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What, you mean something like this?Or a shot of all three modern ceramic SeaDwellers, lying side by side?Yes, there's a large backside to these SeaDwellers, which may feel uncomfortable to some. To me, though, having all three and laying them down side by side kind of comes across like this:Hah hah.My apologies if I have posted these lovely pictures before.I forgot the term for that dinner plate. It isn't to my liking, either. But Anish Bhatt, who owns that watch, is his...
mimo - bingo. That is one of five pieces produced by Rolex for Sheikh Maktoum in 1973.The protector/tape-encased SubC on the right is one of 135 pieces specially engraved on the case back by Rolex to commemorate their 135 year relationship with Relojaria Alemana from Spain. As the event itself was only a few weeks ago, my friend has not removed any of the original coverings. Nor may he want to: all 135 pieces sold out within a day. And as this is my friend's eighth Sub or...
Me today:
Are these fake Rolexes or what!!!
   Looking forward, EMartNJ and TheWraith!
Had I seen your post right away I could have put you in touch with @whatchs on Instagram, who sells it.
Precisely. Welcome to TWAT. Love it here. Glad you got great feedback!
^^^ FAKE!   But seriously, Stitchy, that's insane.
mimo, you're welcome. And yes, you did call this last (ongoing?) round of frillyvolousness. P.S. I heard you liked the symmetry of this one currently on my wrist:
^^^ more like TapaTalk posting my single response multiple times. But yes I am always excited about meeting friends! Hahahah
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