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I may still own a Budd shirt or two from about 8 years back. I'd have to go digging through what has unwittingly become an overly large and borderline Gatsbyesque collection of shirts to find them. The necessary humblebrag out of the way, let me say that I was impressed with their work back then. I have no idea how much has changed in recent years, but I would put them on a similar tier to T&A -- albeit with fewer immediately available options for shirtings, due to the...
Well, it makes sense that the buyer has more leverage after the purchase than before. After all, the buyer has to receive (or not receive) the goods before being able to assess whether they're as described.What doesn't make sense is that eBay presumes the buyer is never wrong in his assessment. If a buyer files a SNAD claim, the seller is immediately declared guilty until proven innocent, and he is given the full burden of proof (and often found guilty, even if he provides...
Depends on the size and scale of the patterns in the suit. Generally speaking, if a pattern is so small as to resolve to a solid when viewed at greater than arm's length distance, it can be treated as a solid (provided you don't pair it with similar micropatterned items). It's hard to make sweeping generalizations here without seeing precisely what items you have in mind. For 99% of people, it's probably safest to go with a solid shirt, and either a solid tie or a tie...
The generally predictable, downward trajectory of the quality of both TSBs provided a compelling, if sad, commentary on human nature. An economist could have a field day studying these experiments.
I remember that thread quite well. (I'm older than my join date would appear...)
But would others describe your body as athletic?
Would you consider the majority of Americans to be anything remotely approaching well dressed? Probably not, right? So what does it matter what the majority thinks, especially given its questionable sense of style?(Btw, appealing to the majority is a logical fallacy that someone of your username shouldn't be making).
Raw denim in moderate to heavy weights is never going to soften up to feel like lightweight, non-raw denim. It's a thicker cloth, and it's inherently stiffer.I have several pairs of 3sixteens in my rotation. The first pair is about a year and a half old. I used to wear it about once every other week (non-casual workplace), but since switching to a jeans-friendly workplace, I've started wearing them about twice or three times a week. Only now have they begun to soften up a...
He's being a little bit facetious there. His main point is that you need shirts that fit properly before getting bespoke suits or jackets made (due to the fact that they are calibrated to show some cuff, and that OTR/MTM cuff lengths tend to vary widely, even within one person's wardrobe).   Someone who can't afford bespoke shirts should not be buying bespoke jackets, hence, his sarcastic lines about "securing funding from the IMF" and "copying in Bangladesh."
  You have a good eye for pattern combination, but this is a borderline crossing of the boundaries of good taste. It almost seems too affected, though objectively, it does look nice. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the tie, in particular.
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