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That wouldn't even work in your twisted fantasies.
They did this to one of my buddy's in boot camp. The Rdc went apeshit on her lol
"Seeing as I'm sick the old me would have stayed in bed and skipped all of my morning lectures. See that don't fly with the new me though" Way to get everyone sick asshole.
This is actually great advice and just reminded me that this is actually a style forum.
This.American Horror Story seems to have adopted this method and it works pretty well imo.
Anyone catch the Black Mirror Christmas special? I only caught it this week. That thing was great. John Hamm guest stared.
What is it?
So it's you! I better not find out you're my new roommate motherfucker!
The asshole new roommate who keeps taking the water filter jug into his room. It's not even his!
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