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I know the Apple Watch has a rather high tech moonphase: I prefer this one though:
Dinner of Champions, anyone?
My ceramic divers will eat the iWatch with gusto: Close up for you mimo: Also, F you for enabling this latest round. Love you too.
^^^ Quite like the Explorer.
Moonphase?Customizable dials?Animated emojis?Guess I'm in:
academe - very nice. As the French might exclaim when they want to say "boom" - BEWM!!!
You always were a sucker for behinds, though...Can't get over the lack of protective stickers by the lugs and side of the case. Doesn't matter if I was going to peel those off anyway. I should have been the one to peel those off.Just like I should have been the one to ding the clasp:
Yep. Does this look new and virgin to you?
There were complications with the transaction and the state of the watch. I want a new virgin D-Blue.
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