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When we had to stay awake in class for computer based training we used coffee dip. It was a good way to weed off the real dip as well.
The lips on that last picture had my spitting coffee
I do this at airport bathrooms all the time. Fuck sitting on a plane for 5+ hours and not brushing.
How else will I get those sick fadez?
Wtf is it with using and throwing away all those disposable razors? I use an Edwin Jagger DE and it does a way better job than getting the tug from a cheap disposable. Also, you don't need to pass the blade more than twice. One with the grain and another either sideways or against the grain and you're done. When I have used the Gillet fusion i have to give it at least 4 passes. (I have a very thick hair genes)
Didn't you have a lady whom you suspected was stealing your Q-tips?
Someone should start a thread where you share pics of people holding their phone in front of their face on speaker. I swear I ran into 2 of 'em while biking today.
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