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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I think it might be a frat house to be honest. There are six dudes living in the place and I'd have to share a room with two of them. They attend a very well known private univercity here in SoCal. I guess the upside is frat parties though? :/
Shit, I'm more than likely going to be moving in to a place on campus with roommates. I'm not even in their collage but i need the cheap housing for just a few months. Have to contact them for an interview and we'll see how it goes.
I'll be there in less than two weeks!
I'm going to basic training not deployment. Nothing to hide there.
Redact your statement then bruh lolIt's not like it's a government secret idiot.
[Redacted] Ship date changed to 2015May05 @ethanm
Only place to get SF approved slim fit.
+ 100 = 107,232
I looked up some info on breast feeding and now I'm getting these weird adds asking if I'm sure "He" isn't cheating on me. What the heck!? Who comes up with this link in the two? So if I was a pregnant woman looking for info on great feeding I'd be targeted and asked if i was sure my partner wasn't cheating on me? This is why women are so paranoid!
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