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Wurger - yikes. What a situation. RFX45 - the SubC is quite nice. Love it.
Oh. I thought it was the Incoming. Boo to me for not back reading enough. I saw the pics and immediately felt compelled to comment! Hahah.
TC - wow. Pics look fantastic. Congratulations on the pick up!!!!
 John Goldberger and Ben Clymer agree with you.  I disagree.
 I like the aesthetics and the movement. Not so much the fact that it's made in steel.
 A total steal at only CHF240,000 for a LE of 16.
 The devil is in the damn details with Rolex divers - it is the case with vintage divers, as well as modern pieces. There are several differences that justify the SD4000's higher price in the minds of collectors who prefer it over the SubC ND: 1.  The different shape of the lugs and the crown guards render the SD4000 looking "less square/boxy" than the new generation of cerachrom bezel Submariners.  Note that I have taken a caliper to these lugs and determined that the...
 Does this guy even lift?  He needs to catch a workout with me.
I certainly love my 114270:
Congratulations, RFX45!  Very nice pics of some great pick-ups!
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