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Should've known that even an NBA player interviewed on Talking Watches wouldn't have the Hodinkee model this early on! To be fair, this was my mistake as we were taking watch shots right as I was rushing out the door. JJ had worn his Sinn throughout lunch and then brought out this VC piece along with the 5970 and 5711 from Patek right as I was leaving for another commitment.
You're going to last 14 seconds with Ms Upton? Man, now you're just showing off...
^^^ Sorry for the terse reply. Was rushing to get something done. I fell in love with the Snoopy 45th anniversary Speedmaster Pro right when it was announced, and it was the first Speedy that really appealed to me enough to compel me to move quickly. The contrast between the white dial and ceramic bezel, the enamel case back with Snoopy on it, all the little quirky things that came with the model - which actually turned some people off, like the "What could you do in 14...
The Snoopy is the one that is mine. Long ago I was one of the first to receive one - because I placed my order a few hours after the model was announced!
 It's a Vintager Strap from Micah Dirksen.  It was very much fun indeed, @Dino944 - always more than just watches, of course.  A real fun gathering of friends.  It is a great piece on its own merit, over and above what others feel about how Hodinkee produced, marketed, communicated, priced it.
Four guys, seven and a half watches. Fun lunch.
@Dino944  + @Belligero = always stimulating, interesting discussions.
Some douche at Patek messed up the dial of the 5711 on the right, rendering it a bit too light blue. Then, some watchmaker etched some crazy stuff on the dial. WTF! Finally, it looks like they ran out of steel so they used some whiter metal. Ick. Dealer wanted to exchange it with my 5711 and I was, like, do you know how RARE a 5711/1A these days and how it's trading at a premium over retail? Hah! Exchange it for THAT defective 5711? No thanks.
Correct. There are only a select number of places in NYC that's #SafeForRolex
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