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Freehand sharpie by my tattoo artist earlier today. The whole thing hurt a hell of a lot less than I was expecting.  
Lame selfie at the Barbican last night. Trousers are a prototype I'm working on, not that you can see much in the photo.  
Just tested my Anova for the first time. I'm going to call this a success.  
That grain definitely looks like lamb to me.
Already sorta working on it :/
Some say he founded Styleinshade as a rebellious act against his meatbag masters.
Na, fuck those guys, they didn't even tell us they weren't making our jackets./s
His mum's been funnier for a few decades more than that.
The only RiRi and Lampo zips I've handled are on a pair of Lanvin biker pants, the Excella's feel smoother. That being said, I'm comparing wider Excella to normal width RiRi and Lampo, so not a fair comparison.No idea on Super Lampos.I can actually source the thicker Excella's very easily, other brands not so much, so they've got that going for them.
They're not a replacement for a proper blender if you do things like crush ice or make smoothies with lots of leafy greens. They're also not very good for making things like nut butters and won't make silky smooth soups.That being said, they're mostly great in small kitchens, they're very good for making soups and the attachments you can get are really useful, particularly mini food processor ones.
New Posts  All Forums: