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  As someone who's still got $$$ on the line, I really appreciate having a thread where some updates are posted. Sucks that people are giving you grief for it, but it is valuable for those of us waiting for jackets.
 I'll have to do some more Googling! I attended a conference last week, and one of the talks was guilty of this kind of thing. It was a talk on how as a business sends more email, the email open rate drops. Which is fine, but the other side of the coin which wasn't mentioned is that even if the rate drops, the total aggregate opens increases, which is the real number you should care about (if you should care about open rate at all, which is another discussion). I'll have...
  You're talking about stuff like this, right? http://www.jonathankettleborough.com/big-data-data-blindness/
Catering to the lowest common denominator might be profitable, but it's no fun.
Reminds me of the dnb producer/dj Panacea who's always wearing Acronym/RO/BBS. Although he does have a full set of shiny gold teeth to complete the look.
Rose gold ring for my nose.         Isaora sweats.  
  One of the only good couriers in the UK, DPD, will email and send an SMS if you've provided a valid number, with the actual hour slot when you can expect your item to be delivered. I always thought that was super neat.
Retailers need order trackers like Domino's Pizza.
So much cringe.   http://deusex.musterbrand.com/
  They A/B test the shit out of any change they make, so they've at least got some data to back up any change they make.
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