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I blame Fight Club for my desire to own some gucci loafers, despite the fact that I'd almost definitely look like a complete twat in them.
Still sore 24 hours later 😬
Finishing up my sleeve with some shading tomo, and managed to get an appointment with Kelly Violet in June. Ridiculously hyped.
I think it's probably the opposite to be honest, music is becoming more homogeneous. For the most part, people don't want to listen to new things, they want to listen to what other people are listening to.Kids in London now look like and listen to the same things as kids in NY or LA.
A lot of the records I own are early 04-08 dubstep records, which aren't available legitimately in any other format. That's probably not super common but there are entire subcultures around owning records.Same deal with books, sure it's easy to pick up the ASoIaF collection on .epub, but owning limited or lettered subterranean press editions has a very real appeal.
Capilano suspension bridge was pretty cool when I went. Super basic bitch though.
Barena. Annoyed the grey linen is sold out in my size.
They're both XXS.
Got some olive and bamboo Acronym Air Presto's when they went up for sale but never worn them, anyone have a rough idea what they're selling for these days?
Not sure you'd want a home fragrance from "the queen of anal".
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