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So I just finished watching "X-Men: Days of Future Past."  This may come as a huge shock to many of you, but I dig superhero movies.  Get over it.   In the movie, a mutant with super speed moonlights as a thief (he's a teenager, it's sort of expected that a super speedster would do that). The movie is set in 1973, so I thought he was wearing a Royal Oak - which would be cool since AP launched the RO in 1972, and it was the original "premium stainless steel sports watch"...
That's awesome Dino. So they cleaned it but didn't repolish/refinish? Then again you really know how to take care of your watches. And one that deservedly requires that kind of Dino-Care, being a gift from Mrs Dino!
Off topic, because this poster of Eva Green was banned by the censors. Keith, you're welcome.
^^^ This.Plus I was running to catch a train.Plus it was HOT out.
I like wearing ill fitting suits!
A friend's watch. Tiffany dial 5712/1A. Boom.
Congrats Dagon! Looking good Keith! Swung by Washington DC for work today. Hot, sticky weather. Took large balls to wear a suit. Like, really large. No Subs or DSSDs when I'm wearing suits.n Had the shell cordovans shined while I was waiting for my train.
Screw the Crown! Hate Rolex, that every man watch. Wearing this today.
LOVELY companion, Belli!!!!!!
^^^ What Keith T said.  Looking good, mimo my man.  And yes, if you're going to go peak lapel, why not go bold?  Your shoulders can certainly handle it. Eva Green is not an unattractive woman.   Belli - glad you're enjoying that SD4000! 
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