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Same here the first time I bought a DBlue for a friend at the Rolex AD in Houston.But after that they were fine with phone orders!Gold morning!
Well, no hemming and hawing for me. I've wanted these since I saw it. MTO commitment placed. BOOM.
 Yep. Hence the moniker "Striking Time." A friend has this one, and a couple of others have the "regular" Zeitwerk.  They really quite like it.  For them it's a blend of whimsical "digital clock" looking numbers and mechanical wizardry.
   Posting on behalf of @mimo - who sent me these pictures via clandestine means and nefarious back channels...  
WTF @mimo man!In the same way that I do not approve of the product in this picture, I do not approve of this predicament of yours.
 Epic. Now for Betamax...
 Congratulations and wear that beauty often @academe ! Had lunch with close friends earlier today and got the chance to try this one on.  I've been jonesing for the all YG Sub with blue cerachrom bezel insert + blue sunburst dial, but this one just catapulted itself close to, or right to the top of the list. 
 Hahahahah - that's about right!
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