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 So excellent.
 Relative to the US MSRP of USD7500, and grey market deals of anywhere from USD6000-USD7000, that ain't a bad price. Occasionally I will hear of rumors of a 114060 selling BNIB for under USD6000, but I'm not sure how true those are (unless we are talking about dealer prices, and not end user prices).
Looking good my man.I tend to go for lighter colored options for the summer, straps that can take a beating and that I can bring into the sand or water. To that end, it's usually a RubberB for the Rolex divers for me, though I have yet to switch stuff out.Went to Des Moines last week. My first time in Iowa. Wore this.
   Great shots @pmeis and @BostonHedonist - thanks for the share.
Wow! Wears even bigger compared to the DSSD???
Similarly, I had qualms about Rolex and negative perceptions associated with the brand long ago. Got over that with my Exp I and a vintage 1601, but for years held off on a Sub because oh I dunno they were "so common" etc etc.Of course I gave in eventually. Never looked back.
^^^ Great discussion above!   Passed on the 116618LB.  For now!
 I do wish I had developed more @Dino944-like Ninja skills in terms of how to avoid banging my watches around so much. Dude's 16610LV still looks minty fresh after all these years.   It's definitely a bit of a learning curve.  My 5711 bore the brunt of swimming, snorkeling, diving, sand, sunblock - the clasp even came loose once when I had it on in the gym and was doing some half-a**ed salmon ladder variation, etc - and she has the battle scars to show for it.  Same with...
 'Tis a dangerous path you tread...
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