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A slippery slope you're treading there, brother.
OMG! Congratulations jbarwick!!! Happy for you TWAT brother!!!!!
Hah! Thanks Dachschund, Keith. mimo - the combo I chose admittedly isn't for everyone, but even I will stop short of wearing this red tux. There is, after all, only one King James.
Word from On High notes delivery of SeaDweller 4000 ref 116600 in the US may be as soon as the end of May. US MSRP is $10,400. Why am I paying attention to these details..... Wore this on a recent business trip. Got asked by a guy behind me on the security screening line if I was on Grindr, after being complimented on my choice of shirt and shoe and suit fit. Guess I passed one of the more stringent tests for being "well dressed."
WHORE!Oh darn it. Keith beat me to it......
 A bit late to the game here, but congratulations on this one my man!!!
Is there room for more than one TWAT member in the Bromance Brew? Because I'm with DLJr right now. Here we are at the VC boutique on Madison and 64th. DLJr brought his Speedy and we are looking at the VC Overseas 47450. My teeny weeny 3970 in platinum is sandwiched between the two giants in steel:Should DLJr pull the trigger? On his wrist:
When my daughters are in danger - or if they need to use the potty - I spring into action. No super soldier serum or indestructible vibranium-iron unknown alloy shield required, just my Nautilus.
Glad you enjoyed, Nuke. Pierre and his work are awesome IMHO. Few more pics here.After dinner it was raining so Pierre ducked under my umbrella...Oh, I guess you actually wanted to see more of the shoes haha. Okay. Here's a blue Arca that we were mulling. Pierre is doing Blue Steel in this pic. My features are kind of blurry here, but rest assured I was doing Magnum.Triple Arca threat! Pierre is wearing the brown, I'm wearing the burgundy, and another Corthay/Leffot client...
New Posts  All Forums: