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I support Eva Green as TWAT Princess if a change needs to be made. She is an incredibly lovely woman - and a ferocious actress.As for the celebrity nudes leak... Words of wisdom here from Ms Green herself:
Hahah very very nice as always dddrees.Now, speaking of another SeaDweller.....I do not want to like this watch. It is horribly overengineered. Aesthetically its proportions should cause feelings of revulsion in me. The majority of my watch aficionado friends consistently advice me to stay away from it. It is not a TWAT-approved watch by any means.And yet, I love her.
 I occasionally follow his feed.  Yes, tons of rare watches.  And pics of himself doing CrossFit workouts. Boom, abs.
 Those Galways are so bad a**.  Every time people ask me "hey, why do you have more than one Sub or SeaDweller?" - I think to myself, why does the legendary dddrees have three pairs of EG Galways?  Boom.
 Modern pricing of models currently in production is, IMHO, out of whack given where secondary market prices are trending.   For comparison, my ref 5040 perpetual calendar in yellow gold - mint pre-owned - trades for about as much as that ref 5227 Calatrava.  Uhm.  A Calatrava or a perpetual calendar?  Tough choice.
 Dan, that red Sub is so m*f*ng ugly.  Let me do you a favor.  Ship it to me.
Hahah. Just don't know what to make of it. Were they all from Verlander's phone? Was it a mishmash of images uploaded on imgur? Who knows. I mean, not that I actually saw any of these pics... Hahahah
AUBERGINE!Only potential drawback of such a unique (or uncommon) color is belt matching. Either get a similar hue, order a Corthay aubergine belt - or wear the shoes when you're wearing pants that don't have belt loops. I end up wearing my aubergine Arcas when I'm in suits with side tabs.
Thanks. I have another Arca on the way - in dark navy / matte croc. Love the Arca! My two cents worth is that you should get a color from Corthay OTHER THAN black. One of Corthay's strengths is its otherworldly coloring and patination - and you miss a lot of that if the base is black calf. Colors with lots of black in it - like lie de vin or aubergine or navy - via patination/burnishing look black anyway at first glance or in dark lighting! Oh. Forgot I have Vendomes in...
I have a Kleber and Satan, I mean, Casanova, in bergeronette: An Arca in aubergine: And the rest are in lie de vin, my favorite color haha (Bucy, Arca and Cocteau posted previously):
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