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New shoes!
Personally I believe it's more important for your shoes no matter what style you prefer, be they oxford or derby, to be clean, as in buffed or shined, and in good repair. Split soles, open tears, or run over heels should not be visible. Just my 2 cents gents.
Nice shoes!
I'm playing tomorrow morning. This Open is a hard tournament to watch, but I've gotta stay home because I've got a corned beef brisket on the boil. Happy Fathers Day!
Nice casual look RTP. Love the socks.
She's definitely thinking about peeing on them.
So tempting. Already have Ravello LWB's and Marlow short wings, definitely would be overkill.
Your right about that sir.
I've seen nothing either concerning a change in C&J's shell cordovan supplier. Don't a lot of companies announce supplier changes through corporate press releases, unless there's some proprietary contractual arrangement I would imagine? Still need those Gianni's Hoit? I don't blame you.
I wonder if Putin has a pair?
New Posts  All Forums: