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 Then this SD has been almost a decade in the making!  Congratulations raised to the tenth power! Your SD's modern sister says hello! 
 Nice SMP! I started lifting during Lee Haney's era, so I lived through those years when he dueled with Rich Gaspari (was Rich robbed, or did Lee's superior proportions really carry the day?), etc.  Lee Labrada is still going strong today with his supplement line, still looking jacked.Love how Ronnie worked full time till he won his first Olympia or two.  Not sure I want him to be arresting me...  Agree.  I was waiting for you to comment on that generalization of mine! 
 Hahahahah!   All of 5'7" (objective 5'7", which is likely equivalent to Stallone's 5'10") - but beside Shane Battier's 6'8" in that picture I might as well be a manlet.
 You and I went through a similar evolution.  I liked wearing my watches slightly loose in the beginning, which didn't bother me for lighter pieces like the 114270 and my 5711, but once I got the ones with heavier heads I wanted them to stay put on my wrist.  A real requirement for that heaviest biggest head of all - the DSSD.  If for some reason you can't size the bracelet properly (which would be quite a feat considering you can play around with link + diver's extension...
Congratulations! At your risk, please post pictures of this same watch again! Hahahah!Does that "hump back" bother you at all at the end of a day's wear? Not me.
How excellent! We need a wrist shot ASAP!
 Echoing all that has been said so far.  Not generally a fan of two tones but this one looks great.  Actually, the two tone Sub that sported the sunburst blue dial always appealed to me. Dammit, does that mean I'm actually a fan of two tones?
 Bob Paris?  Someone knows his 70s/80s "classic" bodybuilders! 
 Ah for that one @mimo will issue a warning if you haven't posted a pic in six days. 
 Truth be told, I am not sure either @mimo...  Not from this thread, no.  But maybe from SF in general, you'll find folks who will tsk-tsk. But you know what, you gotta own every piece of the look, right?  And I think you're owning it.  +1 for good advice here from @rnguy001.   Seriously, Predator is chock full of great lines like that, 'no?  "You are one ugly motha..." "Get to da choppa!"   Lots of great lines from "Commando" too.  "Remember Sully when I promised to kill...
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