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Exp I for the win!
Look what was available via the Rolex boutique at some city in Texas where I found myself today: Picked it up for a friend who really wanted it. He will of course pay me back hahahaha.
Today I didn't wear my DSSD. Instead, I wore this with a suit: But - horror of horrors - instead of formal balmorals, I wore double monkstraps: Eh. I look ok, good to go for the day. Carry on.
Hahah! I weighed in. Kate needs no one to defend her, really. She is like the DSSD of supermodels - polarizing, but beloved by her fans. Mwahahahahahahahah!
TC you are a ROCKSTAR! Stitchy - "W B" could also mean "WANNABUY!!!" Hahahahahaha.
Oh alright, here's a pic since you asked:
^^^ It's a great watch 'no?
He had to give his arm and shoulder a break from wearing that damn heavy thing!He was wearing his DSSD during the entire event at the Museum of Natural History in NYC, when his documentary was shown and the watch was unveiled. Here he is with Reggie Brack, who heads up private watch sales for Christie's.
These two watches just have too many lines of text (or too much stuff going on), too:Just kidding! I am being facetious of course. But I dunno. That blue/green DSSD doesn't look half bad at all in the metal.
The crazy massive proportions + bracelet that tapers down to 18mm (maybe 16mm even, like a SubC) are the same. So if it didn't work back then the new dial won't change that IMHO...
New Posts  All Forums: