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Hahaha you so bad! But so good too!En route to some other city today - on the wrist, a masterpiece, recently discontinued.
 Super duper gold!
It is always good to see TWAT brothers in person. Caught up with Din0944 last week over lunch. Guess what color this Daytona is?
Gonna leave this here.
Just gonna leave this "WOMW" shot to kind of weigh in on the 3940 post in the last page...
Well hello March 1.
Hey bud! Been around, just been lurking. Still this one on the wrist for a vacation in California.
Should've known that even an NBA player interviewed on Talking Watches wouldn't have the Hodinkee model this early on! To be fair, this was my mistake as we were taking watch shots right as I was rushing out the door. JJ had worn his Sinn throughout lunch and then brought out this VC piece along with the 5970 and 5711 from Patek right as I was leaving for another commitment.
You're going to last 14 seconds with Ms Upton? Man, now you're just showing off...
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