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 Have fun! Loved my time in the MBA program.  While I was taking my MBA (gulp) sixteen years ago, I helped train competitors in the local university's bodybuilding competition.  Haha!  Those were fun days. My days setting PRs are long gone as I train mostly to stay healthy and relatively fit for my kids these days, but I'm still happy learning new skills.  Picked up the jump rope recently and having tons of fun.  Even though I suck and take several days to pick up variations.
I love all three of those!!!
No love for the PAM 243?You able to check the SD4000 at the Doha airport?
I would qualify this post as most excellent, quite competent service. Just saying.
 What program are you taking up in NYU!
Yes, the ManFridays crew assembled on a Monday. Craniotes was back from his Europe jaunt and had fun stories to share.
 Hahaha, no shaving, just Asian hairless genes! Technically I've got a few wisps of hair tho... No juicing -  although I did do a two four week cycles of prohormones over about six months in 2003 back when they were legal.  Went up to 211 from 185, crazy strong.  Arms up to 17 7/8" cold, but added lots of fat too.  Should have just done proper 'roids but wanted to go the legal route - prohormones required post-cycle therapy anyway.  Once I went off I gradually deflated to...
Just checked. 16 1/8" - probably 16" cold (first thing in the morning).But more importantly, calves measure the same:As for "aesthetic overlordism," I've got to call in @tricky here, who is in phenomenal shape.
Hahah! It does look a bit blue, doesn't it?  Trick of the light only, unfortunately (fortunately?)... Lunch with fellow watch enthusiasts. 
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