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I'll iron them and then repost a better presentation.
Hi everyone. I was hoping you guys might be able to help me out. I'm about to launch a pair of heavy jersey trousers in a boutique here in Rome at a price point of 240€ The thing is that I've never catered to the classic menswear market, the clients within that market, or even the price point so I'm kind of just riding on instinct. I was hoping that you guys could share your opinions... Its a hand-dyed cotton stretch barré jersey fabric, with a high cut waist,...
I've never liked Big embroideries in general. On shoes I find it to be' even worse. I love velvet slippers otherwise. Wear them at home with a nice smoking jacket.
Hilarious thread! Search google for 3XDRY tshirts maybe something will come up. 3XDRY is wicking that doesn't reach the surface so it would be perfect for undershirts. I should start making them as I often have the same problem. Good luck, soggy armpits suck.
Horrible! Big no no for me.
Any thoughts on uneven/barre' dye washes on cotton summer trousers?
  what an ugly watch!
  Agreed; but I would consider that a construction issue. Especially in an artisinal context construction defects are unacceptable in my opinion. I was refering more to companies that use particular fabric surfaces, dyeing techniques/washes (intentionally or not) and justify them as unique. For example, have you ever bought a tie with an uneven surface or an uneven color because you found that it added value to the aesthetic?
Seriously! Nobody has anything to say about this?  
You could check out Scotch and Soda given that you live in Amsterdam; I personally don't like S&S because I find it slightly too casual but it's closer to your budget. Otherwise you might want to check out some lower costing Italian brands like Cockrane, or Braddock. I find that those two brands have a nice cut for under €100. Honestly, I think it's a bit difficult to find a really nice pair of pants for under €100. Be careful to not overlook the details; make sure at...
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