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Thanks to all! I mean, #ThoseFeuilleHandsDatTonneauCase...#TotallyAnnoyingBoringFake#PicRepostButNotReally#FollowForFollow#Tags4Likes
Aw shucks, thanks brosephus @DLJr.Another pic as requested. Boom.
 Fantastic news all around @rnguy001 and @DLJr !!! Then, we will all have to band together, share notes, and learn the basics of fatherhood from Liam Neeson in the "Taken" movies.  
Blue for the winningest win.Today, my ump-teenth wedding anniversary. More than a decade, less than two. Date night tonight means a bit of dressier wear. Reserving the trainers from @Epaulet for casual Fridays tomorrow.
  +1,000.  Congratulations on graduating, and receiving that lovely timepiece from family!
That's fantastic! Good to know the Tactics(TM) worked for you (hahahah)!Let us know when the timepiece comes in!But more importantly than any timepiece - congratulations and best wishes on your seven month old baby girl. I have a soon to be four year old and a soon to be six year old, and as cliche as it is it's so dang true that they are growing up insanely fast. The nights can be long sometimes, but the years are unbelievably short. Cherish this time, brother! Is she...
 Hahahah!  Must live up to thine "Pernicious Enabler" designation, I see!
@NonServiam - that T39 superdome is BOOM indeed. Boom!
Sadly, you're right. I won't be getting much hugs and kisses from minute repeaters though. But then again minute repeaters also won't steal my life, rip my heart out from my chest and f*ng own it. Damn trade-offs...
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