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 Hahahahah!   All of 5'7" (objective 5'7", which is likely equivalent to Stallone's 5'10") - but beside Shane Battier's 6'8" in that picture I might as well be a manlet.
 You and I went through a similar evolution.  I liked wearing my watches slightly loose in the beginning, which didn't bother me for lighter pieces like the 114270 and my 5711, but once I got the ones with heavier heads I wanted them to stay put on my wrist.  A real requirement for that heaviest biggest head of all - the DSSD.  If for some reason you can't size the bracelet properly (which would be quite a feat considering you can play around with link + diver's extension...
Congratulations! At your risk, please post pictures of this same watch again! Hahahah!Does that "hump back" bother you at all at the end of a day's wear? Not me.
How excellent! We need a wrist shot ASAP!
 Echoing all that has been said so far.  Not generally a fan of two tones but this one looks great.  Actually, the two tone Sub that sported the sunburst blue dial always appealed to me. Dammit, does that mean I'm actually a fan of two tones?
 Bob Paris?  Someone knows his 70s/80s "classic" bodybuilders! 
 Ah for that one @mimo will issue a warning if you haven't posted a pic in six days. 
 Truth be told, I am not sure either @mimo...  Not from this thread, no.  But maybe from SF in general, you'll find folks who will tsk-tsk. But you know what, you gotta own every piece of the look, right?  And I think you're owning it.  +1 for good advice here from @rnguy001.   Seriously, Predator is chock full of great lines like that, 'no?  "You are one ugly motha..." "Get to da choppa!"   Lots of great lines from "Commando" too.  "Remember Sully when I promised to kill...
 Good deal.  As I wrote before, I wish I had ninja skills like @Dino944 when I first got my 5711.  Even though I put her through her paces, I feel like she would have less dings than she has now.  Still, under certain lighting the scratches are barely visible. So I suspect I haven't really gouged her surfaces on anything too badly.  @jhcam8 - I come from the old school of lifting back in the late 1980s when such things like "CrossFit" and "kettlebells" were far more niche,...
   +1 - exciting and fabulous choice @hopkins_student ! @dddrees - love this pic.  How are the polished surfaces on your 5711 holding  up?  Mine are scratched up to death, but nothing a good visit to Patek can't fix (I hope!) if I ever get in the mood to have it polished.
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