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 Ahahaha @mimo  @kimmo  - hey your handles rhyme! Been exchanging messages with @Belligero of late and met up with @Dino944  for lunch recently.  My attentions have been diverted somewhat from horology to photography, so if I'm targeting anything it is likely to be the new M to be announced by Leica (maybe) in Photokina in a couple of weeks.
 Very nice - congratulations!   Great images for this one! GP brings frilly out of semi-retirement and lurker status...
"He says art is about solving challenges in your medium, and beautiful pictures are only the byproduct."   This may be one of the single most useful precepts I learned from one of my photography teachers. 
 Nakaya! You enjoying them well @tifosi @BenLeaman ?
 Shake Shack FTW @mimo !!!
His and hers today:
 Thank you @ebayhtl !  Haha, good point @mimo  - I try to be unpredictable sometimes...
Thanks! It's the Pontos S diver released a couple of years ago, but our watch group Red Bar Crew collaborated with ML to make ten of these in PVD (design and color choices by good old Adam Craniotes). I believe all ten are spoken for, though. It sold for just under $4k.
Congrats to all the recent pickups! I haven't been completely absent from the watch scene. A few recent pickups on my end: The Maurice Lacroix X Red Bar Crew edition Pontos in PVD. Quite like what it represents given my watch crew in NYC, though it's not usually my cup of tea! It's on the large side at 43mm and relatively long lugs, given my 6.25" wrist, but I love wearing this one. Picked up the little one on the right side for my missus (these three are part of...
 Ahahaha I do remember messaging you about that observation!
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