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Who said I owned a car?And simmer down your tone, which I interpret as f*ng obnoxious.
NYC subways are pretty safe for Pateks...
Dayum Dino you take care of watches really well. I just don't know about that scratch on your RO bracelet though. Looks like value has gone to zero. You might as well ship it to me. Box and papers can follow later, thanks.
Enabling pic:Get together last Friday, which my friends and I have now apparently "hashtagged" as #ManFridays on Instagram. All pics on my skinny wrist:The Big Boys:The Nautilii:The classics:
^^^ Hahaha, easy jbarwick my man!  "Helping others by doing research" is dangerous for TWAT...   tifosi - must be seen in person (if you haven't seen it already).  I know the whole "pictures don't do it justice" line is overused, but as with most watches they really must be seen in the flesh before rendering a final judgment.  I will even 'fess up to once saying "I will never own a sporty Patek watch like a Nautilus. Sh*t it's ugly.  What's up with those ears?  Ick."...
 All hail The Princess!
At an event hosted by Bovet at their boutique here in NYC. Got to play with this one for a bit: the Ottanta tourbillon in red gold, a collab between Bovet and Pininfarina. At 46mm it dwarfs my 3970J, and at MSRP $340K it also dwarfs my 3970J's price. Still, they produce some interesting complications for women in the $20s to $50s range that might be appealing to some. Finishing was very nice. Also got to try a friend's new 5980/1AR. Got to tell you, I'm not a two tone...
Lie de vin may well be my favorite Corthay color. Congrats and enjoy!
This is the ghillie formerly known as Belphegor, right? Love it. What's the color on your pair?
DerangedGoose - fantastic post. Thanks for elaborating on your preferences and the stuff in your collection. Aside from the details Dino pointed out above, I love what you did with the rocket hands. That lume shot is awesome hahah.
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