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Say what?
 D-oh, Patek 3940... 
Quite like this app: http://blog.perpetuelle.com/watches/watchville-a-new-watch-app-from-tech-entrepeneur-kevin-rose/
What academe said above. Moving on...
Looks decent enough on Instagram viewed on an iPhone! Hahahaha. Maybe this will make up for it...
Still looking good, TC! Foo, cheers to big watches and their appeal.
TC - that looks fantastic. And the weight of the RG must be awesome. The combination of the fluted bezel and Roman numerals also work really well for me. Great stuff all around - guess I'm treating you for a congratulatory lunch next time I am in Houston!
I see nothing in this thread but truth. Subscribed. Thank you, dddrees and tifosi for making all this possible.
 Looking good to me. 
Here's mine (and the wife's):
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