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academe - very nice. As the French might exclaim when they want to say "boom" - BEWM!!!
You always were a sucker for behinds, though...Can't get over the lack of protective stickers by the lugs and side of the case. Doesn't matter if I was going to peel those off anyway. I should have been the one to peel those off.Just like I should have been the one to ding the clasp:
Yep. Does this look new and virgin to you?
There were complications with the transaction and the state of the watch. I want a new virgin D-Blue.
Hahah - why yes mimo I did kop the D-Blue. There are... interesting complications though, so I will be taking her back to the AD on Thursday to switch out the piece (to another D-Blue). The pics I posted for rnguy001 were taken a few weeks ago, when I bought a D-Blue in Texas for a friend.Once this "saga" is over I will take proper wrist shots of MY D-Blue on MY wrist - although in spirit I suppose I've always had one since Rolex came out with their ill-executed launch...
 Will send him your regards.  Does he know you as Stitchy or The Stitchmeister!!!?
Also tried an annual calendar ref 5205R black dial. Although, to paraphrase one famous saying... "Once you go perpetual, you never go back." (Unless it's to binge on steel Rolex divers that is)
^^^ Ah.  It is called a "bund."   Got it, SF?
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