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   Great shots @pmeis and @BostonHedonist - thanks for the share.
Wow! Wears even bigger compared to the DSSD???
Similarly, I had qualms about Rolex and negative perceptions associated with the brand long ago. Got over that with my Exp I and a vintage 1601, but for years held off on a Sub because oh I dunno they were "so common" etc etc.Of course I gave in eventually. Never looked back.
^^^ Great discussion above!   Passed on the 116618LB.  For now!
 I do wish I had developed more @Dino944-like Ninja skills in terms of how to avoid banging my watches around so much. Dude's 16610LV still looks minty fresh after all these years.   It's definitely a bit of a learning curve.  My 5711 bore the brunt of swimming, snorkeling, diving, sand, sunblock - the clasp even came loose once when I had it on in the gym and was doing some half-a**ed salmon ladder variation, etc - and she has the battle scars to show for it.  Same with...
 'Tis a dangerous path you tread...
 Thanks!  Thanks @dddrees!  It's DG70.
Rothschilds in vintage chestnut went for a shine last week.
Mocha couro chromo sport trainers hanging around in the grass on a lovely summer afternoon in NYC.
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