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Uncle, this makeup looks like you could actually get somewhere as opposed to the iconic Gucci horse bit loafers.
Nice combo sir. Safe travels!
Very cool. Love the laces.
Very nice Mike.
Lovely summer ensemble Uncle.
Tonight, cashmere and silk three piece, Marlow penny 's no socks.golf sock tan lines 4 sure. It's like wearing pyjamas in public.
The RL loafers with their double soles seem more road worthy than the Alden LHS's.
Consider your options my friend. Girlfriends who actually like to hang out with you, no matter what kind of shoes your wearing, are hard to come by in my experience.
Might have to be sneaky don't you know.
The lower vamp on the tassel is a good observation my friend, perfect for summer heat. Unfortunately my gf says she doesn't like tassels. Go figure.
New Posts  All Forums: