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Kind sir, I mean no offence but you sound like the character named "Rust" that Matthew Mcconaughey played on the HBO series "True Detective".
Enter the nuanced gradations of reality.
Those boots look very project oriented. I don't know if it's just me but the trubalance Indy's are a super comfortable boot.
I like your new shoes.
Maybe some pics of the classic Budapester or Alt Wein with goyser stitching.
+1 on the Marlow wingtips with a navy suit. I where that combo a couple times a month. White or light blue shirt and a nice tie and you definitely are better dressed than most of the schlubs out there. IMO the ptb's work better with my grey flannel suit. Personal preference prevails though unless you just want to look like a lawyer or a bean counter.
Great boots. Cool laces.
Leffot King perf captoes on a freezing day in MPLS.
An overhand spinning 563 might have been a better choice of footwear to launch. Might catch an eye with a tassel. You never know.
Congrats KWL. Great score on a nice pair of monks. Enjoy and wear them in the best of health.
New Posts  All Forums: