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NAMOR, nice to see a man wearing his boots as intended. Love the slacks.
Very tempting!
^^^ Mike, those are very nice. Are they your dream penny loafers? Crease those bad boys!
KWL, woulda shoulda coulda. I'm sure the shell fairies are getting ready to make your grail boots as I type this.
Gorgeous MrDV. I think these are my favorite of all your boots. Did Frans Boone make this run back in the Pleistocene era?
Here's an idea'r that just came to me. You know those elastic hair bands women use to tie back their hair? What if you took one of those and wrapped it around the wooden part of the brush, thus creating a ersatz bumper? Patent pending of course. Maybe one of you gentlemen who has many daughters can field test this idea. The other option is to buy shoe brushes whose handles are made out of buffalo horn. I've found that they are less damaging when accidents happen.
Did you hit the shoe with the wooden part of the brush? When my dumb ass has done the very same thing I massage the wound on the horse heiney leather with a finger dipped in either Saphir Reno or that VSC stuff everybody thinks is the magic shoe lotion. Next its on to the dreaded "deer bone". Consult a YouTube video on how to best use the dreaded deer bone if your totally clueless, not you KWL, and always remember, "their shoes not Renbrandts". To prevent this from...
Super nice boots MrDV.
Awesome boots Prez. Your plaza lasted Indy's are the business. They look like they work well with your always stylish attire.
Nice patina on those Indy's sir. Me thinks the natty cxl's from Moulded Shoe are calling my name.
New Posts  All Forums: