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Truly enjoyed about an hour's worth of serious clockmaking at the Vacheron Constantin boutique in NYC earlier today. The lovely twist was that it was for children! My kids built a clock from each gear on up, with able assistance from the VC watchmakers. The watchmaker that assisted us was wearing an Overseas Chrono. The clock itself wasn't very straightforward to assemble, offering chances to explain what was going on. It had a chiming mechanism that went off every...
Say hi to Vlad Dzeletovic for me. Champion of a guy.
Chapels went for a shine yesterday.
SubC + burgers = awesome.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Hahahahahahahaha what an awesome image. And description!!!
 This 116618LB with the blue sunburst dial though...  (No, not the one on the left - that's the one with the matte blue dial.  The one on the right) I call this my "when I retire in Miami and wear ill fitting shorts, a golf shirt, a cap, and socks all the way up to my knees" watch.  Kidding aside, this one keeps drawing me back for a look/see, although given what I know of myself - if I really wanted it badly I wouldn't hesitate this much before I kopped.   So, I must not...
Hahah!Congrats on the new Patek @brax! Patek executes hunter's cases very well. Is that the cal 324 powering your new baby?
Sometimes a robust figure is worthy of much desire. Just sayin.
Agree with all.I mean, look. I'm on a business trip, in a suit and all. This on the wrist.But guess what I brought just because I know at some point in the day I will want to switch out:Just sayin.
Good stuff, thanks for sharing. I commissioned a briefcase via Azzuraa last week and I look forward to the results. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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