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And tell me more about the Shogun.
^^^ A far more interesting and engaging response, for me. I am not aware of any price limits on timepieces posted here, or anywhere. I am interested in what interests you. Far be it from this thread to become just about the positives and none of the negatives - we certainly don't keep our mouths shut about stuff we don't like. But it is the tone of some of your posts and the way you - perhaps playfully - engage with some of us that I personally found off-putting. Tell us...
Why don't you try this before going on yet another extended diatribe about features, brands and assorted phenomena that you passionately detest - posts that only serve to make many of us think you're some wanna-be who simply wants to show off your supposed knowledge of fine detail and horology?Post watches you actually own and love. On your wrist. Tell us about your collection parameters, and why.I'm trying to help. Really.
^^^ Seems like a bargain compared to the black RCO Daytona that sold late last year for $1.1 million... But to stitchy's point - we do a fair bit of "I like it," "I don't like it" commentary here in TWAT. This is Styleforum, after all, and we are free to express our likes and dislikes. We always welcome a fair, well elaborated argument advocating for timepieces that most TWAT members frown over - and we always say "good luck on your purchase and enjoy, however you...
Great share Belli.
Hah - thanks man. Just a game of angles and proportions really. I'm fairly human sized at 170 lbs but I do appear relatively stocky since I'm only 5'7" (REALLY 5'7" - which is Hollywood 5'10"). Calves top out at 16 3/4" which are about as large as my arms, but since I have small joints (wrist is all of 6.25") I think my muscle bellies look bigger than they really are.
And on a more US-centric note, happy 4th of July! Can there be anything more American than eating high calorie carb-laden food in suburbia and spending the afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese? Hard to think of counterexamples. From my left calf, Quoddy boat mocs and Nautilus to you and yours, have a great 4th!
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.And for good measure:Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.P.S. I am not agreeing with your assessment.
It has been the abbreviation for this thread for at least 300 pages back. How often do you post here?
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