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Armani still put out some seriously nice stuff. Picked up a fairly weird jacket in a private sale at a good price, but they had a lot of good stuff in the collection this year.
Checked out the Markowski sidezips earlier at their store. Nicer than MMM's, but they didn't have my size
  No pics, but just a very generic fold in half then tuck one end through the loop. The fact that it's a really big scarf just makes the knot nice and substantial.  So boring. But yeah, that's what I was thinking.  Yup, US embassy. Good shout on the book. I'll pick something up at the station.
 Just go for a huge black scarf. I got luxire to make me one with tassels that's 80 x 40", looks good when worn with my ToJ bomber.  On another note, what's acceptable embassy interview wear when you have to talk to someone about getting your visa?
My inbox is ready.
  The 80 x 40" scarf you guys made me is still an absolute beauty!
  He's so awful live. :( He has produced some wildly different stuff though: Exhibit A. Exhibit B. Exhibit C. Exhibit D. Exhibit E.
Shipping accidents happen with any company, just email Charly, he'll know what to do.
  It's a DR, of course it looks similar.
Zippers on the wrong part of the sleeve to be a ToJ.
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