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And that was precisely why I brought up the GF stats.
Thanks for sharing the decision process. Looking forward to pics of that new beauty soon!
Nice! That GMT is something else, 'no???Yes!
 Let's see it!
 This. A few stats from a not-so-lower-end "independent" - Greubel Forsey.  They've been around for about 10 years, and produce only around 80-100 watches a year.  Keep in mind, these are ultra-complicated quadruple tourbillons or specially commissioned pieces that involve microsculptures, and Stephen Forsey says they've been able to move every single piece they've made every year despite the hefty price tag.  Might not be your cup of tea given some of their design...
Philip IIs in brown museum calf as I await the beginning of my daughter's Chinese dance recital.
Good Monday morning!
Representing for Team Mocha today:
This is a good general recommendation, but for some models that have been out of production for years, unless you're going the auction or private sales route, a grey market seller might be your best and only bet.There are some grey market dealers with fantastic relationships with the manufacturers themselves; when one of my perp cal chronos lost a pusher cap, it was my grey market dealer that brought the watch to Patek, followed up on its repair status, coordinated the...
Team Saddle for the win!Team Mocha for the win!
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