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Not sure you'd want a home fragrance from "the queen of anal".
LA and Pierce, nice to see the meta has gone so far since 1.0
What build are you going for this league?
Similar story with ASOS warehouse staff.https://www.buzzfeed.com/saraspary/these-asos-workers-are-paying-the-true-price-of-your-orderUber used to, but have removed it and only show that small disclaimer about increased fares.
Recent example from NY trip. No indicator in the app how much surge you're being charged or what the standard rate is. Really, really bad for tourists.
Don't you have any issues with them adopting dark patterns in the UX of their latest apps?
On the subject of cloud servers, I was lucky enough to go to Wired 2016 this year and caught a talk from Mustafa Suleyman of DeepMind who used Machine Learning tech to reduce Google Data Centre cooling bills by ~40%.    Data Centres contribute about 3% of total global energy usage, so that's a pretty big deal.
 Google and Microsoft have their own server farms too. https://cloud.google.com/https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/  Did Uber get affected by the recent DDoS attack against DYN? Having taxi infrastructure go down because of a DoS attack would be pretty shitty.
 Until you realise one company holds a monopoly and imposes arbitrary price surcharges when they feel they can. Tried using Uber when I was in NYC, the fare would have cost me $50 in a yellow cab, but $130 in an Uber.
New Posts  All Forums: