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 Nope. to me, they fit like AF1s. The only problem I ever had was with the Medal Stand Blazers in 2012, that fit me at least half a size small. 
sick fades ben. was that at pete's blue chip? love that place, been around for years.
  if you do, make sure to size up. tried em on in store and they run way slimmer than the standard roshes.
i work in the valley, so looks like this is my next stop on my lunchbreak. burbank does suck for food. reminds me of downtown disney. the further you get away from the 5, the better the food tends to get in that area, but not by much.
     Quote:   Rage mode activated. Nice pickup Ex. I wanted a pair but already dropped $$$ on the Jordan 11's and Flyknit Chukkas. Is the tongue on those fused to the rest of the shoe like the other Lunar Forces?
So dope. Do the Flyknit Chukkas have a tongue that's fused into the upper or is it separate? On any chukkas I usually wear my jeans behind the tongue. It's a shitty habit but ehhhh, a habit nonetheless.
edit: double
anyone know of any selvedge denim that fits like the naked and famous weird guys but with a higher rise? tried those on and i've got some sz 36 UB201's and they both fit good except for the rise. it's killing me.   btw, GOLD.
ugh, so dope. a little ludicrous that nike's charging $30 more just for the nike air on the tongue, but i'm probably going to try to buy them regardless.
  how do those soccer pants fit the calf area? i'm looking for something similar but my calves are on the larger side and i like a little room to work with. like rfx said, h&m had some decent pants similarly cut. the quality is mediocre and the pockets are super shallow, but they haven't started pilling on me yet.
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