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  Did you not feel much more enamored of the 5960/1A when you put it on your wrist, versus seeing it in pictures?  If not, then it really might not be something for you.   At that price point, and given the annual calendar complication, I've always felt like I could get a far better value with discontinued perpetual calendars in the secondary/preowned market - but that's just me.  And a perpetual calendar in steel, on a bracelet, is going to be hard to find. Anyway, at...
 Sounds like me. I rarely push more than three and a half hours a week these days. No long distance sports to speak of that require more of an investment in time; I warm up, go as heavy as I can for 6-8 reps, a couple of sets of all of 3-4 basic compound bodybuilding exercises.  HIIT either on the treadmill or 20 minutes with the jump rope. Done in 50-55 minutes, back to the little kids. On the plus side, I've been relatively injury and pain free most months of the year;...
 Great profile! Which camera do you use for your captures?  Thanks! Quite love her.
 Let's see it!
 Have fun! Loved my time in the MBA program.  While I was taking my MBA (gulp) sixteen years ago, I helped train competitors in the local university's bodybuilding competition.  Haha!  Those were fun days. My days setting PRs are long gone as I train mostly to stay healthy and relatively fit for my kids these days, but I'm still happy learning new skills.  Picked up the jump rope recently and having tons of fun.  Even though I suck and take several days to pick up variations.
I love all three of those!!!
No love for the PAM 243?You able to check the SD4000 at the Doha airport?
I would qualify this post as most excellent, quite competent service. Just saying.
 What program are you taking up in NYU!
Yes, the ManFridays crew assembled on a Monday. Craniotes was back from his Europe jaunt and had fun stories to share.
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