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When I say broke down it was an over statement. The sole started to separate at the toe. Full disclosure here is that I actually wore my cxl Indy's to work, which is a bit more wearing than going to Starbucks. Now I've done it. All the vente' mocha latte' with an extra shot of expresso drinkers heads are going to explode.
Thanks ironclad for the reassuring message. I assume you've got neo-cork in your 405's. I wore my Indy's a lot at first and noticed that the commando soles broke down fairly fast, that might be because I walk a couple miles a day.
I noticed the same foot pain when wearing my CXL Indy's with a commando sole for extended periods, so now I use a thin insole. I've never had a problem with my double-soled shell cordovans in that regard. I can really feel the pavement when wearing my commando soled Indy's. When I resole I'll be getting either cork original Indy sole or go double leather.
Those are beautiful! They need some rolls though. Crease those bad boys.
The Vikings paid my car insurance today. Pats and Packers too close to call.
Great looking penny loafers Mike. Ravello is my favourite shell colour. Packers or Patriots?
Thank you Uncle. Looking sharp yourself.
King #8 Naval Boots for a cold Sunday.
"Young" friend? As my father would say about me and my girlfriend, "...your old enough to be her daddy". And please don't ruin a pair wingtips shell boots for anything as silly as golf. Anybody know if the weathers nice in Palm Springs after Christmas?
I always wear coloured laces with my Marlows. It's a nice touch. Bravo!
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