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Maruchan is super awesome. Especially the beef flavor.Monstrosity on a bracelet staring you in the face right here!
Exactly. I'm just glad I haven't needed to own a car living in downtowns/big cities. I can just imagine if I went down that rabbit hole of appreciating the technical, aesthetic and historical aspects of cars. Oh man...
^^^ Why oh why do athletes timepieces of choice have to be "blinged out"...
New and old from earlier today - SubC ND ref 114060 and red Sub ref 1680 on a suede strap.
Gosh darn it I love posts like this. ^^^
Lunch with friends:
Lovely pic NS!   Yeah, Nuke, I dunno.  My NYC ADs and grey market dealers vehemently insist that no SD4000's have hit the NYC market just yet.  But they might just be uninformed.
 My dealer contacts say these have not yet made landfall in the US.  The pictures I posted are from the UK, the ones coming in via TRF are from Japan, the UK.  As far as dealers know the SD4000 won't hit the US till July... AFTER A PRICE INCREASE???!?!???!?
Fun app this "Toon Camera" thing. Dino's RO:
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