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Fantastic color palette Don L. Your feet look comfy in your #8 monks.
Great looking PTB's my friend. CXL leather is the bomb.
zbix, you might be on something or onto something here. Maybe if one could cut back on some of the hand-batched and aged for several years in oak barrels bourbon a man could live pretty well.
Great looking combo Don L. Stay dry while your out scaring the children today.
RTP, your new nst's look real good. Somehow I think you and those Ravello's were meant for each other. Congrats and wear them in the best of health.
"Gimmie da shoes or da dog gets it". If you want your dog back still barking you'll have to give me the gunboats. Just jealous I guess. I've got a one-piece Horween #4 belt, now I need the matching footwear. Rock on my brother, rock on! Oh, btw my gf is a sucker for any picture of a cute dog.
Inventive photo sazon. Your ptb's look great.
Nice boots GooseG. I love the look of a well creased pair of Indy's. CXl?
I knew you were. I just wanted to see how far you would go with the bit.
Regrettbly they're one size too small for me schawn. Who did that make-up?
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