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Only place to get SF approved slim fit.
+ 100 = 107,232
I looked up some info on breast feeding and now I'm getting these weird adds asking if I'm sure "He" isn't cheating on me. What the heck!? Who comes up with this link in the two? So if I was a pregnant woman looking for info on great feeding I'd be targeted and asked if i was sure my partner wasn't cheating on me? This is why women are so paranoid!
I told you to stock up.
You win.
Stock up on Byrrh and wine of Portugal before they pillage and burn all the alcohol.
Do alley rats have a gag reflex?
+ 20 = 105,470
When i worked a Costumer servive job i noticed: Women tend to start the squabble over little things but I've noticed men are the cause of the bigger problems by fucking women in the work pool, then the women bitch to each other about it.
My mistake, thanks for catching it. I posted just before bed.
New Posts  All Forums: