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This is a much better desert style boot than anything like a Clark could offer.
Yes they are sir, right from the nags bum.
Yes, I would like the shoe I pick to be able to go everyday black business suit and formal dinner attire if such a thing is possible. I've been wearing these 25yr old CH's of late.
Not at all my friend. I've got the J Crew pct and the Leffot #8 Naval boots, two completely different animals.
Gentlemen, trying to decide between the classic Garnier II and this shoe that I saw posted recently. I'm looking for a shoe that can go everyday black, but that also can go formal as in black tie. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, BeSpiff
Fantastic color palette Don L. Your feet look comfy in your #8 monks.
Great looking PTB's my friend. CXL leather is the bomb.
zbix, you might be on something or onto something here. Maybe if one could cut back on some of the hand-batched and aged for several years in oak barrels bourbon a man could live pretty well.
Great looking combo Don L. Stay dry while your out scaring the children today.
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