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Wore this one today: While I was having my shoes shined:
 Thanks - and not missing a pusher cap!   Yet....!
In honor of Nuke's FYI about the Hodinkee article on perpetual calendar chronographs I am wearing this beauty today.
[/quote]Beautiful! I should wear my pair tomorrow if the weather forecast wasn't so goddarn bad!!!!!
 Oh no, I actually like that pinching.  After all, it is largely because I am always somehow magically captured in mid-hip-thrust whenever someone takes pics of me.   Suggestive?  Not at all.   Perhaps preparing for the day when Kate finally meets me?  Absolutely.  
Still working today, wearing Nautilus.      Working SUPER hard.     Hey. Where is my Nautilus in this pic above?
 Hah! Thanks Cleav.  And no, I haven't been hiding them... I've been wearing them once every 3-4 weeks I'd say.  But I never had them cleaned or polished (not by anyone, not by myself) except for the occasional dab of Renovateur if I scuffed them a bit.  Went for the spa treatment this time.  $3 plus tip, not bad heh heh.  mimo, I'm a 9 with Corthay (which I think is more or less my size with G&G, expressed in UK terms) but the 001 last does run very narrow.  For whatever...
Also, not a watch but needed to share with TWAT brethren - had these polished the other day (finally, after more than a year of owning them). There are wingtips - and then there are seriously breathtaking works of art like this one from Corthay.
Looking good TC family! Pop quiz: what has a thumb, wears a Nautilus, and is en route to the airport to catch a flight before the game begins because he needs to work on Sunday evening? THIS guy.
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