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Yup. To paraphrase - if there's some element of style that you feel you can't pull off... News flash: you can't pull it off.
 I definitely see your point of view.  Years ago we had an all YG Patek perp cal on a bracelet with mirror polished surfaces, and for a variety of reasons both my wife and I couldn't pull it off.  We let it go for a piece in platinum but on a leather strap (which we still have). Part of why I haven't pulled the trigger on the all YG Sub, aside from price negotiations, involves remnants of this feeling that it might not get a whole lot of wrist time.  But as you said, it's...
 Ah, thanks for pointing those little details out.  I had to go back and check your pics! Good stuff. No beaches in Berlin to match Samui, I understand.  I also understand the "liberation techniques" of wives - mine has about the same wrist size as mine, so all my watches are subject to "liberation.'  Hahahaha! Oh man... To be fair, I have a number in my head and the seller isn't quite there yet.  As much as I love the watch it ain't gonna happen if that number isn't...
Well, this is still tempting me.
The close-up pics make it seem like a lot is going on in the dial - but I bet that's not how it comes across on the wrist. Do you take that swimming? Enjoy the beach!
 Yeah but you like a DSSD... Kidding.  I haven't seen the 5524G in the metal, and friends who've seen it say it's unmistakably well finished, etc.  I think that in the range of other timepieces (and assets!) that I could obtain for the 5524G's list price, it won't rank as high.  But - as you said - if one was gifted to me... 
 Looks good @rnguy001 - and while the comparison might be unfair, I much prefer this to the new Pilot Travel Time released by Patek. Hey, camo shorts! Warmer over there!
Congratulations in advance then and please do post pics!!!
Congratulations! How does it feel on the wrist and how do you like the blue of that dial?For the record I have a couple of friends with severalPPs, APs and Rolexes who are really, really jonesing for this specific IWC!
@mimo if THOSE sirens were in play I don't know how I can resist their song.
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