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Hey guys, I haven't been out in a long time but today I got another great buy. RLPL 100% cashmere blazer. I can't decided if I should keep it or sell it. Cheers
Here are a few things from my last trips. I'm always open to sell or trade just ask.                     Eton of Sweden...
Hello all, I'm new here and I'm so happy to see so many people that love hunting for " that deal ". I don't know if there are specific rules in this thread but I would love to post a few pictures of stuff i found at my favourite store.   Please let me know if you would like to see them.   Thanks   T
Hello,   I joined a few days ago and I am blown away by what's going on here. I'm all about thrifting and that unbelievable deal.  Shoes, Suits, Shirts ...   Beeing born and raised in Germany I'm not a native speaker and i hope i don't get in trouble for not knowing some of the abbrevations.   Thanks   T
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