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Sorry to hear this.I'm telling you, have a rootbeer float and get laid. It really helps.
Are you taking about T-Swift's mother bruh?
Just gonna leave this here File this one under WTF
Usually, yes. But getting the boot seemed less appealing than leaving on my own terms.
Won't drink any kind of soda but i have treated mineself with rootbeer floats when in the worst depressed moments of my life. This has only happened twice and both times it was because i was fired from some shit job :/
I'm growing it out too.It started off as a joke a month before deploying but I'm really digging it. Specially while wearing aviators and UDT's after a swim
+ 100 (with 30 lb vest) = 32, 943
+ 100 = 31,983
They both look like goblins.
+ 200 = 30,32010 hour workout day at the beach with a mile of open ocean swim.
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