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Hahahah good luck fending off those thoughts of the black dial Daytona!That 3940J is one of the most classic, timeless Patek references of all time. Fairly priced in the low $40s too. It is the reference that got me started on Grand Complications, which is why I have her (arguably prettier) sister - the 3940 in platinum:Guess my personal issue is that I literally haven't broken my Sub cherry. Haha. Haven't owned a Sub or SD before, and I'm attracted to it. Also, even if I...
 That was the punchline! 
Fascinating.  Rolex employees were just told this morning in Geneva that Dufour, ex-CEO of Zenith, is now the guy at the top.  Wonder what this means for Rolex's future offerings.
I have been posting way too many unsolicited attire pics recently. So, to make up for it, here is a pic of me with no pants, socks, shoes, shirt or much else - except my Exp I. I know, posting a shot of my bare giant calf is a little racy. But come on. That ain't as sexy as Victoria's Secret model Iza Goulart sporting a 114270: Hope you're having a grand weekend!
 I'll vouch for the Kivels and Central Watch.  My family and I have had several watches repaired and restored there, and they've always done a great job.  I also purchased a few watches there at reasonable prices.
NS - congrats! I am all for frillyvolousness!
A slippery slope you're treading there, brother.
OMG! Congratulations jbarwick!!! Happy for you TWAT brother!!!!!
Hah! Thanks Dachschund, Keith. mimo - the combo I chose admittedly isn't for everyone, but even I will stop short of wearing this red tux. There is, after all, only one King James.
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