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jkiu, nice PTB's sir. Whiskey shell and powder laces blue make a great color combo.
Love the monks with the argyles Uncle.
Really nice combo M!
I feel ya my friend. I've definitely got more shoes than I can possibly wear in a week.
Aldenfan, I've got the Marlow and it's built like a tank. I consider it a one-off for Ralph Lauren that seems to appeal to a lot of people. The fit is tricky for some because they only come in one width. The Brunswick 2's are in my opinion very fashion forward, and because they're a derby they seem to have that breezy open collar casual feel.
After much thought and reflection I'm really liking the C&J Brunswick 2. It's on the 358 last and I think if it was done in shell cordovan it could be a stunner.
Gentlemen, congratulations to all of the new whiskey Harlech owners. Wear them always in the best of health. Now to those sorry sons of beeches who like myself dearly regret not getting in on this, kudos to hoit, we should seriously consider the available options for a second group MTO and strike while the iron is hot so to speak. The most pertinent questions to ask ourselves are is the MTO going to be a shoe or boot, what...
Gorgeous combo Uncle.
Bravo sir. Nicely done. A masterful effort and a great result. I dub thee the "Prince of Boots".
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