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Yeah, you'de definitely get into Torture Garden wearing that.
Charly's a goddamned saint.
My clothes & misc junk all finally made it over!     Nothing broken so far as I've noticed. 
  I meant a cheaper location in London. I left at a good time, no more Central line at TCR, I would have had to walk to Holborn adding a whole 15 minutes to my daily commute.
  Does moving to Alabama count as a poor life choice? To be fair, I could have lived somewhere cheaper, but the location was worth the extra money.
  I was paying 799 GBP a month for a room in zone 1. That was in a 4 bedroom flat with a single bathroom. A 1 bed flat is easily ~1800+ per month in a non-central location. I'm noticing a lot of people my age either move back in with their parents or leave London altogether because it's just too expensive.
London isn't getting crazy, it's already insane. Forget about owning an apartment there, it just won't happen unless you earn 100k GBP p/y or win the lottery.   http://www.zoopla.co.uk/house-prices/london/?search_source=top_nav
I ended up just going with IKEA to furnish my new place, there's no real alternatives at the same price point. Some of the new pine range is pretty nice though.
Yeah, I've got a 5 year visa so I'll be here a while. There seems to be a lot of new construction downtown, the apartment I'm in is brand new, and there are two other developments downtown that I'm aware of, so things should liven up. Plus there's a monster truck show in town in a couple months, so life's good.French/Brit living in the States, although I've only been here 6-7 weeks. I'll have to explore the US while I'm here. London's great, but it's way too expensive.
@Caveat Got offered a job here I couldn't turn down! Hah, I don't know if it's really boring, the nightlife is definitely not what I'm used to, I was at a club last night that just reminded me of a school disco. I've done the big city living for a while, the change of pace is nice, not to mention being able to rent an entire house for the same price I used to pay for a room in London. I had a feeling Atlanta would be my best bet, I've been meaning to go there to see what...
New Posts  All Forums: