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My comment: 1. Homosexuality is a behavior, not a physical trait. 2. During the 1800's blacks did not have a legal standing and couldn't sign marriage contracts (much like dogs). The fact that you would think it's a crazy notion to marry your dog is a clear sign of your Human Privilege ignorance.
Writen by a hideous beast of a woman that went to my highschool.My response: At least you're getting laid now :/
That's the Slash effect.
Google isn't helping me find a pandora station with the joyous music one would find in a bar mitzvah.
I just pinched my gf for not getting out of the shower wearing green and she is all like "I am experiencing feelings of mad, why the hell you pinching me!?" :/
The fuck's up with all these whinny college kids? (And those with shit degrees)
This actually makes sense. The bible does state that one should not loan as it puts one in the power of the other, not unlike a slave and his master.It was even common for settlers of the new world. They put themselves in consensual slavery for a set amount of years to get across the pond.
He might be referring to the Greek version of said fruit. He will most certainly be doomed to stay and be Hades' bitch of he is to partake in it.
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