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Gal-fooking-way. Old photo. Off topic. Don't care.
 @dddrees - spot on. Actually, I figured I did the Aquanaut some injustice. After all, our 5066/1A is the one Patek that my wife regularly likes wearing (I'm thankful for that too since she is HARD on her watches!)... so I can't very well be ragging on the watch that my wife prefers, right?   Best wishes on the upcoming milestone and the piece that will help you celebrate it best!  And yes @dddreespics are fantastic, aren't they?   As far as "pictures of watches that have...
I was hoping you'd chime in with that comment dddrees! Heh heh!
Remind us again which AP is the contender versus the 5167? The Aquanaut sports the least impressive finishing among the PPs; the 5167 and its "tropical dial" is much better but I have the earlier 5066/1A and I find that it really leaves much to be desired, given my expectations from a PP.Still, friends who own a 5167 (and the recently introduced 5164A) love its lightness and feel. So YMMV. I much prefer the Nautilus line; but versus the 15202, 15300 or the 15400 I would...
 Sorry to hear about the situation, @BostonHedonist.  Wouldn't the quickest way of settling this be to show proof you've already owned the watch and had just left it in the US for service? I'm going to tag @Dino944 on this note, because he among several others have discussed these risks and travails of importing/shipping Rolex watches across borders, particularly Europe and the US.  I don't even remember how many times that topic has come up here in TWAT.  Here's hoping...
Good stuff and keep that beauty "exploring!"
Would that we felt like this about all our watches and toys, for as long a period of time as possible!And yes, I do sleep with my watches sometimes. My wife sleeps with hers on most of the time. Why not?
That looks phenomenal. Congratulations and wear that lovely thing in good health!
The "blue lagoon" in Coron! Fantastic place. Slap on your mask and dip your face in three feet of water and get ready for an explosion of color from the aquatic life that is rarely matched elsewhere. (This pic isn't the best representation since my friend was more concerned about capturing the BLNR ahaha!)
The most glorious kind of mess!Saddle tennis trainers + SD4000 + yes, I'm squatting around the streets of Chinatown taking shoes / watch pics.
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