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Whiskey Wednesday of course. Nice looking G-boats Don L!
Great looking combo RTP.
Outstanding acquisition sir. Wear them in the best of health.
That's awesome! I guess I'll just walk around the house with a bag on my head the rest of the day. Ah yes, regret and remorse are my two favourite feelings.
I missed it because of work. What did you guys order?
Beautiful tassels Uncle! Are these Aldens most famous make-up?
You wouldn't be the first guy to put lifts in his Alden's.
Your welcome sir. Pleats will be back in style next year when men get tired of looking like little boys.
Awesome boots sazon. They look great with your slacks. Which have how many pleats?
Try the Marlow tassels, they're significantly narrower. Don't be afraid to order the penny's in two sizes, then send the non-fitting shoe back. RL has always provided me with a return postage sticker.
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