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In regards to finding Barbour in the field...I have found (and sold) 3 quilted jackets and I just found and sold the vest below NWT last week. I still have never found a waxed cotton beaufort or bedale yet...I had to go buy one brand new last year and I don't regret it at all..        
In the field...been had...
Where do you guys get all these funny ass GIFs? They crack me up every time! (serious question)
An epic haul on Saturday. This is only the tailored clothing. This isn't what was on the rack---these are the pieces I actually bought! All high end Italian brands. Crappy picture but quality pickups. I also had a bunch of other great pickups at the same spot that are not pictured. More detailed pics coming soon. I'm so jaded that it is rare that I get excited about a haul. This is one of those hauls.    
@EasyE thrift synergy from a couple of pages back...           Been Had...RLX             Been had vintage Polo Sport..           Been had Ralph Lauren Purple Label 100% linen trousers.....                     Been Had Polo black watch wool trousers..         Been had RRL chinos...             Been had RLPL cotton chinos..      
I just scan the rack/feel/look for signs of quality. If I see even one quality pair then I dissect the entire rack pair by pair just to make sure I'm not missing anything. I hit my spots often, so I can usually tell if there is something new there. The way it works out, I usually end up doing a full dissection of the pants about once a week per spot. Pants aren't usually worth going through pair by pair every time like coats are for example. 
@SpooPoker I found some of your bait that you dropped in one of my spots today. Were you trying to test turnaround time? They had to have only been put out within the last two days. When did you donate them? I would be interested to see how long the turnaround time is there. Also, you re-donated some pretty nice pieces (read :orphans)--older Zegna, Brooks (346), and I think Hickey Freeman..I'm surprised you couldn't sell some of them. I almost picked up a couple and then I...
Thrift thread family! I am finally back. I have had a really crazy summer. I kept trying to catch up but it just wasn't working. I couldn't get caught up. Then one day I look up and see that I was behind almost three hundred pages. This thread can get away from you very quickly. I will try to read the backlog as I go, but I had to jump to the most recent and say hello. I have been thrifting but I just haven't had a chance to post my finds. It was a decent summer of...
Here are a few recent things. Nothing compared to what has been here lately, but I'm happy. This is just some of it. I will post more when time is more abundant...Have a good night fellas!!     Florsheim shell longwing N/A  [[SPOILER]]
yeahhhh soooooo I'm definitely not posting tonight. No point in posting after what I've seen in the most recent pages..   Great job Hans and Wes!
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