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So an ma-1 without the arm pocket or shoulder gussets?
Grailed are about to start charging. RIP Grailed.
Completely separate teams!Yup, I've seen a few TheCorner emails promoting NaP sites.
Yeah, I'm hoping for them it's not a monumental fuckup, seems unlikely though. Probably just some cross-promotional activity.
Shouldn't be possible with the way it's setup. At least not in an accidental way.
Just wear the hell out of it.
I'm working on a custom trouser design and sourcing material 'cause I can't find anything nice that fits properly. :/
Getting this bit done in early March. It's gonna suck
Not sure yet, I've done Boston already so can count that one out. Just want to bum around like a tourist for a few days, maybe see a few national parks.LA is definitely on the cards as I've got someone I want to see there.
I have to head to Chicago for a wedding at the end of the year, what other cities in the US are worth stopping a few days at? Definitely no plans to return to The South
New Posts  All Forums: