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+ 200 = 30,32010 hour workout day at the beach with a mile of open ocean swim.
You'd probably end up doing something like thishttp://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/243803/old-man-who-was-probably-shrooming-terrorizes-nyc-subway-with-dildo/
Damn I should have just gone home early. Went out diving today and the tide picked up pretty quick. A wave caught me and smacked me around a reef and i ended up with a busted head and minor cuts all over my arm. Don't think the head will need stitches but I'm still pretty worked up about it.
Missed my flight back home and had to pay the fee anyways so i just decided to stay an extra couple of days in Hawaii!
Last weekend in Oahu was a huge success. Whent to a good hole a friend recomended and landed a few good fish which whent straight from the sea to my spear to the grill right at the beach.
I sleep exlisively on hammocks.
+ 20 = 25,406
I saw this while on my way to the gym.It was this tiny middle eastern guy in a chick car. My buddy and i lol'ed all the way after that.
Spear fishing in Hawaii
Gimme dat BAH! Nom Nom Nom!
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