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Your life is so full of difficult choices. Where did get the cxl PTB's?
Your Indy's look good tifosi. Hands down my trubalnce cxl Indy's are my most comfortable Aldens.
Great looking shoes aportnoy, love the color.
Agreed! It's hard enough keeping a straight face while reading this thread.
NAMOR, I don't think you've been this excited about a new pair of shoes since the last time you got a new pair of shoes.
Uncle, nice shoes, nice combo!
wurger, thank you sir. I will check it out.
Great looking array of shell footwear. Maybe you should buy some Crockett & Jones stock. How do you decide which ones your going to wear?
luc13, are they the J Crew perf cap toe boots?
luc13, I've seen this before. What make-up of boot are they, and how long have you been wearing them?
New Posts  All Forums: