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 Now the deets on those cufflinks!  What is that covering your jacket sleeve @Cleav?Also, no greeting for Princess Kate's birthday today?
  Unfortunately that gold dress with brown stripes retails for about twice the number of the white (steel) dress with blue stripes.  Which helps me with the "pass" decision! 
 How long did it take and what did you end up having serviced?  Hope you receive it soon, in magnificent condition!
I do have a 5711 in steel. This one was released in Basel earlier this year - all rose gold, chocolate dial. I've been jonesing for an all gold piece on a bracelet recently, but this isn't going to be the one - although it's a really handsome piece.
Adding my +1 here for a great shot of a great watch!
Words of wisdom right here.
Here's a pair of Carminas that I got from Mike and Co almost three years ago. Yes, I just had them shined. But they're aging relatively well, 'no?
Hahaha don't forget the "quotes" around "The Plan"(TM)...
A message from one of my SAs: Not getting this one, though. Haven't seen it in the flesh, but not in the cards this year... According to "the plan." Hahah!
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