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 SubC = Submariner Ceramic BLNR = blue black bezel GMT, stands for "BLeu / NoiR " LV = Could refer to either SubC LV ref 116610 or the 50th anniversary Sub (not ceramic).   LV is "Lunette Verde" = green bezel.
Nick is a great guy, and I was just telling him yesterday about how much I enjoyed his post about William Gibson. @Belligero - you're telling me you didn't enjoy Jack's piece about the Nautilus pen?Speaking of Nautilii, this just landed on my wrist 15 minutes ago while walking around Fifth Avenue (the dragonfly, not the watch): 
This one on the rotation this week.  Yes, intentionally shot "dark" / in low light conditions.    @TheWraith @mimo you might recognize this one...  
 +1 to this comment.  Bravo @Novelty77 - you've been on quite a tear!
 Love shares like this about what reasoning goes into what's on your wrist, at different times and occasions.  Love the Patek 3919 too; too small for most these days, at 34mm, but a really great dress watch IMHO.
 I knew you would say that hahahahaha.
 Some would prefer "less hands" as it gives the watch a "more Zen" feel (words used by friends who love their 15202, not me) - but I personally prefer a sweeping seconds hand so I personally prefer the 5711 (if we were comparing Genta descendants currently in production, I mean).
 The DeepSea Challenge is a 55mm monster - compare that to the 44mm DSSD DBlue and the DBlue is anorexic.   The DBlue was released in August 4 amidst a firestorm of hate and recrimination.  Then, the haters came around.  Now, it's selling for above retail and there are long waiting lines in ADs.  The manager at the Rolex boutique in London says she's never seen demand like that, even for steel Daytonas back in the day. I was one of the early online "defenders" of the...
 I am sorry to hear about your injuries. I hope things go more smoothly for you moving forward! I think the discussion around approach and outlook to training and physical improvement does boil down to a basic question: in terms of the time, commitment, intensity and duration required to push yourself to "the next level" (however you define it), it must all still center around whether you train to live, or live to train.  The answer is up to you - I know what...
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