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Real attention getters Uncle.
Thank you so much Uncle. I've missed you guys too.
Thanks Seven.
Very nice sir!
Alden Cigar LHS. Brooks Brothers socks and slacks.
I believe you never see pics of Harrison Ford wearing Aldens, when he must wear hard soled footwear at all, because he can afford completely handmade shoes from whatever designer his publicist says is the flavour of the month. Plus he's a movie star from Southern California who wears nothing but trainers, flip flops, or sandals while at his beach house. I'm sure he's got a pair or two of Indy's around somewhere though.
Looking good sir!
Very nice king wt's Uncle. That's one argyle sock colour combo that I don't have, looks good.
TSM Alden size 11.5D irregulars email. Sorry I can't provide a link from my phone right now. Worth a call maybe.
New Posts  All Forums: