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This one today, for Belli's possible pleasure or disdain given how the letters and numbers are wrought: With that said this is an earlier discontinued model and I suspect it will suit Belli's demanding aesthetic standards. It certainly suits mine.
The 5136 is a transition model between the 3940 and the new (and currently produced) 5140. It only comes on a bracelet, and either in yellow gold (ref 5136/1J) or white gold (ref 5136/1G). It has since been discontinued. The last known MSRP of the J is $74,600 and that of the G is $78,200. It can be had preowned mint and complete anywhere from the low to mid-$50s.There are a few key differences between the 3940, the 5136 and the 5140:1. First, the case size: the 3940 is...
^^^ Let me take a very close look at this picture bdeuce22...
Good point stitchy. All my pics are perfect. Thank you.
^^^ No stitchy I will not hear of any comments regarding a dot between 31 and 1. Hahahahahah
Today, perfection:
 For two seconds I wondered why you had repeating references to blue and black but in French and English.  Then I realized this should be read up/down, not left to right.
 Deeper than any other!
 DSSD is The Porn Star's Watch.
Hahahahahaha @Keith - so awesome.
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