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But the bottom pic from the post above is not of an Arca, is it? Can't really compare different uppers on the same last, 'no? Here is my Arca - RTW on the 001 last: And here is my Cocteau - RTW on the 001 last: Doesn't the Cocteau look "sharper" and "narrower"? Do we have a side by side pic of an Arca in RTW versus an Arca bespoke? What if the owner's foot was naturally fatter/wider than the 001 last would permit - wouldn't a bespoke option necessarily look...
OM "F" G - those last two pics of the TWAT Princess certainly showed me the error of my ways!
Absolutely, finances and preferences permitting!
I highly endorse this approach.
^^^ SubC ND goodness.
^^^ I need to visit the Seiko boutique a few blocks from me in NYC.
Yes she is. Unfortunately not mine - but a good friend's. I'm a fan of RubberB and how comfortable they are, but I understand why others prefer Rolex sports watches on their OEM bracelets. The juxtaposition of old (vintage 1680) and new (RubberB) on this pairing can also be jarring. I do quite like how the slim red on the rubber strap picks up the red letters though.
Red Sub on a red/black RubberB:
The resolution for that SD4000 with a SubC bezel: Rolex admits their mistake and will take back the shipment of SD4000s and replace the bezel inserts.
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