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My Ship date is at January as of now.
Cheers.Just checked it out, they don't seem to have much selection.
Do you know if they release 'seconds' of their not quite there boots? I saw they have the really discounted ones on 6pm.com but was wondering if they're seconds. (Redwing doesn't release second quality boots).
Wtf, meatloaf done right is amazing.
Fuck, I get this so much on instagram. People always post this shit.
Kidney stones got ya down old timer?
Greek kale tuna salad! Gotta make a detour at wholefoods now. Yeah, potatoe salad is the worst. Somebody brought it to a station potluck a week ago and nobody touched it. I do t even think the person who brought it are that crap.
Turns out I get lame amethyst. Why couldn't I get Onyx like a bawz?
Also, I agree with ya @Find Finn. Birthstones and horoscopes are a huge joke but shit, I know she wants that fucking sapphire necklace.
This.She might see it coming from a mile but hey, I'm not getting her something she isn't asking for and probably won't like.
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