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Today, some artsy colorful whatever shot:
Oh no! ^^^ Looks like a battle scar that will stay, short of a bezel replacement? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
 Ah - just two.  I ordered the oxblood with royal blue inner, and when a friend of mine saw my design he asked me to order him the one in brown.  Hahah.   We shall see how it fares "in the leather" once it arrives next week!
Awesome posts!  @mimo ! How is the better half loving your choices?!
Thanks! I added a few more notes in my edited post above as to the reasons behind the external and internal compartment/pocket designs.As for your question above, the dimensions are 40cm length, 30cm height, and 11cm thickness.I actually thought they built to spec very well, given the rather amateurish designs I sent (pics below) about four weeks ago. At least from the pictures above! The Azzuraa team was very responsive to my questions, and requests for updates. Very...
@Dino944 @DLJr @mimo @Newcomer - in the never-ending quest for a briefcase that works specifically for one's needs and preferences, I feel like the guy who designed the "sleek 3 compartment briefcases" rendered above is somehow stunningly handsome and ridiculously ripped.       @gdl203 - you may recognize where said "briefcase designer" borrowed some aspects... La Portegna's Fat Carter and Berluti's Un Jour come to mind, although the external compartments (built for...
 Agree with the red on red - or perhaps a white strap that has red contrast stitching.   I've found that white straps tend to be a bit sporty/summery, and might not be appropriate for all seasons.  YMMV.
On rotation this week, the SD4000: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Hahahah. Thanks for the chuckle, TWAT founder! Getting tons of mileage from the Fat Carter I picked up from the store!
Four Arcas in burgundy suede, aubergine, lie de vin, and bleu fonce:A pair of Satan wholecuts in bergeronette.Vendome wing tips in olive:Bucy captoes in lie de vin:Kleber captoes in bergeronette, no patination:Wilfrids in black with lie de vin accents at the lacing quarters:I think that's about it. There's a watch in there somewhere.
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