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Lovely to catch up on a hundred or so pages of TWAT - have been on vacation this past week.     @Novelty77 - you've been on quite a tear!  It's hard to deny the Hunger when it's screaming at you (been there), but this year I didn't get any new watches (well, except one that might be coming in the next few weeks or so), and it's really given me time to enjoy the ones I got through a few rounds of "frillyvolousness" as @mimo called it.     I'm not in the habit of selling...
 The cow horns 1955?  Beautiful.
 The 5270 is a handsome piece in the metal.  I have my aesthetic qualms with its design, like how the subdials are below the equator (now you can't unsee it, like when you find out Bradley Cooper's right eye is about a full inch higher than his left), but once you see it on your wrist it is quite lovely.  I've seen it evolve over the years, with friends catching the first generation 5270G and all of us heading to Patek USA's HQ and seeing watchmakers put the new CH29-535...
Heavy rain forecast in NYC today. Didn't want to get the DBlue wet, so wore this one.
 Excellent choice. I don't have a BLNR but I have a bunch of SubCs.  The wife uses the SubC LV exclusively, and it has the dings to show for it all.
 SubC = Submariner Ceramic BLNR = blue black bezel GMT, stands for "BLeu / NoiR " LV = Could refer to either SubC LV ref 116610 or the 50th anniversary Sub (not ceramic).   LV is "Lunette Verde" = green bezel.
Nick is a great guy, and I was just telling him yesterday about how much I enjoyed his post about William Gibson. @Belligero - you're telling me you didn't enjoy Jack's piece about the Nautilus pen?Speaking of Nautilii, this just landed on my wrist 15 minutes ago while walking around Fifth Avenue (the dragonfly, not the watch): 
This one on the rotation this week.  Yes, intentionally shot "dark" / in low light conditions.    @TheWraith @mimo you might recognize this one...  
 +1 to this comment.  Bravo @Novelty77 - you've been on quite a tear!
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