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 It took me about a day and a half before I gouged one of the lugs of my SubC ND when I got her about a year ago.  Right on a door knob.  Funny enough, I was ranting about the ding to the dealer who sold me the watch; he took a look at it, went to the back of the shop, and came back with the gouge about 99% gone.  Hah.  But he knew what he was doing with the whole polishing business, so it didn't affect the shape of the lugs/watch in any way I could discern visually....
Back reading after not being able to check TWAT for a few days.  Wow!  Some great pics and discussions recently.   @Winot - congratulations on the 1016 pick-up!   @Steel28 @rye225 - those BLNRs are looking great.  Just in the past week or so two friends have asked for help in sourcing one; I'm not sure it's really that difficult to find - I think they're looking for a more substantial discount than what's currently out there.   @rnguy001 - that Speedy is looking...
Oh - thanks for the clarification! Sorry, I didn't actually mean to write anything disparaging about your comment; apologies if you interpreted it as such. I actually agreed with you in my post above, that while Anish and crew post mostly fun stuff, there are just some pieces (and photos) there that don't appeal to me at all!But, thank you for the thoughtful explanation. I appreciate it.
5711 blue dial. So good.  Or do you fancy the older models without a sweeping  seconds hand?
 I have another friend who lives in Houston who gets his fill of watch talk from forums, and now iMessage groups that we share.  If you're ever in the NYC area ping me!  Totally regret not pinging you when I was in Houston and picked up a DBlue (for a friend, at the time), but I was literally there for the day and flew out that afternoon.  Fingers crossed! Adam's fantastic. Genuine enthusiast, encyclopedic knowledge, great writing style, incredibly down to earth dude....
Hahahah nice disclaimer there!Anish and crew consciously positioned their business in the intersection of "watches and luxury lifestyles." They've evolved over time, and there are certain brands they would rather not do business with. I appreciate some, but not all of the shots they post. But I'm also glad I get a chance to personally weigh in on some decisions they make, because their COO is a close friend.Likewise with Hodinkee - I've seen Ben Clymer take that site from...
 As a fan of watches (and particularly the SubC ND), superheroes, and coffee, I'm not sure how this pic can get better.
 So excellent.
 Relative to the US MSRP of USD7500, and grey market deals of anywhere from USD6000-USD7000, that ain't a bad price. Occasionally I will hear of rumors of a 114060 selling BNIB for under USD6000, but I'm not sure how true those are (unless we are talking about dealer prices, and not end user prices).
Looking good my man.I tend to go for lighter colored options for the summer, straps that can take a beating and that I can bring into the sand or water. To that end, it's usually a RubberB for the Rolex divers for me, though I have yet to switch stuff out.Went to Des Moines last week. My first time in Iowa. Wore this.
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