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Supposedly not a hoax either as folks who worked for that Norway AD confirmed that the SD4000s they recently received as stock had that bezel insert...
@Belligero - check this out. Pic taken at one of the largest ADs in Norway. Bezel insert switch for the SD4000?
NonServiam - fantastic shot as always of a great timepiece.
I have been shamelessly regurgitating Stitchy's "give it to me" and "send it to me" in other forums. I confess.
 Yep - looking forward. 
 Oh snap! Beckwith you are a trendsetter here. 
 Heh heh the author of that article used data from the link I posted! 
 Thanks for the share.  That Daytona purchase was a while back!  The current line retails at $12,000.  Here's an interesting page (posted before) about Rolex MSRPs for a variety of models from 1970 to 2008: http://www.minus4plus6.com/PriceEvolution.htm  You handled the Graves SuperComplication!  It's a fantastic piece unique - it's not a wearable timepiece though, 'no?  Definitely falls in the category of collectibles but not necessarily wearables.   The closest I've come...
What if this analysis was applicable to dieting, working out and fat loss? That no fat is ever lost, only displaced?That would suck.
Jokes are welcome around here!
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