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^^^ Great discussion above!   Passed on the 116618LB.  For now!
 I do wish I had developed more @Dino944-like Ninja skills in terms of how to avoid banging my watches around so much. Dude's 16610LV still looks minty fresh after all these years.   It's definitely a bit of a learning curve.  My 5711 bore the brunt of swimming, snorkeling, diving, sand, sunblock - the clasp even came loose once when I had it on in the gym and was doing some half-a**ed salmon ladder variation, etc - and she has the battle scars to show for it.  Same with...
 'Tis a dangerous path you tread...
 Thanks!  Thanks @dddrees!  It's DG70.
Rothschilds in vintage chestnut went for a shine last week.
Mocha couro chromo sport trainers hanging around in the grass on a lovely summer afternoon in NYC.
 Excellent!  Did your brother like the shoes???
 Best wishes on the upcoming CPA exam and the 30th birthday to boot! It took the missus and I almost a decade before we decided to have kids, but once we got around to it we never looked back... and celebrated milestones with stuff that meant something to both of us, budgets permitting.   For the wife and I, the glidelock clasp feature of the modern Subs/SDs rendered the process of adjusting the bracelet length all of 1/4" really convenient.  With that said, she has been...
Yup. To paraphrase - if there's some element of style that you feel you can't pull off... News flash: you can't pull it off.
 I definitely see your point of view.  Years ago we had an all YG Patek perp cal on a bracelet with mirror polished surfaces, and for a variety of reasons both my wife and I couldn't pull it off.  We let it go for a piece in platinum but on a leather strap (which we still have). Part of why I haven't pulled the trigger on the all YG Sub, aside from price negotiations, involves remnants of this feeling that it might not get a whole lot of wrist time.  But as you said, it's...
New Posts  All Forums: