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  One of the only good couriers in the UK, DPD, will email and send an SMS if you've provided a valid number, with the actual hour slot when you can expect your item to be delivered. I always thought that was super neat.
Retailers need order trackers like Domino's Pizza.
So much cringe.   http://deusex.musterbrand.com/
  They A/B test the shit out of any change they make, so they've at least got some data to back up any change they make.
  It'd be cool if the search didn't require a drop-down, but that's just a preference thing.
It's a nice walk if you start from Liverpool Street, go through Spitalfields, Brick Lane, check out Box Park, etc. There's loads to see and do around that side of London.
@afixedpoint Pizza Pilgrims on Dean Street, grab a seat by the window so you can people watch while you eat. Mother Clucker at Elys Yard is the best fried chicken you'll eat in London, it's a fairly short walk from/to Hostem, and there's always loads to see around that side of London.   Freud's on Shaftesbury Avenue is my favourite cocktail bar, it's in a small dingy concrete basement but the drinks are great and reasonably priced. Avoid on Friday or Saturday nights...
I've played a lot of Mechwarrior Online, and I love the gameplay, but their monetisation has completely thrown me off, and this is coming from someone who's spent over $1k on a single game.
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