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Dat beard tho!
At the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia:
Today, German Army Trainers from Epaulet, camo socks, off white pants and the 5711:
Green trainers today. And yes, camo socks from Epaulet too!
Loved this pic when I first saw it a long time ago: love it now @klokkenerden 😄
@ShawnBC @NonServiam @Dino944 @Dillardiv - yup, great points overall.   On my end, I've primarily lived in urban areas so I've never had the need to own a car.  Which probably explains why I've "developed appreciation" for watches and other things...  
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 It's certainly a stretch. I've been fortunate to be able to own (and hold) some of these (and the 3970s were "born" and "announced" right here on TWAT several years ago) - but I think the more important part of the experience is just appreciating the aesthetics, mechanics, history, value and everything else that's wrapped up in owning a timepiece, price aside. That's why we gush over a variety of pieces here in good old TWAT!  @mimo will disagree with me on this, but I...
 That's pretty amazing. Seriously. That 16610LV looks brand new.
 I wasn't very particular about the series - I actually quite liked the EP / third series because it automatically came with both a display back and a solid back; others are enamored with first or second series (different hands, etc) but depending on condition those might cost substantially more.
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