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MrDV and Don L, both you guys have hit it off beautifully this morning.
Beautiful boots hoit! Nice score.
Good evening sir. Going out tonight? Looking good Uncle.
Great boots MrDV.
+1 Take the 20% off and run with it.
Chipshot, the membrane below the skin on a horses ass is mystical? Come on man, lay off the stuff for a minute will ya', or not. J-K
Thats how you do it in the summertime Uncle! Very nice.
I love the RL Marlow penny loafers. They're just a real solid platform to stand on.
Wear those wingtips outside of the house already. They're shoes not Rembrandt's.
tifosi is correct again. As a fellow shell aficionado all I can say is that your done for. Lol.
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