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Dumb friend: "That girl who can play along with my jokes and look at the stars while having down to earth conversations. That girl who will smile at you, like she's happy to see you. Well were can I find her because eBay isn't working." Others: (Emotional support BS) Me: Backpage.com Bonus points if her name is actually Star.
+ 30 = 17, 279
Taco Tuesday
Loco moco!I try not to have carbs for breakfast though. Must be that high fat, high protein breakfast!
Lol I'm not. I'm from LAI only lived there for 2 years but I'm living in LA again.I'm actually on vacay with the gf in Oahu right now though... Haha!
I did exactly this yesterday.Eggs Benedict mothafukkaP.s. I bet you also use a food processor.
Rice for breakfast? Wtf? :/
Oh wait...I see our problem.
This is completely not true. Breakfast is the one meal i will NOT have out. Nobody does is quite right exept done at home.
Haha 13,809 + 130 = 13,939
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