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An overhand spinning 563 might have been a better choice of footwear to launch. Might catch an eye with a tassel. You never know.
Congrats KWL. Great score on a nice pair of monks. Enjoy and wear them in the best of health.
As far as the 270 welt on the Indy boot goes I can only speak to my own experience. Years ago I used to frame houses, do drywall, paint, scaffolding, etc, to support my never ending college career. The 270 is great for getting into tight spaces and especially when walking with a load on roofs and narrow beams.
An absolutely fantastic sartorial ensemble sir. Your DM's look great.
You are extremely welcome my friend. I always knew you wanted those boots. Congratulations and wear them always in the very best of health. Sorry, no kiss. You'll just have to be happy with your wife's.
Beautiful collection of Vass shell footwear sir. Is that an F last on the burgundy ptb's?
Your a smooth operator rydanfan. Do I detect a trend? I especially like the longwings, they'll look good on Memorial Day weekend. Congrats and wear them in the best of health.
Yes, I believe it will. They're still someone else's used shoes though. Their style, quality of construction and materials, and their amount of use leads me to believe that they're worth about $559.99 despite being "rare" whiskey shell.
It looks like these cxl Indy's have a double leather sole. Is it possible to have Alden boots with commandos changed to double leather?
Michael, I wear an 11D in my barrie lasted Alden ptb's and LWB's, and I got a good fit in an 11D in the Marlow wingtips. For what it's worth the C&J Bradford shell cordovan cap toe retails for around $850. I believe the price for the RL Marlow wingtip is commensurate with what it costs to produce a high quality Goodyear welted shell cordovan brogue. Waiting for a sale can sometimes be a long wait.
New Posts  All Forums: