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Good stuff and keep that beauty "exploring!"
Would that we felt like this about all our watches and toys, for as long a period of time as possible!And yes, I do sleep with my watches sometimes. My wife sleeps with hers on most of the time. Why not?
That looks phenomenal. Congratulations and wear that lovely thing in good health!
The "blue lagoon" in Coron! Fantastic place. Slap on your mask and dip your face in three feet of water and get ready for an explosion of color from the aquatic life that is rarely matched elsewhere. (This pic isn't the best representation since my friend was more concerned about capturing the BLNR ahaha!)
The most glorious kind of mess!Saddle tennis trainers + SD4000 + yes, I'm squatting around the streets of Chinatown taking shoes / watch pics.
Mimo, let me make a meme-o for you:To be fair, I likely pawned this meme idea off of this one:
 You know me, @tifosi... "Mr Diplomacy."    @mimo - you sense a disturbance in the TWAT force?   @rnguy001 - well, you like the DSSD.  So that makes you a bit weird.  And in good company, IMHO. 
 Oh man. Sorry to hear.  On the plus side, if she wasn't getting much wear (did you have to force yourself sometimes to wear her, on rotation), then hopefully she's moved on to someone who will appreciate her more. Best wishes on the third watch! And hey, our love for watches probably seems silly to a whole bunch of people.  On a bunch of related topics, here's: 1.  A BLNR2.  On a Rubber B3.  In the water, where few dare to take it Pic from a friend diving off the Palawan...
Yes indeed.A common "battle" these days seem to be whether to get the SD4000 or the BLNR. I can see why that's a tough choice!Congratulations - I guess. But then there's the sad face. Tough letting go of this one but had to?Tell us more about why and where you got this watch and what it means to you.It's... interesting.
If I ever get myself time-only dress watches again at some point, those Stowas will rank highly in the list of potential kops. In the meantime, this one for this week's rotation. The Crown is often criticized for not being adventurous enough with trying out new designs and aesthetics. But when this one was released at Basel last year, it was far and away one of the instant favorites - and it's as classic as they come in terms of aesthetics and proportions, with modern...
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