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Correct. There are only a select number of places in NYC that's #SafeForRolex
Field trip today with a horde of second graders. Need a watch that can stand up to the challenge.
There is of course a reason why I have only PCs and not ACs from said venerable watchmaker...
 With all due respect, some asses are very, very desirable...
 I showed up for about 15 minutes as a friend (who also lives in the neighborhood) was attending.  It was good to see the Hodinkee folks and meet the London Jewelers (and watch company rep) folks.
That watch doesn't suck at all.For me, wearing this one today.
 Congratulations! But of course it "looks nice." That's a game over timepiece right there! Wait. You popped the solid back open?  Brave man.
 Best wishes on the purchase. Here is my 3940P with the opaline white evincing more of that eggshell-like quality versus cold silver. 
 Despite the standard Patek papers noting the dial color to be "argente" (silver) - the truth is that the 3940Ps were rendered in opaline white; closer to eggshell, with a slight hint of yellow depending on the lighting conditions. So, it will certainly look different from the dial colors you might observe from the 5140G, or even the 3940G, which is really closer to a silver/white.  It is a matter of taste - opaline white comes across as "warmer," and on the 3940J it plays...
 Looking forward @TheWraith !
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