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One day, I'm going to buy an old warehouse in the middle of nowhere, set up a giant wall of speakers and sit in bliss in front of them as I relax and have my lungs shaken out of my body.      
May be moving to Huntsville for work, gonna be too hot for ToJ's :(
   Taking 6 months to replace an item with an inferior version is not good customer service, under any circumstance.
I got hit with ~£20 import charges on one of my 5 orders, most of which was admin fees :(
Is filming yourself walking past their shop too meta?
It's a good idea but it might not be technically feasible with their ecommerce platform.
Email them, they'll be able to tell you the measurements for items in that order.
The good thing about having midget feet, being able to snag stuff like this at deep discount.  
   Yeah, after visiting the site, I think I'll pass on buying anything from them. 
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