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How excellent! We need a wrist shot ASAP!
 Echoing all that has been said so far.  Not generally a fan of two tones but this one looks great.  Actually, the two tone Sub that sported the sunburst blue dial always appealed to me. Dammit, does that mean I'm actually a fan of two tones?
 Bob Paris?  Someone knows his 70s/80s "classic" bodybuilders! 
 Ah for that one @mimo will issue a warning if you haven't posted a pic in six days. 
 Truth be told, I am not sure either @mimo...  Not from this thread, no.  But maybe from SF in general, you'll find folks who will tsk-tsk. But you know what, you gotta own every piece of the look, right?  And I think you're owning it.  +1 for good advice here from @rnguy001.   Seriously, Predator is chock full of great lines like that, 'no?  "You are one ugly motha..." "Get to da choppa!"   Lots of great lines from "Commando" too.  "Remember Sully when I promised to kill...
 Good deal.  As I wrote before, I wish I had ninja skills like @Dino944 when I first got my 5711.  Even though I put her through her paces, I feel like she would have less dings than she has now.  Still, under certain lighting the scratches are barely visible. So I suspect I haven't really gouged her surfaces on anything too badly.  @jhcam8 - I come from the old school of lifting back in the late 1980s when such things like "CrossFit" and "kettlebells" were far more niche,...
   +1 - exciting and fabulous choice @hopkins_student ! @dddrees - love this pic.  How are the polished surfaces on your 5711 holding  up?  Mine are scratched up to death, but nothing a good visit to Patek can't fix (I hope!) if I ever get in the mood to have it polished.
I have the Buzz Rickson's X William Gibson MA-1 and it wears pretty slim. Not sure if that meets your definition of a "refined cut" though.The Rickson's is every bit as tough for daily wear and some rough and tumble a la Cayce Pollard. But that didn't stop me from preordering the leather MA-1 from Mike once I got a feel of the leather and tried on the sample in size 40 in the Manhattan store!
These glazed bordeaux tennis trainers are so yucky that I wore them right out of the box and intend to wear them so often so that I run them ragged real quick.
 #Boom. Arnold set the standard for muscular physiques on action heroes back in the 1980s - before then you could be a tough guy with a mustache like Charles Bronson and be a somewhat believable action dude. Nowadays most Hollywood actors train for months for the almost obligatory torso shot.  And they still look nothing like Arnold at his peak. Yeah, yeah, we can talk about the 'roids and everything that makes Arnold kind of funny (and for some, despicable) - at the end...
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