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Great looking suede RTP. Hey, I've got that same golf sock tan line, if your rock in' it then I don't feel so bad.
Your welcome sir!
I think Cypress Points 72.4 / 136 slope rating would eat me alive, and besides I'm not a member there either.
Just as long as we play Spyglass. I spend to much time just looking around when I play Pebble.
Good looking shoes. Cool socks.
Beautiful shoes Don L. Great photography. For awhile I considered getting this traditional style from one of the old Budapest and Vienna shoemakers. But I must agree with you that the finish on Aldens #8 shell is nonpareil to just about anything else available.
Not a problem sir. I'm more than happy to oblige any of your requests.
RTP you can come over and do my shells anytime. In fact I'll just ship them all to you for reconditioning. What's the turn around time on that service?
I've got both the J Crew #8 and the Leffot Naval in #8 w/antique edge and I think that they're different enough to justify having both. Black edge w/270 welt for the J Crew. 360 welt w/antique edge trim on the Naval Boot. The Naval boot has a fuller fit on me than the J Crew #8 and is super comfortable. Also, there's speed hooks on the J Crew and all-eyelets on the Leffot Naval. Both are great boots!
Glad that your diggin' the Marlow wingtips Ben. They're like a gateway to nicer shoes, especially shell cordovan. You might want to investigate getting an orthotic arch insert for your shoes. A tongue pad will take up space, but an insert will be better for your feet. Just a suggestion. Now crease those bad boys and post some pics when you get a chance.
New Posts  All Forums: