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Looking good sir!
Very nice king wt's Uncle. That's one argyle sock colour combo that I don't have, looks good.
TSM Alden size 11.5D irregulars email. Sorry I can't provide a link from my phone right now. Worth a call maybe.
Great formal looking cap toe Uncle. Shell of course?
Marvellous looking boots Uncle. I hope to add a pair of shell Indy's to the rotation this fall.
They're made by the Elves in Middle-Earth. Call Bilbo Baggins he'll hook you up.
PTB's today MrDV? Nice shine, or buff as it were, sir. Doesn't C&J offer the same shoe in calf on a danite sole? I suppose I could look it up myself.
That's the way to do it sir!
Very nice coolarrow!
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