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At this point, I'm not surprised by these stories anymore.
What do you guys make of these? They seem pretty old. They are stamped "Paul Stuart New York" and made in Ireland. I've never come across Paul Stuart shoes that were made in Ireland. Also, the bottoms are weird. They seem to have been resoled with some aftermarket sole and that material is slippery as hell. Anybody out there ever see something like these before? PS the suede looks better in person than in the pics.
What do you guys think about these? I need a legit check. They were cheap so I took a chance. I'm leaning towards fake. They actually are a pretty nice shoe real or not. Google doesn't produce anything. The bottoms look weird and I can't find any background on that specific green label. I guess they're a boat shoe? Thanks in advance gentlemen.             
     @SpooPoker I swear this shit only happens to you!
A few more random things..Before I got into Menswear, I was a huge Jordan/sneaker collector. I had a collection that was between 225-250 pairs at it's peak. When I reached a certain age, I decided that I wanted to dress in a more mature fashion. That's when I got into thrifting/Menswear. I learned as much as I could about menswear/tailored clothing. I was all in. I sold all of my J's (over 100 pairs) and almost all the other pairs because I decided I wasn't going to wear...
Hello gentlemen. I'm going to start creeping back into the thread. I really love this thread but it's so hard to keep up sometimes. I have sooooo many things to post. I'll start with a few random so, so pieces..       Land's End 100% Linen Baird McNutt 42 Reg--It was dirt cheap and stone cold mint     Been had Vintage Polo Sport Bball shorts     Been had Vintage Polo Sport swim trunks     BB fun shirt XL     RLPL 100% linen shirt...
@Fueco I can't even imagine how you and your wife feel. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope this trip will bring you at least a temporary reprieve. I haven't posted on here in over a year but I felt compelled to send prayers and well wishes. 
In regards to finding Barbour in the field...I have found (and sold) 3 quilted jackets and I just found and sold the vest below NWT last week. I still have never found a waxed cotton beaufort or bedale yet...I had to go buy one brand new last year and I don't regret it at all..        
In the field...been had...
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