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Lol I'm not. I'm from LAI only lived there for 2 years but I'm living in LA again.I'm actually on vacay with the gf in Oahu right now though... Haha!
I did exactly this yesterday.Eggs Benedict mothafukkaP.s. I bet you also use a food processor.
Rice for breakfast? Wtf? :/
Oh wait...I see our problem.
This is completely not true. Breakfast is the one meal i will NOT have out. Nobody does is quite right exept done at home.
Haha 13,809 + 130 = 13,939
I'm have an appointment to try acupuncture for the first time today. I had a massage on Monday but it was weak sauce. More of a zen mind than a relief for my muscle soreness and back. I think what I ultimately want/need is a deep tissue massage from a heavy Russian woman named Helga.
Why had i never seen this show before?
I read the popped as "pooped" and thought you'd put the Vicodin in your pooper. I'm sure I'd have a different effect that way though.
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