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Yep, got an email yesterday about a 25% sale that should be on right now.
I had a jacket made for £170,which admittedly is a little bit more but that was using a nice nubuck as opposed to one of the shop's cheaper leathers.I exaggerated a little, but you can definitely get nice-enough stuff made for not a great deal more than that.
You could also buy a few hundred live ladybugs from amazon to unleash on the aphids.
That sort of pricing is honestly pretty normal for custom made jackets from smaller tailors. The leather won't be anything amazing but looks perfectly serviceable.
Wear blister plasters until the heels of the shoes break in?
Just put a deposit down to get a sleeve done in late December, eep.
Yup, didn't mention the Bond thing 'cause it's pretty cringe. It's super lightweight, really nice for days when it's not too cold.
Last.fm is so disappointing ever since they changed the default music player! Also: http://www.last.fm/user/Jacques_ct
Just post the recent Mala/Gantz/Gorgon Sound Boiler Room stuff if you want good electronic music of the bassy kind.
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