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 Congratulations!  Fantastic pick-up.
^^^ Red swimwear on her Basking on a sunny day Mouth agape, I stare
Fat, they say she is I adore her curves so much Upton, on my wrist.
Because oh I dunno SD4000 lumetastic or something. Stitchy - make dat happen!
RogerP - good stuff, thanks for sharing! Stitchy - love that 15300. 💪
On the topic of grails - Gruebel Forsey has been on my radar for a few years now given how they push the boundaries of the tourbillon complication etc. I am not particularly attracted to their aesthetics, but I haven't seen any of their pieces in the metal either. Well, today I had lunch with Stephen Forsey and a small group of other folks. He explained his GMT - introduced last year - in painstaking detail, very eloquent, with much passion. Here's a pic of the titanium...
Congratulations, BBB and DerekS! Timepieces for meaningful times in your life - one zillion thumbs up!
 And that bad boy is not white gold or platinum either.  It's acier - steel.  Da 'Dink has much love for rare steel pieces but I have this irrational need for precious metal once the price goes north of, oh, $20K.
Yep. This one will stay on the bracelet.These rubbers are so damn comfortable it's so habit forming.
I quite like my Philip IIs.
New Posts  All Forums: