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The Vikings paid my car insurance today. Pats and Packers too close to call.
Great looking penny loafers Mike. Ravello is my favourite shell colour. Packers or Patriots?
Thank you Uncle. Looking sharp yourself.
King #8 Naval Boots for a cold Sunday.
"Young" friend? As my father would say about me and my girlfriend, "...your old enough to be her daddy". And please don't ruin a pair wingtips shell boots for anything as silly as golf. Anybody know if the weathers nice in Palm Springs after Christmas?
I always wear coloured laces with my Marlows. It's a nice touch. Bravo!
I played golf two weeks ago in a wind that was barely above freezing. Sadly now, or thankfully for anybody whose seen me play, the Minnesota golf season is over. Who knows, maybe the desert for New Years.
My pleasure Uncle.
Very classy and very professional Uncle.
RTP, it's too true that I've been playing a lot of golf this summer, still didn't win my clubs championship though. I wanted to thank you and Uncle Mac especially because without you guys and the other classy members of this forum I wouldn't have such wonderful shoes to wear as I walk this earth like Cain, determined to get back in Gods good graces and to be just a little bit better than I usually am.
New Posts  All Forums: