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I haven't even looked at them. They're not pure anymore.
I imagine this is a similar pain
Mourning the loss of my 2 year old pair of raw selvedge denim jeans. They were taken too soon by a mother who decided to visit and do laundry while i was at work.
My comment: 1. Homosexuality is a behavior, not a physical trait. 2. During the 1800's blacks did not have a legal standing and couldn't sign marriage contracts (much like dogs). The fact that you would think it's a crazy notion to marry your dog is a clear sign of your Human Privilege ignorance.
Writen by a hideous beast of a woman that went to my highschool.My response: At least you're getting laid now :/
That's the Slash effect.
Google isn't helping me find a pandora station with the joyous music one would find in a bar mitzvah.
I just pinched my gf for not getting out of the shower wearing green and she is all like "I am experiencing feelings of mad, why the hell you pinching me!?" :/
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