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Shit pics PMed
My addiction to sriracha popcorn
Nice humblebrag ablout your home in the hills.
I've been thinking that all week!-Also, I just got a regular stool since the bathroom I'm using AF home now is pretty tall and I've got long legs as well.@greenFrog i haven't propped my legs up but it seems to work if you hunch over and tip toe. Your knees just have to be above your pelvis i believe.
Get a poop stool bruh
I've been having some of the best shits of my life since using this tiny stool i have as a "poop stool" Can't believe it took me this long. Been doing it for a bit over a week now. My bathroom time has improved significantly too.
See ya in Hawaii guise!
You guys think they'll let me take a sealed 2 pound protein container on my carry on at the airport... Not taking any luggage.
Locked out of my place and need some last minute packing before i head to the airport in 2 hours! Need to wait for my spare but it'll be a good 30 minutes before it gets here.
I found a couple of frozen buffalo steaks over 2 years expired at WF market once.
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