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Thanks all!   Any recommendations for off the rack brands?
Good question - I guess quality of materials. Things like functional sleeve buttons, full canvasing, buttons made of something other than plastic, etc.    I'm not adverse to something off the rack - I just thought MTM would be the better way to go. I'm totally open to any and all advise!
Hi all,   I'm getting married in July this year, and am looking to get a new suit. The only "adult" suit I've ever owned is an H&M gray two-button, double vent suit. I really like the slim fit and moddish look, but it definitely feels like inferior materials.   I was hoping to spend about $500, and would love to get something made to order/bespoke. So far, all the SF-based places I've found hover around $1000.    Does anyone on these boards know a good place...
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