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Wonderful shine, as with every pair you post, on your king straight tips Uncle. I consider Marcoliani cashmere argyles one of life's little extras.
Excellent #8 wingtip boots sir. Always good to see your posts DpprDr.
I am totally leaning toward a shell Budapester for my first pair of Vass handmades. Something like one of these. tomcat said the Budapest last runs a bit snug in the toe box when compared to other Vass lasts. Maybe the 3636 will do because I like the classic Astro-Hungarian style, real old school.
Beautifully shined monks straps Uncle. Cashmere is the key to complete feet happiness.
Wow, those look just beautiful. Wear them in good health.
Thanks buddy. Hey ah, if ya' be in a fixin kinda mood I gotta few tings over to da house dat needs to get done before da snow comes don't cha' know. What can I say, I'm from Minnesota.
Rolex Explorers rule, especially when worn with a nice pair of shoes.
BW, sweet watch with some very nice barrel aged whiskey chukkas. I hear a lot of our Special Forces guys over in the sand box wear Panerai watches. Was it hard to get used to the large size?
Excellent suede Indy's NAMOR. I'm glad somebody saw the sun today.
Tifosi, you have a sharp and thrifty attitude toward fiduciary expenditures. Bravo young conservative.
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