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Just today my S/O was talking about birth stones and let slip that hers is sapphire.She basically did the Xmas shopping for me!It pays to listen.
Speaking of this, did that Conne Globe trot (1st page) trip ever see the light of day? Haha
The Thurman lace ups are the ones on my sight right now. They look like a good boot for rain and mud. Thoughts? (They're on sale!) http://www.6pm.com/frye-thurman-lace-up-dark-brown-pebbled-full-grain-shearling
I saw you compared then to your 1000 mile boots but i only have redwings. I only recently heard of frye boots to be honest so wondering if their construction is up to par. I know they Goodyear welt do that's a good sign.
Old joke that apparently everyone forgot :/
And gods forbid you use a food processor!
100,184 + 41 = 100,225
I miss the space age of music and fantasy.I miss David Bowie.
99,900 + 99= 99,999Couldn't bring myself to take the honor from the regulars.
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