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It's drizzling a little here in NYC. I'm concerned that my DSSD won't be able to handle it...
@Belligero - Patek released new 5140s with Breguet numerals in Basel a few days ago, but it didn't fix what ailed it originally. I'll stick to this perfect little example:
Checking in to read the discussions here in TWAT v2.0 while waiting for my little ones. #TGIF
From these two, I feel like I would get...
I may or may not already be in line for the new Daytona. Just sayin.
 Ahahaha, bro @rnguy001 - I picked up those words from my years in Ninja training.  
  Nakaya's Decapod Twist in ao-tamenuri, with a medium soft 14k gold nib plated with ruthenium.  Ink is Pilot Iroshizuku's Shin-Ryoku (Forest Green).
Just another day at work with Cartier and Patek.  
 Great landscapes and wildlife photographs!
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