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  I have gone to ground indeed a bit because of photography.  But I have still been photographing watches.    Well, there ARE watches in these pics but I had to crop them out since any image with the product technically belongs to the brand that commissioned this photo shoot.  Sorry!
 For photography, yes. It was a great next step in the learning curve, and I absolutely love it.  What matters is what gets the job done and captures the image in your mind's eye, right @bkotsko ?  I love my Canon DSLR and Fuji X100T but it was time to figure out the Leica experience. Highly subjective/personal decision. Put a Leica in the hands of a monkey and you'll still get crappy pics, after all.
 And that is why I shoot with a Leica M60:  
 What? No rants yet about the Hodinkee Summit?  Wow, what's happening to TWAT? 1.  By invite only - so apply if you want to attend.  Limited to 100 slots. 2.  "This is not about getting the wealthiest collectors in the world together – but the most passionate." <- Quote from the site/entry. 3.  If accepted, it will cost $3,500 for a couple of days. Comments?
 Thanks!  Some of the prices certainly seem (and ARE!) eye-watering, given that functionally speaking "it's just a pen" - but once you go down the rabbit hole of learning about how master craftsmen "tame" Urushi and handcraft some of these pieces to render their unique shapes and colors... Then you understand what's going on, and MAYBE are more open to the value they offer, given the work that had to be done.   Can modern production methods using machines generate...
Same here the first time I bought a DBlue for a friend at the Rolex AD in Houston.But after that they were fine with phone orders!Gold morning!
Well, no hemming and hawing for me. I've wanted these since I saw it. MTO commitment placed. BOOM.
 Yep. Hence the moniker "Striking Time." A friend has this one, and a couple of others have the "regular" Zeitwerk.  They really quite like it.  For them it's a blend of whimsical "digital clock" looking numbers and mechanical wizardry.
   Posting on behalf of @mimo - who sent me these pictures via clandestine means and nefarious back channels...  
WTF @mimo man!In the same way that I do not approve of the product in this picture, I do not approve of this predicament of yours.
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