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Congrats, looking forward to some pics.
Beautiful tassels Uncle. I hope you put them immediately back in your vault because ravello tassels are rare as hens teeth.
RL Marlow shell cordovan shoes are so nice, and expensive, that gentlemen would rather hold onto them like they would a Canadian Maple-leaf or South African Springbok than wear them in public.
I'm laughing as I write this. Okay, I'm crying.
If you find a plaza lasted Ravello Indy pm me ASAP. For a minute I thought you were talking about unicorns.
Great summer look Don L.
Gentlemen, for those who have the Marlow penny loafers and tassels do they size the same? I just got the penny's and I'm feeling kind of itchy, shell cordovan itchy that is.
If wishes were fishes...
Thank your sir. I like the double leather sole because it's easier on my old knees, and there's actually something to walk on. My Alden LHS's have their purpose right in the first letter of their name. I can totally wear the Marlow penny's with a suit. The depth and richness of the Marlow penny's dark brown shell cordovan is really something. The people making shoes in Northampton for C&J produce a fantastic product. I think if I had to own just one pair of loafers these...
NAMOR, your a funny guy. Inside of the shoe it says "Ralph" somebody.I broke them in by wearing them out to a jazz show last night. Super comfortable.
New Posts  All Forums: