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  Or, you know, a porn star.
No, it just implies that some stuff is being made, not that he can afford to make everything.
  We know he doesn't. He's said stuff is still in production.
  You could always buy the .xxx domain and have it be about how Drew fucked us all.
Jackets have been going out like that for a while, just no one really conplained previously.
It's not like it's a uniquely Japanese trait to have been unfamiliar with exotic animals. Swedes fucked up pretty spectacularly too.
That's unfortunately how a whole load of people speak, it's pretty gross.
  Na, sloanie/rah is definitely a different pronunciation to BBC. Particularly wanky tv show that demonstrates it perfectly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH-sZbzadUU Compare to the beginning of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiljTaop-pQ  Interesting how posh accents seem to be changing though.
I dunno man, I went to a boarding school and the prevailing accent was rah more than it was BBC. Maybe we just have different definitions of posh accents? I'm thinking Maggy Thatcher and the Queen, not BBC.
BBC English definitely isn't posh English, it's a very neutral accent.I don't think you have anything to really worry about, one of the best things about London is just how massively diverse it is. You might have some small problems understanding a few people at first, but it won't last long and most are very understanding.Your written English is better than that of a lot of native speakers I know.It's not really an issue Reddit has, as threads have a very limited lifespan...
New Posts  All Forums: