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Not sure I want to be back on the East coast after my last experience there 85% sure I could make your drip campaign more effective.
Depends on his budget, if he's got a few grand saved up he'll probably be best off renting out a 2 or 3 bedroom flat outright and then finding flatmates to spread the cost with. 1 bedroom flats work too, but they're very expensive.I *was* GA certified and have been in email marketing for 4 years if you want to deal with visas...
The flatmate will become the shawl, obvs.
I've given up on finding a flatshare, so I'm just renting out a 2bed and finding a flatmate later.
I'm the club kid, so that's all good with me.
I had forgotten how shit flat hunting was in London. Agents are doing viewings of rooms without ever introducing the other tenants, no way am I leaving things in a flat with people I don't know.
Around 1cm, that's with 5 cards in it, plus a bunch of train tickets. I always keep stuff in front pockets.
I really like my Maxx & Unicorn bifold wallet.
  He's the editor in chief of a popular online news site, which has a code of ethics. If he won't do shit, there are plenty of people it could be raised to.
Wouldn't contacting the huffpost guy be a good idea?
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