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The ptb's are only available through RL stores. They're not available on the website as far as I know.
Ben, good luck and let me know how things work out. Where are you getting them from?
Barrie shoes are roomy but comfortable. Marlow wingtip is narrower by comparison. Ptb's are probably my most comfortable derby. The penny's I found to be a tad shorter overall than the other two Marlows, but still a good loafer fit.
Ben, I'm an 11.5D measured on the brannock, 11D in the Alden barrie, and wear an 11 in the Marlow wingtips, penny's, and ptb's. Don't be afraid to order a couple sizes in the Marlows, you can always send the ones that don't fit back.
Very nice sir. Do your RL penny's get much wear in the summer?
No worries mate.
unaware, I have the Marlow wingtips and loafers, both in the same size 11US. The toe box in the loafers are a bit shorter than the wingtips, so I think a US8 should work well for you.
Your welcome Uncle, thanks for the reminder. I'm trying to make my own Monet copy. It sure is hard to get the colours and the brush strokes right.
Two of my most comfortable shoes.Don't be mislead by the shadows on my patio.
Congrats, looking forward to some pics.
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