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Yes, just joking. Geez, everybody tighten up.
You would say that rydenfan, probably because your a troll too.
smoothie, first of all I really like your moniker. Kinda yuppie juice bar sounding but that's okay. Lol. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. As for shoe size I've got the ptb's and wingtips both in 11D, and they fit great. So I'm guessing it would be the same for the pennies.
I tried to contact him too about some Marlow full strap penny loafers. Still waiting to hear back.
Kinda creepy my friend.
#8 LWB with black edge trim is more useful in my opinion.
Just over an hour. I say 69 minutes tops.
No harm in having both.
Kind sir, I mean no offence but you sound like the character named "Rust" that Matthew Mcconaughey played on the HBO series "True Detective".
New Posts  All Forums: