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BootSpell, how did you get your wife into premium footwear? My GF wears 3yr old run over Bjorn walkers and insists that she's just fine.
Excellent black cap toe bals and argyles Uncle. Great shine as usual.
+1 Funny because I was just looking at the black grant lasted cap toe boot from TSM today.
Mr. Pink, thank you sir for the style number. Do you have any experience with SC cap toe balmorals, and do you believe the extra cost of hand-welting justifies their high price over similarly styled shoes?
Does anyone know what model of Saint Crispin oxford these are?
RogerP, well stated sir. What separates us from our hairier tree dwelling cousins is a very small percentage difference in our DNA. I once saw a chimpanzee wearing shoes at a circus, I believe they were wingtips.
RogerP, we scoff at the aesthetic preferences of others because we're human. Living in a world of well educated perfect gentlemen and ladies would be for me a disaster. Ones ability to be able to entertain the strong likes and dislikes of others, no matter how they're stated, is what seperates us from the apes, maybe.
^^^ I agree with you about Vass sticking to the basics. In deference to Lazslo Vass he has to run a business, which means selling shoes. Have you seen some of the wild offerings from Maftei? Maybe it's cheaper to sell "antiqued" or "museum" calf leathers because your supply lines are shorter. Tanning high quality calf and shell cordovan takes time. Horween in Chicago takes 28 days to make their Chromexcel leather, and six months to properly tan shell cordovan. I'm not...
Your life is so full of difficult choices. Where did get the cxl PTB's?
Your Indy's look good tifosi. Hands down my trubalnce cxl Indy's are my most comfortable Aldens.
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