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 Item in bold - yes, absolutely.  Of course one can say that probably about the average Rolex buyer who may not even take the time to read about why the watchmaker came out with a specific model - ANY Rolex model.  Doubt they frequent TWAT or other watch forums (well, maybe except TRF, where they will post threads like "is it safe to bring my Sub near the water?")... I do think this is part of the reason why Rolex as brand turns off some WIS's who would prefer something...
 Sorry to hear. Injuries suck.  And they come back to haunt you like the goddarn ghosts of Christmas past or something.  Yeah those fast paced workouts kill me. On the plus side I get to skip the 20 mins or so of boring treadmill time!  Hahahahah the awesomeness.
The awesomeness.
^^^ NonServiam, TheWraith - excellent stuff! Keith T - hello to you and your right calf!
Never attempted a one rep max and eventually hurt my lower back in 1994. Been much more careful/technical since then.But all my thigh and calf size were built from 1990 to 1994 when I was lifting that much. To this day I don't hear comments like "hey you forgot Leg Day." Hahaha!My right calf says hello!
Pounds not kilograms hahahah!mimo you're not helping my savings rate!!!!
My territory long, long ago. Back when I could boast of squatting over 500 for reps and maxing out with a 370 bench. Now I lift far less weight but I dare say I still go balls to the wall in the gym. Amazing how hard you can go on yourself with a change of angle, tempo, rest between sets, or sequence of exercises.
Yup. It's huge. And as you said, it's about perspective. I suspect that the DSSD appeals to the same folks who would look at garden hose-thick veins on 19+ inch bodybuilder biceps and say - yeah, THAT'S what I want to look like. If not all the time, perhaps at some point in my life. The same guys who would look at 500 lbs and say yeah, I want to deadlift that. There's that sense of the extreme, of how far you want to push the plate - or yourself. That same sense and...
 Hahaha. - we shall see... I suppose this is the 2014 dose of frillyvolousness at work?   I understand why the DSSD is a polarizing design.  The new ceramic Submariners elicit similar comments - because of the way the chunky lugs flow into a bracelet that tapers down to 18mm, they appear top heavy.  This is magnified in the DSSD because the DSSD is thicker (17.5mm versus the SubC's 12.5mm) and larger (44mm versus 40mm).  I have friends who wore the DSSD for 1-2 months and...
Sadly, these aren't my pics. I should have cited that properly. Sorry. The DeepSea Challenge did make an appearance in NYC via Tourneau and William Barthman so I saw it twice back in the day (a few months ago?). Obviously it wasn't like it was a piece to actually acquire (or is it????) - but the DSSD is also, uhm, relatively more wearable. Ahahah.
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