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You don't know anything at all about running a car business. When I purchase a driving machine marketed as "ultimate," I expect the company marketing that car to keep its word. Has the whole world gone crazy?
Earlier this year I purchased a brand-new, 2014 model BMW sedan. The sedan, for which I paid top dollar, was marketed to the general public as, and I quote, "The Ultimate Driving Machine." Imagine my shock and utter dismay when, only a few short months later, BMW unveiled a 2015 model of that same sedan! WTF??! Did I purchase the "ultimate" driving machine, or what?! More like the penultimate driving machine! I have been informed that my driving machine, far from being...
True, but I guess I'm fine with it in principle. That is how the market handles liquidity.
No idea. You could do a reverse image search on Google. That's the best suggestion I can offer, unfortunatelty.
You should have pulled the trigger last night. Stuff like that happens from time to time, and when it does, BB usually honors it. I remember when they accidentally extended a 50%-off discount to cordovan shoes a few years back, and to their credit, they honored the discount for anyone who bought during the 5-6 hours the discount was offered.
You and me both, brother. I'm not looking particularly hard for a brown captoe right now, but I have the Hallam in black, and it's a fantastic shoe. At $229, why the hell not, right? At the very least, you could probably flip those puppies on eBay or B&S for a small profit.
I'm sure there was a period of time in which -some- pairs of Hallams were on sale for $229. How many pairs, and for how long, are anyone's guess. For all I know, it was one pair for 10 minutes.
Shiiiiiit.$229 for a pair of Hallams would have been nice.
Best practice is to list the measurements in the listing, in unmistakable and clear print, and to encourage any and all would-be bidders to check the measurements before placing a bid or making a purchase. This eliminates some (but not all) room for ambiguity when it comes to sizing. It won't completely eliminate your risk of getting a size-based return. But it will build a stronger case for you.I would probably revise the listing -- not to swap out "B" for "Medium," but...
Gotcha. If he listed himself as an authorized dealer and explicitly offered a two-year warranty that he was in no position to provide, then he is misrepresenting himself and acting in bad faith. Technically this is low-grade fraud. I would absolutely consider it fair to leave him negative feedback, and I would also consider it fair game to report his account (and this listing) to eBay, explaining that you contacted the manufacturer, and that the manufacturer said he was...
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