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A message from one of my SAs: Not getting this one, though. Haven't seen it in the flesh, but not in the cards this year... According to "the plan." Hahah!
 Boom, congratulations in advance!
 Was this you making a decision about the recent kop you'll be sharing soon? 
FOOKIN BOOM SHAKALAKA LAKA. #AlsoYesIHaveSomeHairOnMyLegs @Epaulet 
Fantastic story and background, thanks for sharing. And I'm a sucker for pieces intended to be passed on - I have a 3 and a 5 year old myself.FWIW I'm thinking the SS Rolexes go pretty well with raw denim and Indys! I have yet to succumb to the allure of some of the classic Panerais, but I understand your line of thinking.
Boom! Love the Hulk, tricky.What was the process for this one? Was it love at first sight or did you have to see it in the metal and/or on your wrist before you were swayed?
 You keep posting away @dddrees! I happen to love those shots. Also, those shoes you post in all the other threads?  Yeah.  Those are frigging awesome too.
  Keep on trucking, @TheWraith - and enjoy that beauty!
 Thanks @rnguy001 - I didn't want to love her, but I kept coming back to check her out. 
Hey would posting watch pics be navel gazing @Dino944? Yeah, you. I'm calling you out directly.  Can  you see my navel from this shot, or did I crop it out accidentally?I take it this last post was a reply to one of those trolls I blocked. A few weeks ago I got another PM from a TWAT friend asking why that dude wanted to get a rise out of me. But that friend wasn't sure, because the posts were too general! Hahah. Couldn't be little old me, could it?  Has he finally had the...
New Posts  All Forums: