M-P typ 240, I actually shoot all manual - manual ISO, shutter speed, aperture and focus by definition since I use M lenses. Well, technically I use auto WB.I don't disdain AF and other modern conveniences. But just like any tool, I choose which ones serve my needs, which inspire me, based on the...
 I rotate pretty consistently every week or two depending on what photography learning objective I'm exploring, but my daily carry is a Leica SL Typ 601 with a Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 ASPH mounted semipermanently on it.
 Sadly I have no experience with Leica's R lenses.  However, I do know plenty of friends who love their R lenses so much and held on to them for years; now that the new Leica SL can accept and almost fully utilize R lenses, they are quite happy. I do have some experience with Canon's L lenses, since I still use my 5DMk3 + 24-70 USM II f/2.8 and 70-200 USM II f/2.8 for specific situations.  I especially like the 70-200, but I find myself using the DSLRs for very specific...
 What a lovely set. I'm a big fan of the X system.  I've since become enamored with Leica, but the first system I still recommend to interested enthusiasts is the Fuji X100T, which I beat up for months.  I gave my cousin one for his birthday and he's been using it at least as much as his trusted Nikon (he is a professional sports photographer).  My trusted old X100T is now with another cousin who is getting back into the photography hobby.
Woh! Thanks bruh!
I love these TWAT discussions. Just saying.
 Why, our other Leica cameras of course.  
 That's Rob's right?
Well, they work!
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