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Belli - welcome back and glad your travels have been great! Stitchy - those pics are AWESOME!
 Thanks much! Even better that they are so low maintenance. I seriously love wearing them.  I find it a challenge to pick which one to wear before I head out in the morning!
 Thanks @kiya - anything special I need to do to care for these leathers?  Any do's and don't's you recommend?
 Hahahah @tigerpac - to be fair, AP gets a lot of love on TWAT too.  And Omega is owned by Swatch too, so that might contradict your first statement/assessment... Breguet is an interesting case.  I think they make a lot of beautiful stuff, but word on the street from friends in the industry is that they are REALLY having a hard time moving inventory in the US right now.  Much of this might be armchair hype, but at least a couple of friends who cover the industry via media...
@kiya - a shout out to the Self Edge folks in NYC (Andrew and Wesley), who were both just phenomenal when Ia few Sugarcanes and a couple of jackets I picked up recently.  Love the service, the detail, the quality.     Both jackets are in horsehide, and the only problem I have now is which one to wear - because I love them both a whole lot!     ^^^ The rider's jacket from Flat Head with a semi-aniline finish is in warm brown, which I adore.       ^^^ The William...
+1 - love the new Snoopy Speedmaster too! Might even be my first Omega...Live shots of a few Rolexes and Pateks from friends in Basel:Also, this one... 😳But what about this Schwarzenegger Legend line, a mere 52mm large, with case and hands evoking barbells? BOOM!No? What about the new DD40 in platinum?
Strangely I am diverted to a thread titled "Custom alterations" when I click on this link.
There are some interesting new chronos from Patek at Baselworld. None of which diminish my love for this old one.
Sometimes I wish Dino would just tell us how he really feels!
 I don't see this being an issue...   I am unsure of whether or not these "LEs" are collector's items, really, or whether I will like the watch itself when I see it in the metal.  We shall see.  But, I must say it is the first Moonwatch that's prompted me to get off my a** and actually look into stuff more.  We shall see, won't we, brother?
New Posts  All Forums: