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  Leather MA1 is probs my favourite out of the TOJ jackets I own. Would look baller in suede as well.
So how many entries in that spreadsheet do you guys reckon are fake? Place your bets here.
  Please don't start a fucking witch hunt. :s
 Plus they're one of the few brands at that price bracket who cut their stuff to fit short skinny people, which is great for me. I bought a few suits from them for a new job I started 8 months ago, fabric and cut is great, and they have frequent sales.
S'ok dude, email notification showed me what you originally wrote
How long until someone fucks with the publicly editable doc? Place your bets here.
  There's no such thing as free shipping.
  Totally would work, you're just not the right shape for it, and definitely don't zip the jacket up.
Bomber jackets probably look the best with smart trousers/shirt/shoes. Motos and riders can work as well, but it depends on how casual your office is.
  Look at a white piece of paper under fluorescent and incandescent light. 
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