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Hahahah!Always fun to meet up with fellow enthusiasts. How about that RM? How did you like the Patek 5960/1A up close and in the metal?Lunch today:
Congratulations Stitchy! Of course I love the details of the story behind the acquisition. MOAR PICS PLEASE!
Belligero! Happy new year!!!
Very nice selection of pics cchen. 5711 today, a cool Saturday morning in NYC. I love this watch. And it sports a good deal of battle scars from a good amount of wear.
Happy New Year TWAT brethren!
+1,000 Stitchy.Yup. And I saw that bill. Close to $1,000.
Hate those Rolex dudes.
Where was this blanket statement about every supplier of every product in the world written down in this thread? Or is this an extrapolation?You are welcome to try your luck with getting a Rolex through US Customs.
It ain't too shabby in plat either.
 My less-preferred third series says hello.  
New Posts  All Forums: