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 The devil is in the damn details with Rolex divers - it is the case with vintage divers, as well as modern pieces. There are several differences that justify the SD4000's higher price in the minds of collectors who prefer it over the SubC ND: 1.  The different shape of the lugs and the crown guards render the SD4000 looking "less square/boxy" than the new generation of cerachrom bezel Submariners.  Note that I have taken a caliper to these lugs and determined that the...
 Does this guy even lift?  He needs to catch a workout with me.
I certainly love my 114270:
Congratulations, RFX45!  Very nice pics of some great pick-ups!
I've got to say the brushed finish biases me towards divers like the SD4000, as a daily wearer.But I haven't kicked my Daytona out of bed just yet.
 Thumbs up. Boom.
 Hah hah hah this is awesome!
Offered one of these:
Why wouldn't the 15202 be okay for sporty activities or the beach?Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I too get discounts from one of my ADs. However, it really depends on your relationship and their relative business situation and negotiating power. I want to say I have a decent relationship with Wempe in NYC but I can't get any discounts from them for new steel Rolex models.
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