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Fascinating discussion here re: straps and bracelets. Aquanaut chronograph! Yoicks!
Thanks wurger and RogerP! Going through the shoe lineup for a twice yearly shine not administered by yours truly. Dang shoe shine masters - there's a reason why I pay them to do the job versus doing it on my own all the time. They can do stuff like that mirror polished toe look on my StC chukkas that I could never quite do well!
I don't think Nautilus models on leather straps necessarily look bad. Even a thick 5980R on a strap looked quite good to me when I tried it on - even though I'm not hungering for one.I guess I wanted to find out why you think an Aquanaut would necessarily look better on a leather strap if you think a Nautilus looks bad on one. I don't follow.
Not a Basel release but what about... A Travel Time Aquanaut on a bracelet? Other angle: Thierry Stern wears the Travel Time Aquanaut on a strap:
This today:
BELLIGERO MY MAN! Been a while!!!Hope all has been well!But - tell us what you REALLY think of the 5960/1A, Dino and Belli.... Hah hah!
One AD confirmed the existence of an upcoming Basel release from Patek - an all steel sporty watch that isn't from the Nautilus or Aquanaut families. It looks like this: Yes, this is the 5960 annual calendar chronograph - self-winding, all steel, on a bracelet. The previous 5960s have been discontinued. Comments, TWAT brethren? Go. Personally, for the look and purpose of an all steel sporty watch I prefer the one I have:
Congratulations Mrs jbarwick!That Maleh video was cool. I like how beaten up his Aquanaut was.
 Oh frick! He might "hold a referendum" and ask your watch if it would like to secede from your wrist!  You can anticipate the results of that vote........  Yes, and that's why I have dined with you, Newcomer, and DLJr from TWAT! 
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