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 Looks good @rnguy001 - and while the comparison might be unfair, I much prefer this to the new Pilot Travel Time released by Patek. Hey, camo shorts! Warmer over there!
Congratulations in advance then and please do post pics!!!
Congratulations! How does it feel on the wrist and how do you like the blue of that dial?For the record I have a couple of friends with severalPPs, APs and Rolexes who are really, really jonesing for this specific IWC!
@mimo if THOSE sirens were in play I don't know how I can resist their song.
+1000. Fantastic customer service and great selection as well.To test my willpower I will go to Leffot tomorrow and expose myself to the 116618LB blue sunburst dial and determine whether I can resist its siren song.
On the AD / watch show topic - one of my good friends heads up the watch division at Reis-Nichols Jewelers, and is in NYC to show (and sell) a few timepieces. He's wearing his 5711 right now (blue dial, @Steel28)... And brought a little piece for me to view... (take note @mimo)... Shameless plug for anyone who wants to visit and check out the stuff - Leffot at 10 Christopher Street also has "other" things for viewing, like shoes that guys like @dddrees and @tifosi might...
Thanks to all! I mean, #ThoseFeuilleHandsDatTonneauCase...#TotallyAnnoyingBoringFake#PicRepostButNotReally#FollowForFollow#Tags4Likes
Aw shucks, thanks brosephus @DLJr.Another pic as requested. Boom.
 Fantastic news all around @rnguy001 and @DLJr !!! Then, we will all have to band together, share notes, and learn the basics of fatherhood from Liam Neeson in the "Taken" movies.  
Blue for the winningest win.Today, my ump-teenth wedding anniversary. More than a decade, less than two. Date night tonight means a bit of dressier wear. Reserving the trainers from @Epaulet for casual Fridays tomorrow.
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