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Here are a few recent things. Nothing compared to what has been here lately, but I'm happy. This is just some of it. I will post more when time is more abundant...Have a good night fellas!!     Florsheim shell longwing N/A  [[SPOILER]]
yeahhhh soooooo I'm definitely not posting tonight. No point in posting after what I've seen in the most recent pages..   Great job Hans and Wes!
YESSSSS! I am finally caught back up! What's up thrift bros!?!?! You guys have been killing it as usual. I have been really busy with a lot going on in my life (including switching jobs) so my thrift schedule has been waaaayyyyy off. But I've still managed to find some great things over the past few weeks. I tried uploading pics but it was taking FOREVER so I'll try again tomorrow.    I love everything about this thread/community except for how cumbersome it is to post...
+1...Frenchy is one of the coolest dudes I've interacted with from the thrift thread, but if he was in my thrift territory I would probably find a new thrift territory LMAO..
Shout out to TJ Maxx tho! RLPL pants for $29.99. I ripped the store apart to see if they had more but no luck!
Yes! I finally caught back up with the thread! I have been really busy. I was over 5 pages behind and it took me forever to catch up. Sick finds lately everyone. I will be back in the game posting again soon!
Here is some of my haul from the other day. This isn't even all of it and this was all from one day. I haven't finished unwinding all of it yet..Most of this isn't available but let me know if something really strikes your fancy and we can work something out.. There are spoilers inside the spoiler also, so click to see those too if you choose.   [[SPOILER]]
Hey Willis and Geiger experts, are these anything special? They are like a really soft, heavy and thick cotton twill, made in the USA and stone cold mint. I remember seeing someone say that W&G guys go crazy from a specific type of pants. Are these them? Thanks brothers..                    
Here are a couple of recent things that I already had pics of...These are pretty much all gone already..   An interesting find....Barbour brown leather wingtips with a super light gum sole. These things are light as a feather and I'm sure they are super comfortable. They were brand new unworn..   [[SPOILER]]  Brand new with tags staple Canali navy dotted tie (available for now)      Stubbs and wooton (not available, women's anyways)   
major, major haulage today. One of my best days in a while. Pics will hopefully be coming tomorrow.
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