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  Look at a white piece of paper under fluorescent and incandescent light. 
I want to hear more about the burger.
Seeing Mala, Coki & Truth tonight       
Look for a furrier.
There's no debate, they are fashion accessories.
  That's because you're not a teenager.
You're on a fashion forum complaining about people taking a fashion accessory seriously?
Omakase just means you send ToJ your money and they make whatever jacket they feel would suit you best. Like a lot of analogies Drew uses, it's a restaurant thing.
Time for some of the shitposters who've been plaguing this thread of late to eat some humble pie. Delays suck, lack of communications suck, but the jackets are worth it.
Multilace KVA's on Sneakerboy, "SBFAM" gets you $150 off.
New Posts  All Forums: