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Great time for Americans to buy from UK stores at least. Pound has fallen off a cliff.
We are so fucked.
You can probably expect an entry level fashion role in London to net you £20-25k,and that's after doing an internship and having a relevant degree.
Depends on the job obviously, but in my experience you can expect a good 15-20% less in yearly pay compared to an equivalent job in another industry.TCR station is a bit of a nightmare atm with all the crossrail stuff happening.
Yup, and it's pretty close to South Molton Street which has some cool shops.
Wallace Collection is great. Right next to Selfridges too if you want to catch their sale.
They pay shit, too much competition for those jobs for them to need to pay much.
Denmark Street is a total shitshow right now though.
From the Tate Modern you can cross the river and walk to St Pauls, which is worth a visit. That'll leave you in the City, which is a bit shit. If you walk West from there towards Holborn you'll be super close to the British Museum and the Hunterian Museum. You'll also be close to Freuds on Shaftesbury Avenue which is my fav cocktail bar.Soho and that general area is worth a visit, just avoid Tottenham Court Road as there are loads of works happening there right now. If...
Freehand sharpie by my tattoo artist earlier today. The whole thing hurt a hell of a lot less than I was expecting.  
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