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  It's all about the weird little basement clubs in London with HUGE soundsystems. Maria in Berlin was fun, but got shut down :(
Clubbing is awesome, just need to find somewhere that's about the music rather than being a meat market.
Good to know those Grana tees fit long, was considering some but I'm a shortarse so they'll probably be too long on me.
I doubt he's that much of a masochist.
@mrchariybrown Thanks for everything you've done dude, mega appreciate all the help you've been in our various emails exchanges. Same goes to Dan!
  Damn SendGrid!
Interesting, thanks Fok!
Right, I'm aware of that. Apparently Shark Tank started in '09, which puts it just after the '07-'08 crash. I imagine investment funds would have been harder to come by around that point in time.
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