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So I assume we all do dead hangs then right? Anything less would be dishonorable.
Is there an active shaving thread?
Not really pissing me off but kind of disapointed,expected a closer shave from a safety razor wetshave.Just finished up and yes I enjoyed it but it seems like the blade doesn't make too much contact. I guess my skin is real tough though since i didn't get any nicks that people always associate their first safety razor shave with.
I found Finn (swidt), he's in the pull-up thread. Guess he's just getting yoked while you guys sit around complaining about Starbucks prices and Ed rubbing off on you.
+ 62 = 7,678
What happened to the low T?Those meds for your dick making you a pervert?
How are those foam rolls?7,436 + 100 = 7,536
Meermin is in the price range of AE with Carmina maker quality (just not as high quality i guess). Meermin is the little brother brand of Carmina
Edit.Shit I thought you said Meermin
Good luck with the E.D. and trying to find your own penor
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