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Yes but tell us how you really feel!
Then for you the SD4000 probably works much better. Pic from a friend of mine who picked up his SD4000 in Hong Kong the other day:Lugs really are sleeker than the SubC ND:If the lugs bother you so much, there is always the case of a friend of mine who took his GMTc to a local watchmaker in the Philippines AND HAD THE LUGS TRIMMED DOWN. Boom. Liposuction for chunky lugs. Here is his GMTc beside the SD4000:Rolex might not be happy with this aftermarket modification, but I...
 +1... for me the differences were worth the price. I still bargained the hell out of my dealer to get a good price for my BNIB SubC ND and SubC LV, but I love 'em.  The solid links in the bracelet that addresses the issue of loosening over time; the superbly awesome glidelock clasp that can be adjusted 2mm at a time on the fly; the cerachrom bezel insert that is virtually scratch proof (this is a minus for some old school die-hards who prefer the aluminum insert that...
Enabler pic. DATE OR NO DATE?!?
And on that note - summer attire the other day.Sorry I forgot my gold chains and bracelets to complete the douchebag look...
OMG maybe! But what about this DB shot in a scary empty subway station!
DB shot of my SubC ND in a free shuttle bus catering mostly to the elderly and young kids!!!! And moms shopping at the nearby grocery!
This. 👍
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