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Me likey your LWB's sazon. Can you give me some details on what looks like a real nice pinstripe suit? If it's a custom-made super 160's wool with a touch of cashmere pm me so I won't have scream with outrageous jealousy all over this thread.
Looking good FGU. Are they breaking in nicely?
Does anybody have the Lincolnshire and what's the consensus on this frankenmonk? My Marlow wingtips and ptb's are both 11's and it would be cool to have a pair of C&J shells to "monk" around in.
I love those boots MrDV. Anything Ravello with a lighter shade of blue, especially French blue, is simply awesome.
Uncle, you've got on the perfect Super Bowl Sunday combo. Just to think a little over a year ago I didn't know anything about Alden shell, Marcoliani argyles, or Bill's khakis. Great shine on your LHS's as always.
Lovin' those boots NAMOR!
Defintely a very cool boot.
Killer boots mdubs. These I really like a lot. How is the fit compared to your other Alden boots, and how did you size them?
Gorgeous #8 LWB's! Please tell us how you did it.
How dare you say such uncomplinentary things about the Innsbruck Indy. Don't you know that here on the SF Alden thread we're all just mindless sycophants who buy anything with Alden printed on it and we never express personal opinions.
New Posts  All Forums: