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 Heh heh the author of that article used data from the link I posted! 
 Thanks for the share.  That Daytona purchase was a while back!  The current line retails at $12,000.  Here's an interesting page (posted before) about Rolex MSRPs for a variety of models from 1970 to 2008: http://www.minus4plus6.com/PriceEvolution.htm  You handled the Graves SuperComplication!  It's a fantastic piece unique - it's not a wearable timepiece though, 'no?  Definitely falls in the category of collectibles but not necessarily wearables.   The closest I've come...
What if this analysis was applicable to dieting, working out and fat loss? That no fat is ever lost, only displaced?That would suck.
Jokes are welcome around here!
tifosi I am trembling with fear as he might call @fakewatchbusta and @rolex_enforcer on me on Instagram!
^^^ Oh, but he said FAKES. So I guess every watch I posted is fake, not just the new DSSD. Here's another shot of those three fakes, side by side:
 Best post ever!
^^^ Wow, giant pics.
This doesn't get much love on TWAT, but I will share anyway! My friend's DSSD arrived today and I brought it over to the happy new owner, who swears he did not coordinate his attire in anticipation of receiving the piece this morning: Wore this one - attn: DLJr Monsters side by side:
 What Newcomer said below:  It is the SubC with no date - introduced last 2012 as part of the new line of Rolex models with ceramic bezel inserts.  I quite like it, and I picked it up a few months ago.  Thanks! Those links - along with the VCA Alhambras - also made their debut here in TWAT when I went on a frillyvolous cufflink spree earlier this year.
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