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What were you using, steel wool?
Great looking derby's sir. Your photo really shows off the ptb's ability to go casual.
Uncle, your shoes look almost as good as your patio flagstones. Excellent combo using the iconic Alden tassel loafer, in ravello no less.
Wholeheartedly agree. The Alden ptb's are from the 50's, for when you want that throwback look.
Probably my favourite pair of shells right now. Yours look great sir.
RTP, the halcyon days of youth are often remembered fondly and are hard to give up completely. Great looking penny loafers sir. Those pants would look stellar on the links.
Uncle, your great pics of your excellent Alden ravello collection always continue to impress.
Great combo DL! Any info on the slacks, super colour.
Very well shod as always MrDV. A good friday to you sir.
Simply stunning. Real artistry and craftsmanship. Beautiful!
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