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Someone should start a "peaceful" protest where they go into shitty vegan restaurants and eat in-n-out burgers. Maybe some ribs. And just start chanting stupid annoying shit.
Tears from the tip of your penis.
+150 = 22, 124
Wtf!? Places actualy do this? What a fucking scam
What I don't get is that these are grown ass people. I mean people in their late 40 and well into their 50s sometimes. I thought special flowers was a millennial thing.And, if you know you're going grocery shopping why not leave that furry grandchild replacement at home :/
Why the fuck do people take their pets (mostly dogs) into grocery stores. Specially when they're in specialty health food stores like WFs with organic shit around. I was talking to one of the workers there and she said this is a big issue for them and they always ask if it's a service dog but 90% of the time it isn't and when they're told they have to take them out they get so pissy and offended. I've seen people put their shitty animals on the carts too. Fuck pet people.
Dumb friend: "That girl who can play along with my jokes and look at the stars while having down to earth conversations. That girl who will smile at you, like she's happy to see you. Well were can I find her because eBay isn't working." Others: (Emotional support BS) Me: Bonus points if her name is actually Star.
+ 30 = 17, 279
Taco Tuesday
Loco moco!I try not to have carbs for breakfast though. Must be that high fat, high protein breakfast!
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