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68,905 + 100 = 69,005
I dropped the ball by not posting here but I've kept track of tge pull-ups from 2 weeks + 400 = 68,850
Posting this as my status.
I missed my main workout yesterday but i still got in my morning PT run (PT is done on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with a group). I'm on my rest week so it wasn't going to be a huge workout but i still hate to lose it. I figured I could just squeeze in yesterday's workout for this morning and do today's in the after noon instead of starting new today and not getting Sunday off or skipping Monday all together.
Still room for a couple more macaroons though.
I've also got an aqua color of pant that sure make a 'splash'. We could make quite the dynamic duo.
Maybe the crime rate here isn't high enough to where SF members don't feel wild and full of adrenaline to live here. Maybe I should consider moving to a more "hip" town like the STL with its imo pizza and free loot. Hey, maybe there people will apreciate my pink pant wearing ways too!
There is a surprisingly low amount of SF members in LA to where I can't share delicious byrrh and port wine with. (Pissing me off.)
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