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Good Monday morning!
Representing for Team Mocha today:
This is a good general recommendation, but for some models that have been out of production for years, unless you're going the auction or private sales route, a grey market seller might be your best and only bet.There are some grey market dealers with fantastic relationships with the manufacturers themselves; when one of my perp cal chronos lost a pusher cap, it was my grey market dealer that brought the watch to Patek, followed up on its repair status, coordinated the...
Team Saddle for the win!Team Mocha for the win!
Thanks for sharing those pics from your collections, @alpyigit and @zippyh! Always nice to view.   @mimo - I didn't like that 5960/1A when it was introduced but as usual once I saw it in person there really was that high quality feel.  I still probably wouldn't spend the cash required to buy that thing, even pre-owned, but I have several friends who have come around and now want a 5960/1A after some time spent not liking it much. Funny how time and having those things on...
 Obtaining the Extract from the Archives can certainly be coursed through HSWA.  But you can also order it directly from the patek.com website: https://www.patek.com/en/client-service/extract-from-the-archives But if you're going to go to HSWA anyway, might as well have them do it for you!
Really sorry to hear about this!
Mighty fine watch right there.
Love it!On the other hand, here are those Mocha GATs in the sunlight...
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